Coronavirus closings: Here are services that can stay open in New York

Only essential businesses can have workers commuting.

In New York, where there are over 7,000 diagnosed cases of the novel coronavirus, 100% of the
state’s workforce will be ordered to stay home except for essential services.

“Only essential businesses can have workers commuting to the job or on the job,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Friday, stressing that this rule “will be enforced.”

Everyone else must “remain indoors to the greatest extent” possible, he said.

Here are some of the services that can stay open when this rule goes into effect Sunday evening:

Essential retail:

  • Grocery stores including all food and beverage (including liquor stores)
  • Pharmacies
  • Convenience stores
  • Farmers’ markets
  • Gas stations
  • Restaurants/bars (for take-out/delivery only)
  • Hardware and building material stores
  • Essential manufacturing:

  • Food processing, including all foods and beverages
  • Chemicals
  • Medical equipment/instruments
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Safety and sanitary products
  • Telecommunications
  • Microelectronics/semi-conductor
  • Agriculture/farms
  • Paper products
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