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Customer Feedback | The 4 Best Ways to Get Feedback from Your Customers

To be honest, I’m a very nasty customer. No, I do not bargain “to tears”, I am not rude to the staff. In principle, I always behave politely and correctly (thanks to mom for the education). I’m just very scrupulous about the service.

How to get customer feedback?

I pay attention to how they address me. And if I don’t like the service or other criteria, I’ll never come to this store / cafe / restaurant.

And as you remember, if the client didn’t like something, he would also take 4 clients with him from this business (although this figure has grown to 10 people over the past 2 years with the development of the Internet).

Yes, feedback from customers, it is. And you have to be very careful with her.

how to get feedback find a reason
Why is it important to get feedback from customers?

This is what this article was created for. Getting customer feedback. How to get it and what to do with it in the future?

If you carefully read our blog, then most likely ask me: “How will this article differ from“ Consumer Loyalty Index: Satisfy Your Customer? ”.

Very simply, NPS is one of the methods to measure how loyal the customers of your company / organization / brand are to you.

In the same article, I will tell you what methods and options we used, what questions we asked and how it helped us to establish feedback and, as a result, increase loyalty.


Probably one of the biggest advantages, perhaps even the most important, that the organization will receive from collecting feedback from customers. Feedback is the rapid development of the company.

In addition, those companies that collect feedback in time and, on the basis of the data obtained, work purposefully to transform disadvantages into advantages. They manage to return customers dissatisfied with their service or products.

That is, they make some customers quite loyal after working on the bugs (I hope you remember that returning an old customer is much cheaper than attracting a new one?).

Thus, the advantages can be attributed, although indirect, but budget savings.

Another nuance, at first glance, obscure, but very significant.

Attracting new customers becomes easier if they show that current customers are satisfied with the product / service. And even more steeply affect the loyalty of new customers examples of successful struggle with the negative.

That is, a disgruntled customer is taken, work is being done with him, all this is packed in a case and actively promoted.

And, of course, customer feedback allows you to get a bunch, no, just a lot of ideas. Ideas that you can successfully implement for the further development of your company and retain customers.

In general, you want a successful company? I mean a large and truly successful, collect feedback from customers!


Below I have collected and described in detail for you such ways that allow you to establish feedback with customers so that they are satisfied.

So, I present to your attention, 4 ways to get feedback from customers:

1. To conduct a survey

The very first, the easiest, but at the same time and the best way. To do this, you must have a customer profile for feedback, which you will distribute to your customers / guests.

If this is a cafe / restaurant or services, you can give a questionnaire to fill in while waiting for the order. In the store, you can put promoters 2-3 times a week for a couple of hours with your questionnaires so that they can conduct a survey.

how to get feedback to conduct a survey
How do you collect information from customers?

At one of our customers, a chain of butcher shops, we conducted a survey. And it turned out that, in principle, everything suits the customers, except for the absence of discount cards.

Everyone asked for them! And the grandmothers who came to the store once a month and the people who came to the Mercedes for fresh meat every day.

Solved the question simply. Raised prices by 5% and introduced discount cards by 5%. Moreover, for its receipt, it was necessary to make a purchase for a certain amount (or bring the accumulated checks for the required amount).

Thus they killed two birds with one stone – they raised the average bill and increased the loyalty of regular customers.

To be honest, I believe that having discounts in the store is bad. It means that:

1. The owner has not thought out a loyalty program for customers.
2. I have not calculated my marginality and how much it loses even at 5 percent discount.

In general, discounts are bad. Go to the bonuses.

Among the customers coffee shops conducted a survey about business lunches. Everything was simple enough and predictable – add coffee, morsiki, desserts, diversify the menu.

We completely changed the portions in the direction of their increase, added drinks, desserts, plus increased the number of different positions for more choices.

As a result, they raised the price immediately by 20%, and the number of customers did not decrease (by the way, we increased the cost only by 7-10%, but this is only between us)

2. Calling customers by a specific script

customers leaving honest feedback about service
Customer Feedback as a Way to Great Customer Experience

In this way there are 3 points:

1. At least some company manager should call.

It is better if the CEO or his deputy will do it. Moreover, it is not even necessary for the caller to have a high position. It is imperative to introduce yourself as the management of the company, then getting feedback from the client will be more effective and truthful;

2. It is possible to call not only regular customers, but also to those whom you already consider lost;

3. You need to call the script, so that all customers report the same information.


Imagine a school of early development (not even our client anymore, but rather our friend). Each new customer is invited with the child to a free trial lesson.

After class, customers go to think / consult with their spouse and so on. A man came back 6 out of 10.

We began to ring up those customers who did not return. Introduced by the director of service and began to ask questions in style:

1. “What did not suit?”,
2. “What can be improved?”,
3. “What conditions to add so that, for example, you return?”.

And, as a rule, 1, and sometimes even 2 clients returned and began to study at this children’s center.

Although before that, 5 years nobody worked with “otkazniki”. Now they are constantly using this technology to work with clients.

how to get feedback example
4 Strategies to Obtain Customer Feedback

3. Conduct a survey or collect feedback on social networks

The example is not quite the topic, but made a big impression on me, so I still tell it.

About 2 years ago my friend connected the payment system from the site. The customer bought his product, the payment amount was $ 500. All operations were carried out through a large bank.

Naturally, the money was stuck somewhere, lost, and I had to write a request for technical support, which didn’t really react. My friend wrote an angry post in social networks with a description of the situation and an indication of a particular bank.

What do you think after how much the issue was resolved?

After 5 minutes Facebook wrote to him in his private messages the head of the marketing department of this bank, clarifying all the details. And after another 20 minutes, the issue was resolved! In gratitude, he was simply asked to replace the angry post for the post of gratitude.

That’s what I understand the feedback system with negative feedback. Here’s how to work correctly with social networks! 😉

4. Highlight an easy email, a short phone number, a book of complaints, an online consultant on the site for feedback.

The main disadvantage of these methods is that they are designed for the incoming stream. And, as a rule, it works in two cases:

1. When a person is EXTREMELY dissatisfied
2. Or VERY pleased!

In any other cases, reviews do not give and do not write. But as they say, at least something.


Always the question arises, what to ask the client?

Here is a list of questions you can ask for customer feedback. In this list, not all questions are required for survey. Choose, as they say, to your taste:

1. Did you like our service? / From 0 to 10 please rate how much you liked the service in our company;
2. What exactly influenced your assessment? (this question is asked in finishing on the first);
3. Did you like the service? (The same question from Sberbank, however, it is set there a little differently: “Rate our service!” and 3 answer options – excellent, good, bad);
4. Was the product you needed in stock? (very important in wholesale organizations);
5. Do you have any wishes? / What can we do better? (the same source of new ideas).


Questionnaires, telephone calls and polls in social networks – these are the 3 main ways to establish customer feedback;

1. Do not ask the client dozens of questions. It is difficult, inconvenient, and can irritate him even more. 2-5 questions would be just perfect;
2. Do not rely only on the incoming stream. Believe me, they are not enough! And so you miss a lot of moments and even new, fresh ideas from customers!
3. Recently, customers are increasingly going to social networks. You may not know this, but feedback and recommendation services may already contain feedback about you. Reviews may not be entirely pleasant;

And a couple of small life hacks:

1. It is better to collect feedback at a convenient time for customers (so that it is convenient to answer questions). One of the most good moments is when the client expects his order after payment.
2. If you offer customers something pleasant (discount in the store or free coffee), they will be very happy to write a good review of your company / brand. Provided that they are served all the same were excellent 😉

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