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  • Caroline Stokes is the founder of an executive headhunting and executive coaching company and host of The Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter Podcast.
  • A first interview is a lot like a first date: a hiring manager can tell if you’re not interested in being there.
  • Stokes says it’s key to know why you’re interviewing, and to be incredibly familiar with the company or product before coming in.
  • Part of knowing the company means knowing the things that it could work on. And be ready to show healthy disagreement — it’ll assure your interviewer that you won’t be toxic in disagreements.
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Hiring managers can sniff out whether someone is truly interested in a role, or just coming in for an interview because they’re trying to escape their current situation.

Caroline Stokes.
Courtesy of Caroline Stokes

The interviewer can also easily tell whether you’ve actually made the effort to learn about their company and the product or services they offer or if you’re just along for the ride. Here are five ways to impress the hiring manager on your first interview.


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