waste your time in vain

5 Things Successful People Never Waste Time Doing

To be able to properly allocate your time is a very important quality of a successful person. You’ve probably noticed a day goes by, and you haven’t actually done anything.

Success is a movement from goal to goal, from action to action

And when you are constantly idle, your life is like a gray TV screen with the same movie. To avoid this, you need to learn how to spend your time is not “empty” things, and spend it correctly.

Let’s just think about why there’s never enough time. There are two types of reasons:

— those that depend on us and we can influence them through self-organization;

— those that do not depend on us, because can not affect them.

Waste Time
they most want to do in life

And here the percentage will be about 90/10. That is, we can say that we spend our time because we do not know how to organize it correctly and spend time on all nonsense. This is what I would like to talk about.

Between success and failure lies an abyss, whose name “I don’t have time”.
Franklin Field

Do not waste time on…Computer games

young people hooked on games
everything within reason

With the advent of the computer and the Internet all the young people hooked on games. I, of course, against them have nothing, because it’s a great way to relax and have fun, but you need to do everything within reason.

Computer games in a person’s life should be well, up to 15 years and all. And then you need to learn and crawl into adulthood with a good store of knowledge and experience.

And when you see a 25-year-old guy who is not interested in anything except his Doable (even girls), it is already abnormal. For example, we play Worms in our company when we get together.

Played a little, shot, had fun. We do not sedrati and not wasting anyone’s time… We’re enjoying a piece of the reality of the game…

And if you sit up at night and gaining the skills your hero, why would you not tear your brains and not to go outside to get my life Skil. Here the hero of the game but can not. Where are you not a hero…?

Social network

People can’t live without social networks. Someone there liked what messages, what’s new one. And dyke I’ll come in Facebook talk.

And all day we somehow manage to waste time in vain. Suitable late in the evening, and the day you have not made any worthwhile cause.

I did not pick up a single book to read for self-development, nor did I go to the horizontal bar to stretch myself, did not take a single step to get closer to some worthwhile goal.

And life after all goes and it eventually will pass. Where? On the social network … is that all you want in life?

our reality
Hey, Wake up

Hey, Wake up. Again, our reality will be more abruptly virtual. It is not necessary to correspond with a friend for 4 hours. Better agree to take a walk in the fresh air for at least an hour. For a walk and chat like people.

Moreover, it is useful for the prevention of health — viginti his back, rising from her chair, and it will be osteochondrose of spine.

I have observed that most people have progressed at exactly the time that other people have simply spent. Henry Ford


Don’t waste your time watching stupid talk shows. It won’t do you any good, but you’ll waste your time. I don’t have a TV for 4 years and you know I’m fine without it. How can you live without a TV? It’s very simple, really.

don’t focus on what other people are doing
it’s time to shift your mindset

I have more time for more meaningful things now. Less sticky in zomboyaschik need, because in addition to programming your mind all nonsense you will not get. If you want something to watch, please laptop and the Internet.

If you can not without a TV, then cut him permanent nurses or beds. It has come to what we eat at the TV. Of course, we’ll have bellies. Because we watch and eat, eat and watch. At least-you need to get out of the comfort zone and reduce TV viewing to 1 hour a day. As the high — selling TV or give it to relatives.

Telephone conversation

This item is more about girls because they like to chat. The guys picked it up, said two words and everything. But the girls until his whole life to tell the phone not put.

it is Not worth spending time
spending time on the phone

Can speak for 3-4 hours. I’ve bought a t-shirt, and Rachel is a new guy, and this, but… it is Not worth spending time on the phone not the case. And if you want to talk on the phone, then allocate time for it in the evening, when all the main planned things have already been done.

And now some facts! So, it was estimated that modern man to watch, TV, talk on the phone and work at the computer spends almost half the time of his wakefulness, is of the 16 hours that we do not sleep 45% of the time spent on communication with technology, and this with a life expectancy of 60 years about 20 years.

Look at this! You’ll spend one third of your life on hardware. Just think about it…


Look who’s around you. Usually these are people who have no goals in life and they do not try to develop themselves. This is a very terrible time killers.

Look who's around you.
limit communication with your friends-loafers

Let’s go get a beer and blow a kolyanchik. That’s what you hear from them. If you’re in this circle, but you want to start self-development, then limit communication with your friends-loafers.

Believe me, in 10 years they will also drink beer and vodka in the apartment, and you will rest on the beach in a luxurious Villa surrounded by successful people.

Friends, of course, friends, but do not need to cling to this friendship, if it does not give you some benefit and makes you waste your time in vain.

There are many more kidnappers of time, but this is the most important and therefore they do not need to waste time.

I advise you to conduct such an experiment. A whole week every day to write down what you spend time. And after 7 days, all this is analyzed and look at its effectiveness. Your hair will stand on end, that you do nothing every day.


Yes, when you’re 18 and you can play games, and with friends to crackle, and watch TV. But when you have a job, some business, a family, then every minute of life is worth its weight in gold.

Just imagine that you were given the opportunity to live another life on planet Earth, and you continue to waste time every day. This is when you’re young you think life is endless. In fact, this is not the case.

It will pass very quickly and in old age you will sit and analyze what you spent it. You feel sad that you didn’t spend it on love, serving others, traveling, self-expression, and just sit pants on the Internet and about the TV. So do not waste time on nonsense. Start living more consciously.

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