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4U headers: 7 examples and techniques

4U headers: copywriting tips for great titles and copying If you’ve been writing for the Internet for a long time, you’ve probably heard of the 4 U formula, which States that content should be urgent, unique, useful, and ultra-specific

4U headers are the ones that will hook your customer because you have only 6 seconds to do it. Learn how to learn how to write and use them for your own purposes.


4U headlines. Do you know the easiest way to capture the attention of your potential client? And how to do it in 6 seconds? The answer is simple — write a sales header.

The kind that gets the client. Of course not forced to buy it directly, but it certainly hooked and will distinguish you from your competitors.

Selling the headline on special technology-4U headlines. How to learn how to write them and how to use them for their own purposes, this is what we will talk about in this article. But before that…


By accessing the site on the Internet, you (as the site owner) have only 6 seconds to capture the visitor’s attention.

The design is good, the right structure of the landing page is even better, but what really can capture your visitor’s attention in 6 seconds is the headlines.

But let’s be honest. “We are the best company in the city!”, “Preparatory school for children”,” arbitration managers Courses in New York ” are not the headlines that will keep your visitor.

By the way. After a potential visitor is hooked on the title, he stays on the site for another 30 seconds to study it.

And if the site does not contain selling elements and blocks landing page. Then the visitor leaves, and then the mission is irrevocably failed.

4U headers how to do right

But headlines of the type “2-week courses arbitration managers in New York to pay after appointment” is selling those headers. Created by the formula I wrote about above.


It stands for 4U very simply:

 4U headline
Creating Urgency Without Being a Slimeball

1. Usefulness (usefulness or use);
2. Urgency;
3. Ultra specificity (specificity or ultra-specificity);
4. Uniqueness (the uniqueness of)

If quite simply, your headline should be:

1. Utility;
2. Specificity;
3. Urgency;
4. Uniqueness.

And the most interesting thing is that I have not found the correct order of this formula. In different sources it is mentioned in different ways.

Apparently it is important to have 4U, not what should be followed, so let’s figure it out to work in your company and in your field.

And immediately. Headlines are usually made, as a rule, on the selling site, aka landing page (about the difference from the landing site of the company, we also wrote).

Accordingly, the potential client reads them. Therefore, I will not call them buyers, not potential customers, but readers. And correct, and I feel so comfortable.


This is the simplest and at the same time difficult. The reader, reading your headline, should not even see, and understand what usefulness he will receive.

Will your product benefit him? That is, the title should talk about the benefits. If you don’t know the difference between properties, benefits and benefits, this article will help you.

To understand this, you can ask yourself the following questions:

1. What / what benefits will your product bring to the reader?
2. What it the problem will solve it/solve?
3. What will the client get/receive in the end?

Remember the most popular phrase of all sales coaches “ ” you need to sell a hole in the wall, not a drill!”. Here, this is the moment for its implementation!


People like novelty
Of the four U’s, urgency is the trickiest to use

I think everything is clear here. The main criterion for the reader is the timing. When the reader gets the expected result.

By the way! Urgency does not always mean time (time). This can be the use of well-known restrictions, for example,”the first 20 customers test drive as a gift.”

And more. According to rumors and unverified information, the formula 4U is sometimes turned into 3U, sacrificing urgency.

Ultra specificity (specificity or ultra-specificity)

Specificity should also be measured in specific units and quantities:

1. How much money (particularly in dollars) will become richer than your client, if you pass your course?
2. How much will increase sales of the client (in percentage or in money), if he uses your consulting services?
3. Yes, in the end, how much will be warmer in his house (in degrees), if he buys this heater?

That is, after you have shown the client the benefit, do not forget to specify it. In numbers, percentages, etc..The fact that it is important for your field.

Uniqueness (the uniqueness of)

Yes, you got it right. You need to find the uniqueness of your product. If you have this straight quite difficult, then read this article about the unique trade offer.

After reading it, it will be much easier to find the uniqueness of your product. That is, find what you are better than competitors (or your product) and specify it in this block.


And … Begin to apply the 4U formula and make headings.

Let’s pretend you’re selling motor oil. Of course, not easy. Well, not gold of course, but helps to save operating costs of equipment.

Here is an example of the title.

Reduce by 28% the cost of your fleet within 3 months through our innovation engine oil.

1. Utility-reduce the cost of your fleet;
2. Specificity-at 28%;
3. Urgency – in 3 months;
4. Uniqueness-innovative engine oil.

That is, in principle, that’s all. To be honest, it’s not difficult, except for one thing — it’s hard to read such a long headline. So try not to make them very long.


numbers are one way to get ultra-specific

The one which is rarely spoken about. Well, without it

Do you remember that such headers are often used for websites? So, if you do not know, they are usually promoted through SEO marketing.

This is the formula 4U added a fifth element — 1K or +K. That is “stitched” keyword.

Do you remember our title “2-week courses of arbitration managers in New York with payment after appointment”?

So, the courses of arbitration managers in New York – this is the key word “sewn” in the title for SEO-optimization.

That sounds like a good thing to me. That is, to eat fish and the pan is not washed. And attention and in search results advanced. Gorgeous!

4u headers work

But I remember that you like ready-made solutions. Great, here are some examples of titles that you can use at your discretion:

1. Forget about the scratches on your Iphone for 12 months by installing a protective film in our service for free
2. We will change the oil filter in your car in 30 minutes with a 6 month warranty
3. In 30 days we will make Landing page with conversion >10% or refund the money under the contract
4. Increase online sales by 25% through online surveys of your customers. Free version for 14 days
5. We will bring 10 new customers tomorrow when ordering SEO-promotion today until 18.00
6. Conversion increase by 12-15% with the first results in 3 days with the help of ” Express usability»
7. Get 3 times more calls and requests from contextual advertising for the same money with the help of adaptive content. Free setup until 31 December


Or author’s FI.

It’s damn good to “grab the reader by his eyes” with just one headline. But hi,…

He is the header read, can already and the other is not to want to look for headers composed according to this formula, and even if with 1K, bulky and tjazhelovoznye.

But still, if you want to use a “battle-tested formula,” then 4U titles are what you need. All you need is to learn how to make them fast and more or less easy to read.

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