What are the different methods of advertising?


Channels and methods of advertising on the Internet. Parasitic, but fact. Despite the presence of experience and customer base, all representatives of the companies want to know how to attract new customers, believing that this is their salvation. That’s what I’m prepared for.

TOP 8 channels and methods of advertising on the Internet:

Since I sincerely believe that to attract hot customers who are ready to buy “here and now” is possible, first of all, via the Internet.

But at the same time, I also believe that quick money in the presence of a customer base can be earned without attracting new ones. But about this in another article.


Small deviation. You can assume that 8 channels is not enough, they say, others I’ve seen 50 or more…

What are the 4 types of advertising
advertising on the Internet all in a bunch

I will not argue, except to say that usually you a little bit misleading, giving the number of ways. When in fact, channels are a more global concept and there can’t be that many.

Important: there can be many methods within a single channel.

Therefore, there may be only 8, but the most basic channels for receiving customers “yesterday”.

Well, now that we’re completely confused about channels and methods. Let’s temporarily move on to another topic to translate the attention.


Having engaged in attracting customers from the Internet, there is a logical question, and where to attract them? Or just show ads and let them call?

Now consider the main site where we will” plant ” our potential customers for further execution.

The Internet site

The main engine of the company and the main earner of customers on the Internet. Naturally, the sites can be different. But since we are talking about the desire to get customers, I recommend still landing page.

An article about the difference between the landing page from the usual multipage site is already on this blog. From it you will also learn why the landing page will get you customers.

Such a site can be done in two ways:

  1. Contact the professionals;
  2. Do it yourself on the landing page designer.

To be honest, I recommend that you first make a website on the designer. Firstly, it will save you money, and secondly, you will thoroughly understand the creation of an Internet site.

This again will help 3 things:

  1. Correct structure of the landing page;
  2. Elements and blocks of landing page;
  3. Call-to-action buttons.

Social media page

This, of course, is not very solid, but there is a hypothesis that people are more comfortable to move within one site, rather than jumping from one to another. So to speak, do not leave your home, which for most is considered social networks.

Therefore, if you are advertised within any social. network, it is better to attract people through this portal.

Be sure to arrange everything beautifully and make a wiki-menu if possible. For customers to see, so to speak, a mini-site.

If you are interested in the topic of social networks, we have an informative article to start about the promotion of business in social networks.

For the lazy, you can encourage people to immediately write a personal message to the Manager, but I personally have not seen this. And I think it is important only if you are a specialist who works himself and your niche is the sphere of beauty.


I often laugh at the owners when I hear “ ” Well, we made the site, and there are no customers!”. This is the same as making a good restaurant, without signs and doors.

Online Advertising Channels
Best online Advertising Strategies

I have no doubt that you will have a good restaurant, but without the “portal” they will get to you? From under the ground or through the Windows?

Although there are always craftsmen who even on unknown sites, groups in the social. networks somehow get people. Pity only the availability of their we see only through statistics, not in the form of money or purchases.

Therefore, the result of the fable: you always need to attract customers, they themselves will not come to you.

Except for what can be called “statistics figures”. So let’s now explore the main channels and ways to promote and advertise on the Internet in our time.

1. Contextual advertising

Google Ads. Ads (formerly known as AdWords) is a contextual service, mainly search advertising from Google, providing a user — friendly interface and a variety of tools to create effective advertising messages.

The principle is very simple. A person drives a phrase that is looking for in the Google search engine and it offers sites. On which he can look or buy what he was looking for.

You will not pay for views, and for clicks, simply put the number of people who will go to your site. Perfect scheme.

This here is the very first and main tool that I immediately recommend to get hot customers.

And most buyers do not even realize that they are following an advertising link.

2. SEO marketing

It is very important not to confuse this point with the previous one, if you pay for specific people for clicks in contextual advertising. And Your is worth in the designated locations marked advertising.

Then in SEO promotion of landing you do not pay per click. You optimize the site, make it so that your “site pages” match the “meaning” with customer requests.

And based on this, you occupy one of thousands of positions in search engines. In simple language, your site will be shown by numbers 1,2,3, etc.

Of course it looks quite clear and not clear at the same time. So be sure to read this article about SEO marketing.

And remember once and for all: SEO promotion is not fast, not extremely fast. You need to focus on getting the first results in at least 3 months.

