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Chain touches with the client or why goat accordion

Chains of touches with the client. You know what the future is in sales? Multiway, multi-stage sale, the so-called chain touches with the client. It’s like a game of chess where every loss of a pawn is a strategic decision, not a will have chance. Intrigued? Now let’s look at it in more detail.


Multi-step sales-is primarily the establishment of contact with the client. Building a chain of touches with your future customer when you’re not selling right away. Not in the first commercial.

The market is now very overloaded and everyone is shouting “ Buy, buy, buy!”. You only pay attention to any advertising materials that surround you at the moment. And there you will see the sale immediately on the forehead. And it stops people.

So here are a few options on the topic “Why goat accordion”:

  • First, it is difficult to take the first step if you doubt who you will buy from;
  • Secondly, not all potential buyers need a product or a product right now and immediately.

And hot customers, ready to buy here and now is always not much. And the higher the check, the buyers even less.

Chain touches with the client a multi-step selling

Happy customers
better customer service and delight new and existing customers.

In most cases, business does not need only the most stubborn! In business, we need all customers-and doubters and thinking, and those who buy very soon.

Therefore, the best option is to use sales in a few taps.
What is it?


This is when You do not say “Buy” in the first advertising message, but offer something for free. Some easy step, which at the first contact does not lead to the purchase.

It could be:

1. Trial lesson;
2. Test-drive;
3. Probe;
4. Implementation of one method.

And it is possible to simplify the first step:

1. Getting a price;
2. Cost calculation;
3. Leaving the application to receive the discount/savings card;

And many more.

And then, at the second contact, you transfer the client to the transaction. If you want the client to buy exactly, the contacts before the transaction should be at least 3-4.

chains of contacts
What Is Customer Responsiveness?

I do not know how this is connected, but according to statistics, the client becomes permanent if he made a purchase 4 or more times. Do you think multi-step sales are impossible? Why?

Example-dry cleaning

I like the fact that the owner has applied multi-step sales seemingly in the classic business.

  • 1st touch: announced action that the first thing you clean for free. A gift! At all! I just need to get it to the dry cleaners. The client accordingly brings things to the dry cleaning.
  • 2nd touch: the Client comes to pick up his thing and he was offered for a short time to bring another one/two and clean at a very big discount.
  • 3rd touch: the Customer brings the second batch of things.
  • 4th touch: the Customer comes to pick up their belongings with which he is given a permanent buyer card.

So? A miracle! The client independently came 4 times to the dry cleaning, automatically becoming a regular customer.

management skills
how to be responsive to their customers

Yes, I agree, those people who have long been in business, immediately ask the question — so free dry cleaning is also worth the money! It turns out to work at a loss it is necessary???

1. Well, first of all, any customer acquisition costs money.
2. Secondly, in this case You get not simple onlookers, but people who are potentially interested in your service/product for a long time.
3. And third, do you think he gave a price in the second touch that doesn’t cover his past and future expenses? You make a mistake, it was clearly designed.

Example-retail store:

There is a distribution of fliers for the issuance of discount cards on the most passable places near the activist store.

  • 1st contact: the Customer comes to the store with a flyer to receive a discount card and is offered to fill in the customer questionnaire first and wait for some time (two, three days) until the card is ready.
  • 2nd contact: the Customer is informed by phone about the readiness of the card and the time when he can pick it up.
  • 3rd contact: the Customer comes to pick up his card, where he is offered to buy the first thing with a big discount.

So, in just 3 contacts the client has turned from a potential buyer in a very hot.

Example-car dealer

How to get clients
ways to get your first client

You meet the car at the exhibition in the shopping center.

  • 1st contact: you are offered to sit in it and feel the whole atmosphere of this brand.
  • 2nd contact: you are recorded for a test drive, which successfully takes place on another day.
  • 3rd contact: then you start to call the Manager and invite you to different events. This is of course provided that you have not bought their car.

And so you can go on and on, I think the meaning is clear 100%.


Usually the background to the establishment of the articles I write in the beginning. In this article, things do not go on the planned scenario. That’s how unpredictable I am.

The background is quite ordinary and standard. In one coffee shop I made bad coffee. I wrote a review on social networks to help them develop, and in response received a one-word apology.

And you know what’s interesting? I did not try to return and bind to himself, making a regular customer. It would seem, where is the connection of the chain of contacts with the client and my story?

The connection is that even an apology for 1-2 visits could be stretched. And start making contact with a dissatisfied customer. They could start with free coffee, which, by the way, at cost comes in the area of 0.50-1 dollar.

By the way, if you think that it is impossible to make a coffee shop from a dissatisfied customer permanent and the most loyal, you are wrong. Just need to get in touch with the client. And be guided by the rule” that the client is always right” And then resolved a similar situation is guaranteed.

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