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Effective advertising channels: 13 best channels

Often, entrepreneurs complain about the lack of customers, however, when you begin to find out which channels of attracting customers they use, you understand that there are practically no such channels.

I think you heard about a company in the USA like Walmart. According to the reporting of marketers of this company, they use more than 500 channels to attract customers. It is therefore not surprising that the turnover of this company is more than 5% of US GDP.

And what effective advertising channels does the average manager know and use, complaining about the lack of clients?

God forbid, 3-5! And mostly managers always try to use free methods. Naturally, this will not work!

In this article I tried to figure out what effective modern channels of advertising and customer acquisition can be used by business owners.

I will focus on the most basic and best for most businesses. It only makes sense to talk about what you yourself have tried in practice. Therefore, I will talk about the methods that we usually use in consulting.


  • The Internet;
  • Offline;
  • Non-standard advertising.

Why do I start my article with online advertising, and not with the usual advertising on television or radio?

In response, I will simply provide a report on the volume of advertising for January-September 2018, from which you will see everything.

Sphere and Dynamics of Development

  • Television – 19%
  • Radio – 19%
  • Print media – 32%
  • Outdoor advertising – 25%
  • Internet + 12%
  • Others – 15%
  • Total – 14%

* Data based on IAA Global research


1. Website

For most companies, this is the source of the main traffic. And if everything is properly prepared, then this is a low-cost way to attract new customers.

Naturally, the site should sell, starting with the contact collection form and ending with something useful.

In more detail, do you need a website, you can find out in 5 minutes from the article “Difference between a landing page and a website: pros and cons of each”.

True, it is not enough to create such a site, it needs to be further promoted so that your potential customers will know about it. For this you can use several methods, such as:

  • Contextual advertising

Google Adwords + participation in CPA Affiliate Networks.
To be honest, this is the perfect way to get hot clients (ready to buy right here and now) for a small amount.

  • Promotion in search engines (SEO)

All entrepreneurs know about this method. To put it in simple language, “so that the site is on the first line when looking for it”.

One problem is that in order for it to end up there and, accordingly, the first customers go, 2-3 months must pass, and you will have to pay all this time.

Yes, and now to bring the site to the TOP, you need to approach not only from the point of view of site optimization, but also from the point of view of creating a whole content strategy, since the site’s utility is now at the same level as optimization.


  • You can get hot clients who want to buy “here and now”
  • The company has a website that looks more authoritative in the eyes of customers
  • In this way, the client can find out about the company, regardless of weekends and holidays.


  • To create the RIGHT website only with own forces is practically impossible (without certain knowledge).
  • Creating a (selling) site costs money.
  • The site is inseparable from its promotion.
  • Promotion is also worth some money.

2. Social networks

Here we naturally talk about creating your groups / pages on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn. They work perfectly, especially in the 21st century, it will only be to understand which social network will be as effective as an advertising channel for you.

social network advertising
Effective channels of social network advertising

“Create a group I created! But what to place in it and how to promote it? However, the question! ”. In fact, there is nothing difficult, let’s talk further about the promotion, but about posts, then you just need to do posts in 4 directions of your subject.

1. Entertaining,
2. interesting,
3. useful
4. and of course selling (otherwise why bother with all this?).

You can promote this site using different methods, the main ones are:

1. Newsletter using different programs;
2. Posting content with a link to you in other communities;
3. Buying posts in other communities with your target audience;
4. Targeted advertising, let’s dwell on it in more detail, since this is the most targeted type of advertising.

These are the most annoying pictures with text that you see on the side or in your tape when you sit in your social networks.

What is the beauty of such advertising?

When a user creates his page in social networks, he independently indicates all the data about himself – gender, age, where he lives, his marital status, and, of course, interests and hobbies.

Thanks to this, you can tune in to customers very, very precisely: for example, you can make an interesting proposal for unmarried girls who will have a birthday just in a week


  • You can create and maintain completely free
  • Very much increase the loyalty of your customers
  • Cheaper than contextual advertising
  • Great way to communicate and get feedback


  • Not immediately pay off
  • Not all areas of business
  • Requires a lot of time and knowledge to get feedback

At this time, getting free customers is very unlikely, because in social networks everything has long been built on paid advertising

Another moment. If you want to monitor the effectiveness of your actions regarding the promotion of social networks, do not forget to use analytics services.

