How can I promote my business for free?


Business promotion in social networks, dialogue with the client.

— I don’t understand! I monthly money, big money! On promotion of business in social networks! Why are they growing so slowly?

Literally these words to us in the office client, which we are conducting groups in social networks.

— And how many times we asked you to allocate the advertising budget?

— In terms of your advertising budget? Then what are you doing?

We lead teams. We develop a content plan, post in them, respond to comments, clean spam, but do not attract customers to them.

We explained to you at the very beginning that without advertising budget it is difficult to promote business in social networks through a commercial group, especially your sphere.

– Yeah! But I still don’t understand why they grow so slowly. I allocate money.

– Okay, let’s do it again.…


As you know, gentlemen readers, this is a typical situation between the client and the customer.

And, unfortunately, sometimes come across just “bulletproof” people who are very difficult to convey information, no matter what your communication skills were not.

promoting business on social media
promoting business on social networks like this

Next, I will tell you how we had a conversation, and at the same time explain the basic principles in the SMM. Resume…

— So, Michael. Business promotion through social networks is divided into 5 stages:

1. Choosing a social network for business

– Let’s start with the first and most important thing that we have already done with you, but still let’s repeat.

First you need to understand what social networks for business and its promotion to choose.

Which of them will work as sources of new customers for business and which will not. To do this, we will actively use 2 networks:


This social network, we can say, one and only, as for Housewives, and for businessmen, and for teenagers.

All managers, entrepreneurs, politicians and businessmen sit in it. Extremely inactive in terms of comments, but it is ideal for selling expensive goods and services through social networks.

In addition, this network does not take root entertainment content and prefers only “serious” topics. Which directly affect you as the development of personality from different sides (including politics).


The most actively developing social network in the last few years, built on visual content. The target audience is 60% girls and 40% men.

Ideal for selling inexpensive women’s products. Although periodically slips advertising even cars, but most likely it is more for the image than for sales.

— Well, it’s all clear! That’s why we chose Facebook.
— Perfectly.

2. Choice of strategy

— Each social network has a huge number of channels to attract customers. Dozens of ways.

And before we choose the right one for you, you need to determine what will be the strategy and promotion of business in social networks.

Therefore, the first question is not how to lead, but where. Or we will involve people in group, or at once on the website, or on the capture page?

What’s different?

— If we involve people in the group, then we plan to warm them first through a series of touches. And only then they translate into a purchase.

If we immediately attract to the site, then we plan that the client should make a purchase at the moment.

— I want a purchase right away. No time to wait.

Alas, Michael. In your case, it won’t work. Since if your product was mass demand, and also cost no more than 20-40 dollars. Then we could immediately attract to the site.

And you sell the product is not essential, besides the cost is not small. So we need to accumulate people in the group, so that at the right time they know where to go.

3. Creating a group in the social network

— Next, create a group. I’ll skip the technical aspects, you won’t be interested in them. Based on your product/service and competitor analysis, we have developed positioning and created a group.

The creation of a group implies a:

  • Development of the group name. To make it attractive, selling and, on occasion, well indexed for seo marketing;
  • Description, contacts, links;
  • Registration. That is, social networks for business are branded in the same corporate style of the company.

4. Group management

— Next, the most important thing — keeping the group…

Since we have already conducted the analysis, talked to you, discussed what and when we will post, we have prepared a content plan for the month.

You have this 2 post a day. But if we suddenly decide to add another social network, I want to warn you. Ideally, the posts on different sites have almost no overlap.

— How is it?

— Every social. networks different audience?

— Yeah.

— So a young mommy would be interesting to read that greedily swallow the entrepreneur. Therefore, posts in each social network are different and practically do not repeat.

— How much are we publishing then?

— Well, a month in 2 social networks about-50-60 different posts. And they need to be prepared and issued.

— Well, then it is clear why it is not worth 10 cents to promote your business in social networks…

5. Attract customers

— And now the most important thing is to attract customers.

— That’s it. Here it is necessary more in detail. So I knew how to promote a business.

— I’ll start with the bad news. In social networks, free to promote business with a commercial theme is almost impossible.