3. Targeted advertising

Those annoying ads on social networks that advertise a product or service. Their main task is to make the person sitting in social networks.

Made the right action:

  • Went to the site;
  • Joined the group;
  • Installed the mobile app;
  • And many more.

It seems to be the same Google Ads, but the main difference is that. In targeted advertising, you can accurately focus on your target audience.

For example:

“Girls from 20 to 25 years. In marriage. They use apple technology. Fly to the resorts 2 times a year. And who will have a birthday in 2 weeks”.

I suggest paying special attention to Facebook. Setting up targeted advertising there is not so difficult, but the purchasing power of the audience is quite high. But still, a lot depends on your target audience.

4. Content marketing

The point here is that you are doing something for free to consumers. Give them useful content that affects their trust and loyalty to you.

Among the main methods can be identified:

  1. Youtube channel (and here’s a hint how to bring the video to the top of Youtube and all about advertising on YouTube);
  2. Publication of articles in different media (online and offline advertising);
  3. Webinars.
  4. And necessarily! Blog, cool and interesting.

However, the results are not fast, of course. But you got it right, we’re looking long-term and far.

5. E-mail marketing

Most likely you have now the question of how this applies to classic online business? Still, as applicable, then I told a lot of different examples.

The next question that should arise. Is it difficult? Yes, you are right to do well, it takes time. And last questions.

How long?

What can be fast money?! Maybe some. We have cases where after getting the client in the e-mail funnel, he made a purchase in just 5 minutes.

Well, let’s say this is an exception! But in a week or two the client can buy something, receiving selling letters? Can. And the main beauty is that it can all work completely automatically.

However, the call to subscribe to your newsletter should hide a great funnel. So that people actually buy, not just subscribe.

That, the client made the decision at least in 1-3 days about purchase, but was not solved eternally. You understand that when using such a channel.

Your customers can become those who are still thinking about buying, that is, “Matures”.

Here you are with your e-mail marketing and help you decide faster

6. Ads on portals and services.

Yes, the same” TrafficAdBar “and”ViralCommissions”. Lately like “EZ BANNER INCOME”. At the moment this is a great way to get customers wanting to buy.

A very simple example. We now have a client with whom we work on the principle of marketing consulting. To his retail store, he asked to add an online store.

What was our surprise when we learned that at a cost of $ 25 on EZ BANNER INCOME

It gets more customers than Google Ads at a cost of ten times more. Yes, he had to spend a lot of time on the placement of goods, but in the long term it paid off.

And do not forget that in addition to EZ BANNER INCOME, there are a huge number of adequate sites where you can place goods or services for free.

7. Handbooks

A fairly simple example of my friend. He decided to go into the seasonal business of installing air conditioning. Money, as you know, did not spend much on advertising.

Just put my organization in the city directory. Completely free. And all summer worked fine, getting customers only through this advertising channel.

And reference books can be a great many:

  • Google business;
  • Lots of others.

But based on my example above, do not rely on one advertising channel. It is rather an exception and luck that there was no competition and the demand was so great that he was lucky.

8. The coupons

To be honest, I, like many people, believe that the coupons have outlived their usefulness. They were booming. And now there can be placed only if you want to sell ” something very unnecessary.”

But there still sits a certain target audience and these services are perfect if you have, for example, services. Do you open a cafe, car wash or beauty salon?

Arrange a promotion on the coupon site and, at least, without customers you will not stay.

Coupon sites quite a lot. The principle of working with such sites is quite simple.

You choose a product or service that will promote and make it a discount of 50% (if more, even better).

Place on the site and get new customers. One of the unpleasant moments-the entire amount of goods sold through the site is given to you in the amount of 50% (the rest of the service fee).

Options for cooperation with them are diverse, but this is the most common.

The second unpleasant moment-customers who came through coupon sites, this is a special category of people and the second time for the full price they buy very reluctantly.

Therefore, this channel should be used very carefully, as they say, constantly ” keep your finger on the pulse.”


8 Types Of Online Advertising
Online advertising

That’s basically all. As you can see there are only 8 channels, but there are a lot of methods and ways of advertising.

Can say one thing:

1. If you implement and configure at least half of these channels correctly.
2. Make a bias on the exact target audience
3. Show them pain and offer solutions

You will no longer complain about the lack of customers, I can guarantee it. On the absence of sales perhaps.

By the way. Do not forget to analyze the effectiveness of advertising

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