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Contextual advertising of the site

Contextual advertising site is your varint, if the question: do you want hot customers who want to buy right now? Now! you answer YES. Let’s understand.


Contextual advertising site is: but in the beginning a little humor. Remember this joke: “Lord, give me patience. Now! Now!”.

This, by the way, is the whole joke (read again). So I have a question for you: – “You Want clients who want to buy your product or service right now? Now!”.

Then you need to set up contextual advertising. And contextual advertising site is…? Read the article and find out.


I think you, like me, a modern man and if you need to buy something (for example, a sofa, washing machine, face cream, etc.).

The first thing you ask about it from friends or… looking on the Internet, or rather in search engines? And among all the issuance you see in different places ad units.

The most flashy first 3 lines-this is the famous contextual advertising. It looks like this.

How does contextual advertising work?
What is contextual advertising?

Contextual it is called, because advertisements (I hope you notice that there is the word “Advertising”) are shown in accordance with the content that they advertise.

Again in other words.

Depending on the query that the user entered in the Google search bar. He is shown an advertisement in which he can find the answer to his question. That is, the request itself corresponds to the advertising context.

If this is clear, it is not clear another. This is

Trends about Contextual Advertising
Remarketing, Retargeting, and Contextual Digital Advertising

and this one

Contextual ad systems target
Contextual advertising is targeted advertising

Is it the same thing or completely different things?

Not really. In the first case, it is search advertising. In the second — thematic advertising.

Search engine

Contextual search advertising site-this is exactly what the user is looking for. It is shown in the results of search engines. That is, a user entered a query in the search, such a request is offered to him.

For example, you entered the phrase “buy Iphone 7”. And below you can see a list of sites where you are offered to buy a phone of this model or find information about it.

The phrase “buy an Iphone 7” is the keyword used to display search ads. By the way, all the money that is spent on this type of advertising, earn Google search engine.

I really like the situation at Google. Here you can immediately see the options with prices and offers from different companies.

Google display Google display network ads

With thematic advertising a little more complicated. Remember, I wrote that the money hosting earn search site. Here in the case of thematic advertising the situation is as follows.

There is a website, for example, a news portal with good attendance. The owner of the site is registered as a partner of Google AdSense and puts on its pages a special code.

Since that time, the partner is proudly called a webmaster, and its visitors see advertising that is very close to the subject of those requests that they were looking for recently.

What is the interest of the webmaster? It’s simple! They get a certain percentage of the advertising that people have posted on their website.

In the case of Google AdSense. By running ads on which, your ads begin to appear on sites that are registered in this network called it Google ads display network (formerly-Google AdWords).


If you’ve noticed, search ads aren’t just different from where we see them and by what keywords/queries.

The difference is also in the variants of its display:

  • Text (search sites only);
  • Text+images.

Well, I hope you understand the basics, because now we move on to more complex things. Such as the cost of this type of advertising, auction and placement options. Don’t worry, it will decode


The whole point of contextual advertising is quite simple. As soon as a customer interested in your ad clicks on your ad, and goes to a website or group on social networks, it is considered as a click.

And You pay for that click. That is, You, as an advertiser, pay per click to go to your site on your ad.

And do you know what the most popular question customers ask when I start to explain what is contextual advertising and how it works?

“Oh! How much is a click in my niche then?”. Or here’s my favorite: “and how much then I need a budget for contextual advertising?”.

If the second answer is more or less clear, although it follows from the first: “How many customers want so much and the budget should be.” The first is much more difficult.

Here’s a click and go to your website for $1, is it expensive or cheap?
And for $10? Most likely you will say that it is expensive. But what if

You sell services for $15,000 and your margin is 50%? From this perspective, expensive or not?

In this complex paragraph and is the answer to your question. The cost of a click depends on many factors.

And here’s what you need to consider with this question:


Business, Finance, insurance and other similar topics are initially expensive niches with great competition and expensive products.

Hobby, infobiznes, or games — this is a much cheaper niche and cost per click are lower here.


Have you chosen the periphery for advertising? Of course of queries is smaller, but the cost significantly less.


Everything is banal and simple. Who paid more, the higher and is shown in the search results. If we speak the professional language of people who set up contextual advertising.

The higher the bid for the keyword, the more chances you have to be at the top and be seen first.


Well, everything is clear here, if you have a lot of competition, then everyone tries to bet higher to be shown in a special placement or at least in guaranteed impressions.

For example, we have never set up contextual advertising to create landing pages, because the competition there is just wild. We went the other way, through content marketing.