This myth still hovers among entrepreneurs, but it has outlived itself 3-4 years ago. Now promotion is possible only for money.

Although sometimes you can and for free, but it will need to be quite a lot of time, and not only ours.

But believe me, if we go deeper, you’ll say it’s better to pay. In General, everywhere you can run ads in legal or near-legal ways.

Legal ways of advertising in the social.networks:

— Methods that are allowed by the sites and for which you, in case of disputes, will not block. And this may well be, if someone complains and you get under the scope.

1. Purchase of advertising posts in other groups

— This is when you are in the already promoted group of your city buy an advertising post offering to join your group or perform any other action.

You can do it for some bonus (discount or gift). All contests (for example, sign up and win a prize).

Get great coverage only by buying posts in other groups or from so-called opinion leaders.

2. Targeted advertising

— The most expensive way of advertising at first glance, but if you compare in the framework of social networks with others, we will see how with a budget of $ 300 per month for advertising it becomes the most profitable.

In addition, if targeted advertising on Facebook with contextual advertising, it turns out it is generally a penny.

With this approach, the group includes only your potential customers, those who are exactly interested in your product/service.

— How much is the darling?

— The price per subscriber to the group reaches 0.76 cents. Happened, that they stopped working and in greater amount.

We, for example, attracted to the cafe, the cost of the subscriber came out 0.38 cents. That’s good. In another store came out for $ 1. And in that group we managed to achieve the target of 0,18 cents.

— 1 dollar is not weak!

Promote Your Business on Social Media
promoting your small business through social media.

— Yeah. Plus we must immediately understand that investments in social networks do not pay off immediately. At best, in 4-6 months. We have already discussed this at the step of choosing a promotion strategy.

— Long.

— Consonant. The basic principle is to stay as close as possible to your potential customers.

Let me remind you again that the product is not essential. Therefore, with the help of social networks, we will be with them at the right time and they will already trust us.

— Yes, I got it! Then I look that competitors also began to think how to promote their business and actively moved…

— Nicely. Now most interesting.

About legal ways to advertise on social networks:

– The methods used by the majority, due to the fact that their implementation is sufficient 30-45 dollars.

But the result, as you know, is less qualitative. After all, good can not be cheap, suspiciously cheap.

Actions are called about legal, as not officially allowed by the administration of social networks. Of the dangers – can lock the group. But it is on the verge of unreal. However, to warn are required.

1. Instagram — a mass following or misliking

— This is when the account is subscribed to a large number of people or puts them likes, and they subscribe to it in return.

At the moment, this method does not give the effect as before, as many have started to use it.

But this does not mean that mass following in Instagram no longer works. And Yes, we also need a special program and specific knowledge.

— Got it! And the prices? Interested in how much the subscriber will cost and how much will be added per month. Specifically in numbers.

— If you find a person who will tell you immediately such data, then there are 3 options:

  • or he will deceive you (take the money and disappear);
  • or just fill your group bots (non-living accounts);
  • or he already had experience and he calls the approximate result.

Therefore, of course, the ideal option to look for people with experience in your niche, but, as you know, to find decent performers at a normal price and even with experience – almost impossible.

— And then how to promote business on the network, and without pants not to remain?

— We need to run some tests. Allocate the first amount of advertising budget for each social network. And in 2 weeks we will be able to say the exact numbers for the subscriber.

The advertising budget is based on how many subscribers you need in the end.

For the test, for example, for targeted advertising on Facebook or targeted advertising on Instagram will be enough 75-150 dollars. And then all this is also tracked using the Analytics system.

— Understood. Once so popular it was impossible to explain? Let’s run then. I’ll transfer the money tomorrow.


Now I hope you understand that the promotion of business in social networks has long ceased to be a free advertising channel. And it also needs to spend money.

And if you pay for the management of groups, it does not mean that they will grow. Maintaining groups and increasing the number of subscribers are different things.

And more. You can offer, for example, for $ 75 to bring 1000 subscribers, but I can say with confidence that you will be deceived.

Professional from specific numbers you will never say, a fork (from 0.15 to 0.61 per subscriber) may, but specific never.

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