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Brand advertising: from one article you will learn everything

Brand advertising is a form of advertising used to establish relationships and establish strong long-term relationships with consumers over time.

What is Brand Advertising, How is it Unique?

Brand advertising companies seek long-term positive recognition by establishing brand identity, trust and loyalty. And also intellectually and emotionally connecting with customers to motivate them to act in the future.

What is brand advertising?

Let’s dot all the questions right away. My personal dislike for brand advertising just rolls over.

There are arguments and facts to this, and now I’m not talking about the newspaper. Brand advertising was, is and will be on the market.

Therefore, we need to know and understand how branded advertising works?

Personally, I see such an advertisement from afar, rather I even feel it. And some of those reading this text will also be able to quickly identify it. In it … You yourself will understand everything now, because it is very different from the “other”.


Please note that when I mention brand advertising, I’m talking not only about the banner on the street, you can easily add to this list a website, a flyer.

A presentation, advertising in a magazine, and even an employee’s uniform. All this, like many other things, can be “bad.”

As always, at first a small definition to know the hero of the occasion in person.

Brand advertising is communication with consumers through materials whose purpose is to create a special relationship with a brand or company.

Based on the definition, Brand advertising in the micro and small business is losing money. Well, now let’s get to the specifics and to the verdict, who can use such advertising, and who can not.

Vague goals and objectives

My subconscious mind wants to write that such advertising is done for the sake of advertising, and not for profit.

But if you dig deeper, the name itself already says that there shouldn’t be profit here, and the tasks of image advertising are completely different.

After all, everything is aimed more at creating the desired image and attitude to the company than to the rescue.

The name itself says that the purpose of brand advertising, like the main function, is to create an image.

Of course, there is an indirect connection between image and money, but it can be seen only in the long-term distance with binoculars in a stable prone position.

I exaggerate of course. But the result will really be difficult to see in the next 2-3-4-5 years.

I had the experience of advising a jewelry factory, and it was there that I first heard from the owner that brand advertising was a priority.

And she is ready to wait 30, 50 and even 100 years, but she wants her brand to stand on one pedestal with Cartier. To say that I was surprised, to say nothing.

And I was surprised because if we sent all that money from branded materials to a profitable advertisement. After a year, you could double your income, and that would be just insane numbers.

Convince me and failed. The company has closed. I will not say that only because of this, but certainly not without this participation.

So that PR people and creatives will not throw stones at me, I will write that not everything is as hopeless as it seems at first glance.

Still, such communication still solves some problems, and here is a small but well-deserved list:

1. Creating the desired image;
2. Reminder about yourself;
3. Report of your idea / mission of the company;
4. Formation of the state of “reliable company”.

These are the main tasks that are directly affected by this method of conveying information. If you go into the wilds, then I’m sure you can gather up another 2-3 tasks, but they will still be more indirect than the main ones.

But the most interesting thing is that the “other” advertising copes with these tasks as well. What does “another” mean very soon.

Types or channels of implementation

In practice, advertising to create an image is launched en masse, directly en masse to the general public and with huge budgets. The best companies in the world use the following channels as mandatory:

1. Billboards;
2. Internet banners;
3. “Viral” videos and photos;
4. Articles / news in the Internet media;
5. Commercials on TV and Radio;
6. Turns in magazines.

These channels can also include souvenirs with a logo, participation in charity events, holding events, but this is all in addition to the main list.

And, as you have noticed, all this is far from cheap, especially if we estimate that the result will not be immediately.

Is there a result? Of course he is. But! No need to wait for the crowd of customers and admiring words about you a week after the launch of the advertising campaign.

The result will not be immediately, far from one launch and not even two. It can take weeks, months, even years until you reach your cherished goal. I already wrote about this above, but I repeat again to consolidate the information.


And you know, NOW I will do what I should not, but still I will say. For some companies, such communication will play a big plus, but most likely you don’t belong to such companies.

And this is not because I do not know you or intentionally want to offend (we, by the way, do not belong to such companies either), but because if I ask the question:

“Do you need image or money?”, Then I expect to hear the answer with 100% certainty : “Money, of course!”.

But if suddenly you answered that image, then my efforts were in vain, or you are close, or are already in terms of such large companies as:

1. Apple
2. Microsoft;
3. Google;
4. Mercedes, BWM, Audi (other car brands);
5. Soca-Cola, Pepsi.

Brand advertising is a form of advertising
What is Brand Advertising, How is it Unique

You are 100% seen advertising company Coca-Cola. What can you say about this video? She usually just causes good emotions and reminds that their brand and product is cool?

If for the time being your recognition cannot be compared with this company, then I suggest you reconsider priorities, give up this advertisement and make the one that really brings money.

You may not listen to me and even call me crazy, but as a result you will still come to my thoughts with time.

And I am not conceited. Even Coca-Cola itself, which constantly invested money in “beautiful” advertising, has now changed its approach and began to make “transitional advertising”.

The one that is on the verge, but already has a certain benefit to customers.


Here we come to a different world, where in addition to fame there is still a lot of money. We call this advertising “selling”. In the last paragraph, I already talked about the title.

From the very word “selling” it becomes clear that its goal is not to create a brand component, but to make a sale. Convince the client to make a decision here and now.

This distinguishes the purpose of brand advertising and marketing. One gives recognition, the other gives recognition and money.

And as we decided earlier, you need money. So you need to create a layout that will stimulate a person to part with them (in the good sense of the word).

The main principles of such advertising will be its elements. Namely, the presence of a unique sales offer, advertising campaign, special conditions or even discounts.

In addition to this, there are other elements in this advertisement that urge a person to make a decision now.

There are dozens of articles written on this blog about how to create marketing promotional material.

In order to learn how to do this, you need to read a lot and fill your hand. You’ll put your hand in the process, but you can start reading right now, here’s a list for starting:

  • Call to action. What is the power of the call to action
  • Composing advertising using ODC technology
  • Formula or model AIDA: rules for creating advertising
  • Bad advertising: examples of how not to do
  • Effective advertising. What is she like?

Read these materials, they are worthy of your attention. After them your layouts change.

products and systems under one brand
products new Advertising

You will understand that even a personnel uniform can be made not just with a logo and a slogan, but to place on it “5 reasons to buy now”. Each point of contact in your company must be selling or useful.


Now you have to look at your ad and say if it’s branded or not? If aimed at the brand, then you are probably a very rich person.

Or do you have the elixir of youth to wait for sensible returns from it. If this is not about you, then rather change your advertising.

The only exception to the selling ads is premium brands. It is foolish to give a discount there, because the target audience is solvent, and therefore it is not very willing to do this, and may even be negative about it.

But on the other hand, you can find a middle ground, and then the effect will please everyone. Both consumer and entrepreneur.

P.S. Many people, after reading this article, will start throwing stones at me with the words “Get away from marketing!”.

At the same time, I am firmly aware of my position and I believe that for 99% of micro, small and medium businesses, the effect of advertising materials is needed right here and now, and not in the distant bearded future.

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