3. Thematic sites and forums

There you can maintain a thread (column) on any interesting topic, both on the site itself and on the forum. Let’s call it “Expert opinion”.

So you will look more authoritative in the eyes of customers, and thereby increase loyalty to your brand, and this is a direct path to new customers.

In this way, for example, my friend sells their repair services. Yes, perhaps this is not the fastest money, but when the client has a question in which store to buy, the article of the owner of this store with expert opinion can be a significant plus in your direction.


  • You can become an expert in your niche.
  • Increases loyalty to your company / products
  • Find a website / forum where you will write – very easy


  • Directly does not lead to money
  • A lot of time may pass before you are perceived as an expert.

4. Various city portals

In modern times, most people are looking for information on the Internet. And the more mentions of your company on sites that inspire confidence, the more potential customers you can get. Best of all, posting information on most of these sites is free!


  • On most sites, you can post information about your company for free.
  • Accommodation does not require special knowledge
  • You can host the site and other contacts.


  • Not immediately pay off
  • Not all areas of business
  • Requires a lot of time and knowledge to get feedback

At this time, getting free customers is very unlikely, because in social networks everything has long been built on paid advertising


1. TV advertising

Probably when they talk about offline, they immediately remember about advertising on television. But, for example, all I remember about advertising on television is the image advertising of major brands.

Speaking more mundanely, about local channels, then here I can name various advertisements of local firms, although for the most part I can’t even remember it.
Probably this is the main failure, when the advertiser does not understand the correctness of the approach with such an advertising channel.


  • Excellent channel for increasing brand / company awareness
  • Large coverage


  • Extremely expensive advertising
  • Customer value is almost impossible to measure.
  • It is extremely difficult to reach your target audience.
  • You need to think very well about the promise

2. Radio advertising

Here I am for! Although many will say that it does not work!
If you allow the budget, be sure to test the advertisement on the radio. If you clearly define your target audience, you will find a radio, which it basically listens to and must place.

Perhaps she will meet your expectations. A couple of our customers were placed on the radio, perhaps advertising and did not make a loud noise, but at least she always paid for herself.

Important! The first seconds are important for advertising on the radio: if in 5-10 seconds the listener cannot be interested, then we can assume that your advertisement has failed.


  • Great channel again for increasing the awareness of the company / brand
  • Again, great coverage like television


  • It is required to develop an interesting creative to hook
  • It is extremely difficult to reach your target audience.

3. Billboards

advertising channels
effective advertising

Now many people say that billboards, as a form of advertising, are becoming obsolete. But, if you look at the statistics, the cost of 1 thousand contacts with a potential audience (CPT, cost per thousand) was $ 0.51.

On the billboard can be placed an advertisement about your special offer, which is valid for a limited time, contacts and the call that a potential buyer should make. If the billboard is located close to your branch, then in addition to the offer you simply indicate with arrows how to get to you (as simple and detailed as possible).

Important! After creating a banner, do a simple experiment. Show it to a stranger. If he didn’t remember him for 2-3 seconds, or he wasn’t hooked on his billboard, redo it urgently!


  • Can be accommodated in both very popular and less popular places.
  • The ability to officially advertise yourself on the central streets of the city
  • Large coverage


  • It takes a fair amount of preparation to make effective advertising.
  • It is very difficult to get into Central Asia

4. Advertising on public transport

A very good channel for offline advertising, as advertising on buses and other forms of public transport is one of the most effective and fast ways to convey information to the target audience.

Marketing channel
Advertising on public transport

Especially if the route is chosen in accordance with the features of the advertised product or service.

In the US, for example, a survey was conducted among 2,000 people, who found that 90% of respondents noticed moving advertisements, and only 19% noticed static advertising. In the UK, as many as 80% of respondents consider beautifully decorated transport more attractive.

