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What is it-effective advertising? Bright? Creative? Provocative? Sexy? All this is the place to be and never it is impossible to say with certainty.

That one way or the other won’t work. Nobody ever knows. We have seen in my lifetime as advertising materials, which can not look without tears, work better than the masterpieces of perfectionists.

There was no limit to our surprise. But still the General details between them were viewed and we are ready to share them in this article.


I still want to strengthen the following idea:”No one ever knows EXACTLY what kind of advertising will work.” This applies to the type, method, design and the message itself.

We can conduct a deep marketing analysis of the market and competitors, to use in the development of many psychological and selling triggers of trust.

And even run a test on a small target group, but even then, everything can fail.

So if you say (or you tell yourself) that “this is the best advertising”, then stop. Hold your horses until you get the results.

Important! Only can say this is good or bad. And the result, which will be based not on a short distance, but on a long one.

This is a very important law (by the way, we have revealed more of these laws in the material about the laws of marketing).

I also want to draw your attention to the very purpose of advertising, as you can focus on what is not needed.

This error had previously made and we in summing up the results. And human greed is to blame. Let me explain.

For example, you decide to make a landing to collect subscription base.

And you have 2 options of events:

  1. Make a website with the most detailed information;
  2. And to create a website where minimal information (the calling title and the form of capture).

What do you think is better?

Again, no one ever knows FOR sure. But we can say with more confidence that the second option will give a conversion to the subscriber above, because with a competent title, people will have an interest in “what’s inside?”.

effective advertisement
effective advertising I want it all

Moreover, we have already tried it on ourselves and on our customers.

But! There is one small and very important BUT. More bids, but the purchases end up with fewer. Although our site has fulfilled the task of attracting new subscribers, it still did not perform as well as it could do this first option.

And all because the landing with shortened information collected all in a row, when the extended site though there were fewer applications, but people came more conscious.

This means that as a result, we received higher sales figures. That is, they took not the quantity but the quality, which turned out to be more profitable at the output when calculating ROI


Now, when you realize that only” in combat ” can be understand works advertisements or not. We can proceed directly to the spending of the advertising budget.

And to get the effect in the form of new customers, we need to consider two components. Of course, before that correctly identifying the target audience or avatar of the client.

1. Advertising channels and methods

Let’s start with the simplest. Although for many it is more difficult than anything else. We will determine where we will be located.

And you should start with the definition will be offline or online space. After that, within the selected, you need to decide which channel. And then the way we’re going to use it.

If we have defined online, how the channel can be social networks, contextual advertising, thematic forums, etc..

When choosing, for example, social networks, we already determine the way, it can be targeted advertising through promo-posts, advertising in other communities or competition for reposts in your community.

If we have determined offline, then in this case the channel can be replaced by advertising in the magazine, promoters, outdoor advertising, etc.

When you stop, for example, on the promoters, we need to decide — it will be the promoters who shout into the mouthpiece. Or promoters who hand out leaflets or who conduct an individual survey.

Now I want to tell you only that you need to go according to the scheme: I will buy-I choose-I think. This division is very rough, but enough to start.

The point is:

1. Start with channels and ways where customers want to buy here and now.
2. Then go to the channels where the customer thinks where to buy or what to buy.
3. Well and finally to those channels where the client only begins to think, it is necessary to it or not.

If you need more information on the channels, then pay attention to our material Ben Hunt Stairs.

2. Advertising offer

So we came to that because of what started the whole article, how to make such advertising within the selected channel. And what to choose ways that it was impossible not to make the target action.


Base or Foundation of any effective advertising. There are dozens of different formulas by which any PR company is built in order to attract new customers.

But if you really look at the situation and discard the excess that clogs the head and rarely can be used, we have to learn three:


The most polar structure, which is already many, many years.

Formula: attract attention -> create interest -> desire to call -> call to action.

And this scheme can be used almost everywhere: in the text, in the presentation, on sale. Quite a universal formula to bring the consumer to the desired goal. And here’s an example:

  • Attention-Say ” Bye ” to your old boat
  • Interest-Now you have an airboat
  • Desire – Permeability even in rocks. 145 km / h movement speed. Transportation of up to 2 tons of cargo
  • Action-Sign up for a test drive in your city____.

This is a shortened version of the implementation of such a formula. Good or bad? Nobody ever knows. But I would definitely send it for testing.

If you are interested in learning more about AIDA, read the article “Formula or model of AIDA


This is the second most popular formula, which is very often heard in most trainings.

Unlike the first, it is perceived easier. All the same, three letters = three words, namely:

Formula: offer – > time limit – > call to action

What makes an effective ad?
Showing becomes more effective than telling

The laws of the genre, example:

  1. Offer-for each purchase a gift worth 5 000 rubles
  2. Deadline – the offer is valid until 30.02.2019
  3. Call to Action — Call now and find out more.

