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A dream in everyone’s life

Hello dear friends! Today I want to touch upon a very interesting topic. I would like to talk about such a thing as a dream.

To reflect and understand that there is a real dream, whether it should be the only one and, of course, tell about his cherished dream in life.

Of course, everyone has their own understanding of dreams. If you ask a person what he dreams about, many will say banal things. I dream of a cool car, a house by the sea, to visit the Maldives. I want that too).

But I can’t call it a dream or a dream. Now will explain what the notion of dreams I have.

For me, a dream is something I really want, but it does not depend on me. I.e. in my understanding, all home, car, travel and that sort of thing is a goal.

If you have a strong desire, you can achieve any goal. But the dream is another situation. Then you want — not, and nothing depends on you.

The dream must be unattainable
The dream of mysterious and distant

The dream must fly very high, it must be unattainable. Then it will have mystery, unrealizable. You want it to come true, but none of your actions will not help to implement it. It is necessary to hope only for chance, for some magic. That’s the beauty of a dream.

So I have many goals, but only one dream. And I’ll never come to her. He will always be with me.

cherished dream
My dream

My most cherished dream!

What do you think this dream is? I won’t torment you for long and I’ll tell you right away.

My dream is to visit another planet and see another race.

Giggles … That’s his dream! Yes, a dream and a real one!

On the one hand we can assume that I have unreasonable. How many years have been studying all sorts of UFOs, crop circles, various photos and videos, where clearly posing flying saucers, but still no one will say that they are not fiction and really exist.

Who benefits it? Probably a secret community that controls all life and processes on Earth. They just come into contact with “green”, and maybe “white”! Who knows what color they have)…

If at all, to consider the appointment of our race, I are inclined to that we carried out some experiments. Otherwise, if they didn’t know, then immediately came and would shoot their superpackage, and maybe would put all using psychic ability.

But as much as it hides, I believe in aliens and a lot of races in the Universe. There is no you only think about it, that we at all alone — there is no more no one! This is crazy.

If you talk about them, they really are. And let the opponents uroshnikov to deny the end of existence, explaining all the glowing dots in the sky and various natural phenomena. And they are! I believe and will wait to meet them all my life.

And no one said that the dream should be reasonable. Terry Pratchett. Lost hero.

Dream and reality
My dream is to visit another planet

One day my dream almost came true

It was in my hometown. We went with friends on the Central stadium skating. Don’t remember how many of us there were, but the company has then accumulated a decent. And here I am after the next round and stops in some point, side vision to notice the light at the horizon level.

What could be? Let’s go through all the options in my head: a star, a satellite, maybe a light bulb from a lantern. Nothing came up, the light was a rich and bright reddish yellow.

I quickly get to Rachel friend and show this strange glow. And then it began! You won’t! This round light began to move. Wow! With a small speed started to approach direct to the stadium.

But what I saw next was a shock. Behind that roundabout came another. He was flying at the same speed. And then from-for horizon the third, the fourth, fifth. How many? There were seven. And they flew right over the stadium, the height was about a kilometer 4th, no more.

That was quite a show. Even music was not enough, like in the movies about aliens. So mysterious and powerful. At the rink all stopped and watched their movements, mouths open.

It was definitely no aircraft, no missiles, no other equipment that exists on our Earth. I shouted to them: “Take me”! But they flew past), It was they.

After this story, I have no doubt that they exist.

To dream is not harmful, harmful is not to dream

My dream has 3 options

  1. The aliens will kidnap me. This is the saddest option. A lot of people have been treated this way. By the way, maybe I’ve been abducted, experimented, and then returned and wiped the whole memory. Let again take away, I will trust them to carry out experiments over me, but neither-nor to memory. Want to remember that it was…
  2. The aliens will invite me for tea to visit them. I like this option better. Will arrive and will tell: “and let If to us we will wave, on a visit at us you will visit, we will show the planet to you, our firm drink “planetarium” you will try, and then we will return you!”. I understand that. They can do it because they decide to help me realize my dream. Then it will be just noble aliens)…
  3. Dream for money. It is possible that in the near future the secret of the aliens will be revealed, and they will be free to fly to us. I know exactly what they’re gonna do business traveling to their planet. Of course, it will be expensive, but by that time I will have a lot of money. I hope I live to see it.)

In the meantime, let’s hope and believe that it will come true!

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