Why are call to actions important?

Call to action | How to Create The Perfect Call-to-Action

Call to action is a key element of any effective marketing program. Call to action (abbreviated cta) – an element that creates magic in sales.

What Makes a Good Call to Action?

Regardless of where it is located. Whether landing, outdoor advertising. Post in social networks or just a speech manager.

And such calls to action have a huge number of different variations. In this article we will look at both offline and online calls to action. Get to the point ..


Most recently, a business owner came to us. In order for us to offer him a solution to increase profits. When he was offered, as one of the tools, the development of the landing page.

He immediately exclaimed: “I have such nonsense! Beautiful, but not working! ”.

At this moment we asked to show us this non-working miracle. And when we saw its beautiful landing page. Then we immediately answers all our questions.

The landing page was really very beautiful and original. But the whole problem lay on the surface. There were no calls to action on the site.

More precisely, on the landing page he was alone at the end of the page. And this call was in the form of a callback.

The Power Of The Call to Action
The call to action, better known as the “CTA,”

Therefore, people came to the site, received aesthetic pleasure and then simply left with the words “Thank you, it was nice to meet you”.

And all because they did not understand what they could get from this company. And did not see steps for further action.


The instructive story above is just one of thousands of examples that we constantly see in our work.

Call to action in advertising must be required. Therefore, such situations occur regardless of the type of advertising media.

Either phrases expressing a call to action cause bloody tears, or none at all.

Why do they work?

All this affects the human subconscious. Almost like motivation. People understand that they are governed. But they do not contradict and agree.

When a person understands what he needs to do to get this or that result. It is easier for him to start acting.

Since he does not think, but simply does. Moreover, these kinds of messages create the effect of urgency.

One rule

There are many different variations of call to action. And depending on the business, calls to action will differ. And, of course, give different results.

But the most important thing is that you must remember once and for all. The easier the action, the less it binds the client, the higher the conversion will be.

High conversion is not always good, so you start getting dirtier traffic. Which takes time of managers and litters the general air.

Therefore, a balance between a light action and a target action is very important.

Call to action formulas:

Now I will tell you how to write a call to action. To do this, select 4 ready-made formulas that create all the call buttons on the site:


  • Example: Order a call / Call
    Action + time limit
  • Example: Download bonus now / Get the next day.
    Action + benefit
  • Example: Get a selection of the top 5 tours / Order a free travel specialist.
    Action + benefit + deadline (it is not always possible to use)
  • Example: Get access for 7 days only today / Make an order at night and receive ____ as a gift.


Now that you know the basic formulas and can independently create your “money machine”, I will write examples for inspiration, namely the list of calls to action offline:

  • Act quickly;
  • Call and find out about availability;
  • Buy it now, pay later;
  • Contact an expert;
  • Calculate the cost by phone;
  • Come and get a gift;
  • Book your place;
  • Call us;
  • Do not think;
  • Embark on this issue right now;
  • Turn left, rather!
  • Stop and think about _____;
  • Stop wanting. Take it and do it now;
  • Get the full catalog in the office;
  • Make a request for a free sample before 05.12;
  • Leave a request for a trial session by phone _____;
  • Choose your gift on the site ____.
  • All this you can also use as a template.


In practice, offline calling is easier. Online is more complicated. As potential buyers at one time. Can see different promotional materials or be on multiple sites simultaneously.

And as we know, everything is relative, so the calls to action on the site should be in the bull’s eye.

Download price list

A great option if you have a large enough catalog of models with different prices. And, of course, this is the most popular button in the field of wholesale sales.

Learn more

In case your block does not reveal all the advantages of your products. Then placing such a button, you will help tell the visitor more.
This is the very example of a call to action on an email subscription.

Subscribe to _____

You can, of course, use the more original options from the “I’m in the subject” series, but the point is the same – getting something useful.

Get a discount / gift

It is used if it is located in the place where the client wants to receive something, but does not know how.

Request a call back

Bayan, bayan, so we will not dwell on this.

Buy / add to cart

Do people buy your product emotionally? Or are you an online store? That without these options, you simply can not live.

Try 7 days for free

You can give a demo access or a trial period for your product, so what are you waiting for, soon apply !!!

After all, the very word “try / test” has a very soft character, which positively affects the performance.

Calculate my project for free

People like to receive calculations before the conclusion of the contract, as well as measurements. Also worth unambiguously use.

Get an offer with full prices / book by e-mail

We have this button at the moment showed the best option among a / b tests, but it is not final, obviously we will find even better. And those who are not ready to wait, try.

I want to work with you

You can call this button analog “Buy”, only it is more relevant in the B2B segment.

To order ______.

Here from scratch can be immediately your product. Or maybe part of it from the “Order a prototype” series.