However, one should not forget that for this type of advertising, with all its low cost contact with the client (CPT, cost per thousand), the initial launch budget should be at least between $ 750-1,100.

The pros and cons are similar to billboard ads.

5. Magazine / newspaper advertising

Naturally, if we talk about mega popular print publications. Most likely, it is beyond the power of the readers of my blog (the cost of advertising in one issue of the magazine starts from $ 3,000). I really hope that you will soon come to such advertising budgets

What are the 4 channels of distribution?
What are the four types of marketing channels?

But advertising in local newspapers and magazines may well be affordable for the owner of even a small company, but the question of the effectiveness of such advertising always remains open to me.

The only thing I can say for sure is that such a channel almost always pays off for a business in services.

For example, we have a client who is engaged in the restoration of baths and advertising in newspapers ranks second among the most “client” advertising channels.


  • Such advertising is very cheap.
  • People specifically buy a newspaper or take it to read.


  • A very narrow target audience that prefers reading the newspaper, instead of other channels of information
    No positive effect on image

6. Pillars / Signs / Pointers

All of you probably saw small metal structures standing on the sidewalk? on which are located various advertising. On promotions, discounts, location. These are the same pillars.

A simple example. Thanks to well-placed pillars near the small jewelry salon of our client (6 pieces were placed), we increased the number of customers who came by 20%.

By the way, recently we set a record for the budget making of such an advertising channel. The pillar signified to our client a company that supplies water to his coffee shop.

Why is public transportation good?
What Is Transit Advertising?

The client simply spent $ 5 on printing a film on this pillar, and put it on the street not far from his coffee shop.

Here! Literally for $ 5, the client received an additional channel of advertising, which will lead to his coffee shop new customers.


Not expensive
You can put a few


It is very difficult to coordinate the official placement on the streets, so sometimes they can be thrown out by the “guardians” of the order

It is possible to change the offer, at least every day, but it requires certain time and money.

7. Sticking announcements in the city

Slightly above, I already wrote about our client, who is engaged in the restoration of baths. So in the first place he has a channel that leads the most customers in his business for many years now – these are ads in the city.

Yes, competitors do not like it, because it practically sticks ads with the whole area. But I think that this doesn’t bother him at all, especially when he receives a large number of orders.


  • Fairly cheap advertising
  • The ability to place an ad where you want


  • It is very hard to find good, responsible advertisers.
  • Positive effect on the image is not seen
  • Specific target audience

8. Distribution of flyers / business cards

Very good tool for attracting customers such as a store or cafe. Yes, it still works. And not bad.

Advertising & Marketing
The Advantages of Transit Advertising – Outdoor Ads

For example, yesterday’s conversion from the distribution of leaflets of our client – out of 200 leaflets distributed, 12 people came to the store. Conversion was 6% (which is very cool in this channel to attract customers). The budget of this event was only $ 25, while we received 12 new customers.

The most important thing when distributing flyers is responsible promoters. Here I recommend you not to be greedy and hire a specialized company. Yes, the cost will be higher, but you will have photo reports and you can be sure that your leaflets will not be in the nearest trashcan.

1.Sending by SMS / E-mail

I am glad that in November 2014 a law was introduced on illegal SMS mailings. At a minimum, if earlier I tried to explain to clients what to do by sending a text message to the database that they “accidentally got” wrong, ugly and extremely ineffective.

But, if you send SMS on your honestly collected database, then this is good. But just in case, I recommend a couple of articles on the topic of collecting and monetizing the base.

Formation of customer base: know the customer in person

As for the e-mail spam mailing, I think you should not waste even time and energy on it. At least I have not heard a single response from the owner who would have enthusiastically responded about the spam e-mail.

But everyone speaks very well of various useful white e-mail newsletters, whether it is any useful advice or just interesting information. For this, I recommend using a very cool service AIOP.


In one way or another, we have tried all these effective advertising channels in consulting. It was a food service and retail stores and services and products.

And they all work. As I have already said, effective advertising channels are much more than it seems. But the channels from this article are available to everyone, they are verified and guaranteed to bring customers.

I wish you success.

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