Again, such a structure necessarily implies other elements. Which are also necessary for effective advertising — a logo, company name, contacts.

If you are interested in more information about this structure, read the article about the preparation of advertising on ODC technology.


And the last, quite rare formula among the above. Because it is aimed primarily at the pain of the client. Stimulation/motivation to purchase occurs through the creation / reminder of pain.

Formula: identification of pain -> increased pain -> to show that the solution is -> identify the solution>call to action

Now I will give an example and everything will become clear at once:

  1. Pain-Gained excess weight?
  2. More Pain — But summer is coming, you have to wear a swimsuit.
  3. Hope – you can have time to throw off up to 5 kg per month.
  4. Solution-World Class is waiting for you.
  5. Action-Sign up for a trial lesson _____.

This option is not suitable for everyone. Firstly, because not everyone has a pronounced pain, secondly, it is usually less important than the benefits that the client will receive. But still this is the third structure that is worth knowing and using in your promotional materials.


Now that we know the three structures, we can move on to the creation of the message. And in practice, 50% of companies pour their money into the pipe at this stage.

And all because they use image advertising instead of selling. This is the biggest mistake.

Image and is called because first of all it is directed on creation or maintenance of image, and only then on sales.

When selling has a focus on sales and to a lesser extent on the image. To distinguish such content easily.

In image everything is simple-the company name, slogan and contacts. In selling, not to say that everything is difficult, but more massive compared to the first option. Are used special psychological triggers, special. sentences, catchy headlines.

Next, we will consider the main messages of selling advertising. If you still want to create your materials with a message to the image, then read this article — “Image advertising: examples, types, goals and objectives.”

Well, we continue…

If you decipher the title, you will get a unique trade offer. And if you say it in ordinary language, we will get your unique difference from other products/companies.

In the literal sense, a unique difference, not what you think now about the quality, speed, reliability and individual approach. I like the USP car Park near my house: “you gonna Steal one? We buy new””

Create USP is quite difficult and time-consuming. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. There are more than 12 different formulas, which we have considered in the article – “Unique trade offer or USP“.

You make your difference and advertise on all designs to attract new consumers.

Moreover, many mistakenly try to come up with it so that it was unique to the whole world or, at least, the country. And all in vain, as in most companies the sales territory does not go beyond the city or region.

Important! It is necessary to differ from competitors in the territory of sales, but not in the territory of the whole world.

Multi-step selling

My favorite is a chain of contacts with a client. And favorite because I’m sure in any business you need to do a preliminary touch before the client decides to buy.

This is clearly expressed in the automotive business, where the customer first passes a test drive. And then he buys a car. That’s why their main call to action is to sign up for a test drive, not buy a car right away.

Now you can say that this is only relevant for large and large purchases, and it seems like you will be right. But if you even in a small business do something similar to a test drive, it will be great.

Effective advertising test drive

For example, what we did in music products. Anyone could go to the salon and try any tool or even rent it to try.

The goods-Lokomotiv

Remember any supermarket advertising. Most likely you remembered tangerines or cucumbers. Or do you have something else?

I all this to the fact that they are advertised through the product-locomotive. Or a front-end product, that is a product with a very low price, the purpose of which is to attract people to itself, when the main earnings are already on the back — end products.

For example, let’s go back to the supermarket and remember how they attract us to bread, milk, tangerines, and earn on shrimp, sausage, alcohol, etc..

Moreover, the locomotive product must be both in the company and in the category of goods. Effective advertising of the goods locomotive

Special condition

Or simply put, some action. This is the last version of the message, which can be taken as a basis in your promotional material.

And this option is considered the most popular among commodity companies. After all, it does not say, any person attracts profit, get a better offer.

Personally, I try to avoid discounts and replace them with bonuses or gifts and implement such actions as “1+1=3”, “for each purchase a gift from the basket”. This is done in order to save marginality.

But there are areas or time intervals where discounts can not do. The main thing is to use everything in moderation. But special offers under different sauce were, are and will be. This means that they worked, work and will work.

As already mentioned, the most important thing is to calculate the efficiency and provide for the interrogation of the commodity matrix.


If you consider the target audience during development, https://profits ahhh!win/ how-to-identify-the-target-audience-the-detailed-instructions / structure and message. That can be said, you will succeed and just effective advertising on the output.

By default, we believe that the channel and method of advertising is chosen correctly. Everything else is details about images, font, design. But all this is secondary, though it may sound strange.

I repeat, we have seen extremely “poor” options for the implementation of advertising in detail with a fairly high performance. However, this does not mean that you do not need to steam over this point of contact.

You need to do as well as possible, but prioritizing. So if the “poor” option gives such high efficiency, imagine what will happen if everything is done perfectly?!

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