Write a question

Surprisingly, not all people like to call. Some are shy and therefore write to not call. Therefore, this option also has a place to be.

Book a place / sign up for a seminar

Actual for events, both online and offline. And, as you see, “Book a place” is easier to enter than “Sign up for a seminar”.

But again, you need to think what is more important to you – more traffic or more targeted traffic.

Important! All buttons should have a different version of the call to action, otherwise you will get the opposite effect, reducing the results of the site.

Where should the button be?

Probably in this case it is better to over-salt it than not to salt it. Since the more buttons, the greater the likelihood that the client will notice and click on it.

The mandatory location of the button should be the first screen. The one that the client sees as soon as the site loads.

And here there should be the strongest, highest conversion action, the best call to action, if you want.

The next rule will be: the correspondence of the meaning of the block with the text on the button.

the “CTA,”
CTA is usually a button with copy

And then there are craftsmen, on the block “How we work”, put the button “Subscribe to our newsletter”.

Button design

As soon as the owners of their sites are not perverted with the design, including the design of the buttons. And this is correct, because even though a small part, but still the design affects the performance.

Button color

A big misconception is that by changing the color of the button, especially to red, it will be more conversion. This is not true!

The most important thing when choosing a color, pay attention to:

  • The overall style of the site;
  • Contrast between button and background;
  • The button should stand out relative to the background;
  • She must be conspicuous;
  • Match the overall style.

But not to be red in all cases. Still, a color change can positively affect sales growth. If you are now initially selected is not the best option.

Important! You can use different colors of buttons on the site to focus attention on certain calls.

Button size

Again, everything is simple. The size should be so large that it can be easily noticed and easy to press. But not so much so that it disgusted.

So, one company doubled its conversion by doubling the “BUY” button on its website. So size does matter.

Button length

The length of the button depends on the length of the text on it. And on what again it is necessary to work. After all, short and biting texts are better converted than long and blurry ones.

call to action.
Call To Action Examples

Button shape

Most of the tests of different companies have shown that the best shape for the button is a rectangle with rounded corners. Again, this does not mean that right angles will spoil the conversion.

This only suggests that it is better to start your tests with the first voiced version.


Do yourself a stunning LANDING PAGE on the ProfitBuilder designer.
It will be 100 times cheaper



Text from the 1st person

So how do you create a website for customers. It will be more correct to write on the buttons as the client reads – My, Me.

This approach can increase the conversion by 2 times! By example, to make it clearer.

  • The option “Get your workout plan” is worse.
  • Than “Get my training plan”.

Button animation

This is what many forget. Your buttons should blink, zoom in, move either when you hover, or just being on the screen.

No need to go into fanaticism, of course, and make a button in the style of “elusive avengers”. To the client ran the mouse across the screen in an attempt to catch her, as the girl below tries to do.

Your call to action
Powerful, Clickable Call to Action

Dual forms

So we call the form, which has in itself both additional information and the form itself. It is required if the button calls for more details.

That is, when you click the client expects to see not the form on the callback, and additional information.


It happens that the client wants to press, but something stops him.

For this, many companies, especially under the “Buy” and “Subscribe” buttons, are signed.

For example, payment options or text from the “We are against spam” series.


If in your case a person may assume in thoughts that your product has a term of validity / life. You can add words like “Now / Today” to the button to create the effect of urgency.

Example: “Get 50% off now.”

Two buttons nearby

Suppose that in all businesses there are two types of customers, some hot and some neutral. So for those and for others you need to make buttons. Moreover, they can be placed nearby.

It is important in this case, a bright color to highlight the main button. And more subdued / transparent secondary action. for neutral consumers.


You can additionally attract attention not only due to the animation, color and size. But, and with the help of an additional element in the form of an arrow. Which by the way can be interesting to animate.


If you want to focus even more on action, then surround it with “air”, that is, emptiness, so that the entire accent is straight to our “star”.

Are your website's Calls to Action (CTAs)
The power of calls to action


As you already understood, the options to beat your target action, just darkness. And until you try, you won’t know if you have the best option to call to action now or not.

Although I can say with certainty right away, it can always be better. And thanks to the call to action, you can increase the conversion.

Therefore, do not delay for later, but take and go to test these small and so important elements. Moreover, now you already know exactly how to write a call to action.

And finally, the final checklist, what should be the ideal call-to-action button:

  • Clear call;
  • Easy entry;
  • Bright and eye-catching;
  • Located in the right place.

The words “download,” “submit,” and “buy now” have zero value for the user. Instead of the user needs to know, I’m getting a book, getting a quote, or saving 25 percent. That’s value. It’s going to help you convert.

powerful CTAs
powerful CTAs through positioning, wording, and color

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