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Business copying: how to write so to chain

I was wrong. I always thought I was writing pretty well. Not like a real writer of course, but not bad at all. As a copywriter with a good level. Until she began to seriously get involved. And until I started to learn business copywriting.

The knowledge about which I turned out to be slightly above zero. As it turned out, the knowledge was very superficial.

Business copying from a series of type:

1. Imagine who your target audience is.
2. Become her
3. Write a text for it,
4. Write the text beating pain
5. Closing objections and selling a product.
And that’s it!

It seems to be simple. But there are a lot of moments and nuances that I learned from many training s from the best business copywriters. And the devil, as you know, is in the details.
I will share these trifles with you. And at the end I will give a couple of interesting chips. You love them so much


You should always know:

1. Why do you write your text.
2. What do we want to convey to the person?
3. Transfer it to the next step.
4. Just bring information.
5. Or sell something immediately.

Any text should begin with the question — WHAT FOR?

It seems to be clear and logical! But sometimes you visit the site of some serious company. You read the texts and do not understand what is happening.

Do they talk about themselves or want to sell you something? Why are these lofty words that do not carry any semantic load, that is, without specifics?

Create Hypnotizing Titles
So, what exactly is copywriting?

The result is a lost client who does not understand what they want from him.


You need to know your target audience.

This is true, except for one. Unfortunately, writing, addressing a whole target audience, is extremely difficult, you need to turn to a specific person to whom you can say everything in the eye. Just imagine a person from your target audience, put it in your mind before you and speak your text to him.

If you can’t say the text you wrote to the person in the eye, that is a bad text.

Not! This is a terrible text. He is not worthy to live!

Hence, the rule number 2:

You need to write as you speak and be sure to speak the language of those with whom you speak. Even using the momentum from your speech.

In general, the simpler the words you use, the easier it is to read you. And so that it was easy not only for the brain, but also for the eye — you have to write easily. Your text should consist of light and heavy paragraphs.

The Theodore Dreiser has passed, therefore one paragraph should not consist of more than four sentences, preferably not overloaded with punctuation marks.

The basics Business copying?

I agree! But without them you can not write a good text. Which will sell.

I really like the book by Jerome David Salinger “The Catcher in the Rye”. It is easy to read, practically swallowed, thanks to the simple, understandable words that we use daily. Because of this, she is a bestseller.

Spark the reader's curiosity
On the average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy

You know the most important life hacking of all good copywriters writing for business?

Written text should be read aloud. It should be easy to read. If your breathing starts to get off and you start to get tired — I congratulate you, you wrote a bad text, you need to urgently delete it and write a new one.

ABOUT! I have an idea. Let’s make this article unusual!

With elements of tasks. The first article is training.

Task number 1

Find on the Internet 2 best-selling letters. After reading that, you yourself would have bought this product / service. And then just rewrite them by hand, regardless of the length of the text.

I am not kidding. This is the best copywriting task ever.

So. With the basics figured out. Now jungle.


There are types of readers. I’m not talking about the target audience. And about the fact that people who read the texts are divided into types.

And for each type you need to write a certain way.

1st type — “Prestige”

Write for them to be short. They love pop advertising words (cool, unique).
The goal — to achieve prestige, respect.

Example: Order marketing from us and your company will be the coolest on the market!

Type 2 — “Convenientists”

You need to write long, with clever and specific words. Favorite words — functional, practical. For this type of writing technique storytelling.

Example: By entering into a marketing support agreement with our company, you will make a sharp jerk from a competitive swamp.

3rd type — “Conservatives”

Letter length is average. Favorite words — reliable, practical, proven over the years. Very dislike advertising words — unique, supernova.

Example: More than 50 customers have already used our marketing services, and the system has proven its effectiveness.

4th type — “Kastoviki”

We write for them shortly. These people want to belong to a particular group of people, caste.

Example: Become one of a hundred of our customers who have fully automated their marketing.


Here we usually sum up and a couple of tips. But…Today is not the case. Today…


Chip number 1

I have been writing articles for a very long time. Literally milling them. I think over each turn and rewrite the entry several times. I was extremely annoyed.

Until I installed a special program — Flowstate.

It seems to be a simple notebook, but as soon as you start thinking, making pauses and distractions, the text you write begins … to dissolve. Disappear.

The program very quickly removes the “copywriter block” of long writing texts. Good trick. Though on the verge of BDSM.

Chip number 2

Text you wrote. And pretty quickly. Do not thank!

It remains to remove the “water” and other “bad things”. That is, you need to comb the text and make it informational. We are still a business copywriting.

Task number 2

Analyze your target audience. Think for whom you are writing (type of readers). Find the program and site. And with the light of new knowledge rewrite your last 3 text.

Now read them out loud. In another turned out? I’m sure now Google and your customers will appreciate your writing

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