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Effectiveness of Advertisement and Its Evaluation


Let’s say you read my article and started implementing different advertising channels. The question arises-the effectiveness of advertising, how to measure it??

After all, investing money, for example, in a commercial on TV, advertisers always immediately expect a surge in sales. The funny thing is that a surge in sales is expected about 10 seconds after the commercial has been completed.

And if this does not happen and there are no orders, it is automatically considered that this advertising channel is ineffective and it is no longer necessary to use it.

the effectiveness of advertising
Creating Better Advertising

What if you:

  • Ineffective amounted to a promotional offer?
  • Did you use image advertising?
  • Have you chosen your target audience incorrectly?
  • Did not take into account the factor of deferred sales?

Let’s quickly deal with each item, then I’ll give you a small chip in which advertising channel you can get a flurry of orders immediately after the publication of advertising, and finally move on to the most important.



1. Ineffective amounted to a promotional offer.

Made up, for example, the ODC-process. Now, creating this article, I realized that we do not have a separate article on a very interesting and important topic “creating advertising on ODC technology”.

Therefore, if you do not have patience, you can see what it is and what it is eaten on the Internet. Briefly, ODC is an Offer, Deadline, Call to action or – offer, call to action, time limit. It is these three important points should adhere to Your advertising.

2. We used image advertising.

I told about this error in detail in my article “how to make advertising: TOP-7 typical errors”. I highly recommend that you read it.

3. You chose your target audience incorrectly.

Here everything is quite clear. You will buy only those who are currently interested in your product/service.

Example: you decided to advertise a building tools store, and the ads were shown at the time and in the show, which is watched only by Housewives and grandmothers. And what sales do you want to expect?

Naturally you can expect long-term, so-called deferred sales, but it is very, very unlikely.

4. Did not take into account the factor of deferred sales.

What is this? This is when a person saw Your ad, it suited him, but he is not ready to buy immediately. He needs to think, read reviews, consult with his wife / husband. He can buy in a week/2 / month. This is called deferred sales.

And if you have not evaluated the effectiveness of advertising, you probably will never know, brought you this channel advertising customers or not.

If you tried to do well, but still made one of the mistakes, it will look like this:

Advertising testing
Given all of these barriers to better advertising

And now a little thing I promised to tell you about.

Now, as one of the channels to attract customers, Instagram is very actively used. If you are selling inexpensive products 100-200 dollars of mass consumption.

The ideal way to attract customers is to buy an advertising post from opinion leaders. This is when a person has a large number of subscribers and you place your advertising for money.

This method of promotion gave us the most effective indicator in the promotion of the coffee shop. And here, as a rule, after the release of such a post, in the near future you can expect good results.

But this is so, a slight retreat.


And now directly to how you can evaluate the effectiveness of online advertising. I think in most cases we use such channels as Google, targeted advertising and other Internet ways to attract customers.

Here everything is very clear and, if you have specific metrics, the type of Google Analytics. The efficiency of any channel you can see and count literally to the penny, only once configuring these tools.

And this will help You figure:

Foreword: by default, we believe that by showing the client advertising, we attract him to go somewhere (website, landing page, group in social networks) and therefore consider two indicators.

  • CTR-the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions. Show how people like your ad and want to click on it.
  • CTB (conversion) – the number of customers divided by the number of visitors. Will show how many of those who came on advertising, realistically committed action. And the fact is, a lot of visitors but not enough customers.
  • CTI-the number of interested visitors divided by the total number of visitors. Interest is considered if the client has added the site to the bookmark, looked at several pages or returned again.

But the last indicator I recommend to calculate the last, if necessary.


It is clear that it becomes more difficult when the question arises about the classic advertising-television, radio, billboards, flyers, etc.

When it Comes to Advertising Effectiveness, What is Key
High awareness levels, brand recall, and brand recognition

I can talk about things like CPT and CPP for a long time, but honestly, I don’t see the point.

Because if you take the usual owner of a small company, he needs these numbers in the last place. He needs to know how many customers he received from advertising on the radio, while spending, for example, $ 500.

You will need to make a sign and compare how many customers for a certain period of time came from a particular advertising channel.

Phone number:

As one of the options, give in different channels, different phone numbers, and just count the number of calls received for each.

Advertising message:

You can also give different advertising messages on different media, for example:

Installment or Second item as a gift 50% discount

If the client is hooked, he will come and clarify exactly what he heard or saw.


That’s so brilliant and simple. And most importantly-effectively and worked out in real life. Once again, be sure to consider the effectiveness of advertising.

With that, the ideal solution would be to consider the number of sales on the embedded advertising, provided that You have short cycles of the transaction, so to speak saw-bought.

And also, no one canceled a customer survey on the topic “ ” Where Did you come to us?”.

The only thing is, do not take it at face value. Since we conducted such a survey with one of the clients, we gave people a questionnaire where they had to mark the place where they came to us with a cross, and about 25% of respondents chose those channels where we were not advertised at all. Here is such a joke.

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