Ability to set up an advertising company.

You can listen to Google’s advice and follow the strategy of “maximum efficiency” and as a result get a click of $5, although the market average is $0.50.

And you can make your settings and get clicks on the site for $0.15. By the way, there is such a thing as “the company accelerates”, it’s like a new car.

First, it consumes a lot of gasoline, and then (after 1-2 weeks) everything is lapped and starts to work, perhaps even several times more profitable.


In contextual advertising when placed on search sites, there are 3 ways/options to get into it.

Although everyone thinks that there is only one place, and if you are not there, then you are not in the contextual advertising. But it’s not. Study:

Special placement

The most expensive, the most” fat ” positions that a person sees as soon as the answer to his request is given. The most expensive, but giving the maximum number of clicks.

Contextual Ads
A contextual advertising system

Guaranteed impressions

Up to 4 ads that are shown in any case (if you hit the bid). Usually it is either under the search results or to the right of the search results.

Contextual Advertising
An Overview of Contextual Advertising in Internet Marketing

Dynamic displays

But if you do not get into the bet and do not show up in the guarantee, your ad will be shown periodically changing.

However, the search results on the second and subsequent pages. I do not want to offend anyone, but what is called “God help them!”.

One of our clients pulled a stunt. Made 3 different site on one its business with utterly different contacts. Long time shaman and in the end, all 3 of the site took all 3 places in the spec. accommodation. Applications fell down.

However, he did not take into account the fact that he began to compete in the auction with himself, than raised the cost of a click. But the solution still found.


I suggest to look at it soberly and to write both pluses, and minuses of a similar type of advertizing.


  1. Target audience only. As I wrote at the beginning of the article, people have a need, you have a solution. If the price and all the others come together, then you immediately get the client.
  2. Speed. The same ” quickly and immediately!”. You set up an advertising company and in just a few hours you receive the first applications.
  3. Convenience. You have a small staff and your company works only from 10 to 19 exclusively in New York City? Well, great! Display ads in your region/city during this time only.
  4. Small budget. A little wrong. Minimum threshold for entry. Imagine that you know how to set up an advertising company and all you need — to fill up your advertising Cabinet. So the minimum amount to replenish, which you can” walk ” is only $5. However, I want to disappoint you, depending on the region, niche and not very good settings, $5 can cost 1 click on your website.
  5. Analytics. Since this is the Internet, then everything is easy and simple to track.

And in this regard, you can track everything from:

  • how many times did your ad appear:
  • how much money spent on advertising;
  • what the ad and keyword are the most effective.


  1. Configure (of course I’m talking about the correct setting, not ” anyhow”) is very difficult, especially for a beginner;
  2. We need knowledge that can be collected from the Internet, but it will take more than one week;

Therefore, it is better to attract experienced professionals. Otherwise … it’s easy to drain the budget. And do it not for a few days, but for a few hours.

Once you ran out of money, you ran out of customers.


This topic is not even a separate article, but a whole training. If I you now write article, even quite step-by-step. You are likely to 95% set up incorrectly and as a result “merge your budget”.

Therefore, we plan to make a series of articles in the future, so that you can as a leader do everything yourself or, at least, be able to control everything on top.

After all, we ourselves, before we were in the status of a consulting Agency (that is, only consulting activities without implementation), and got our own specialists, used the services of other agencies.

And since we are used to working with the best in their fields, then to them and addressed. And taking this opportunity, I want to say that the massiveness of the company is not an indicator of their quality, even if it is a stone in our garden.

Different companies tried to deceive us, tried to cheat, to merge more money. Since most of them work on a percentage of turnover. The more you spend, the more you get.

Contextual Targeting Boosts Loyal Following
contextual advertising site pay less clicks more

And as you may have guessed, most “dishonest” companies are trying to make more bets, make more requests, do more targeted traffic. I think you’ve got the gist.


As I wrote in the beginning, contextual advertising site is a great way to get customers quickly and not too expensive. Provided that you have the ability to customize or have a proven specialist.

My main recommendation is that if you only use it, then as soon as you run out of budget. Then immediately run and application.

So don’t forget about other Internet marketing tools, such as seo marketing.

And a little thought for the future. Not necessarily think only hot requests (buy a fur coat, furniture stores, prices for iphone 7). You can think of targeted requests.

Who are on the stairs Hunt are at the stage of formation needs (how to choose a fur coat, especially the sofa bed, the camera in the iphone 7).

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