6 types of used cars you should avoid at all costs if you want a good deal

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Buying a used car instead of a new one is a good way to save money, but you need to be careful.
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Buying a used car isn’t always the good deal most people expect it to be.

For one, used car interest rates are exceptionally high these days. According to data from the auto industry experts at Edmunds, the current average rate is sitting at 9.5% on average, the highest figure on record since 2009.

And if you shop for a used car without knowing which makes and models to avoid, you might end up overpaying even beyond the interest.

There’s an old adage that the best new cars make the best used cars. While true from a performance standpoint, that’s not always the best advice for the shopper.

A better bit of wisdom is to know that the most popular new cars make the most expensive used cars, experts told Business Insider. As Matt DeLorenzo, senior managing editor for Kelley Blue Book put it, “the smart money zags when everyone else zigs.”

With that in mind, here are six types of used cars to avoid at all costs.

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