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Elements and blocks Landing Page for every taste

Landing Page elements and blocks. No matter how you rest your feet and hands, but sooner or later you will be absorbed by a wave of one-page sites. This is no longer a fashion, not a temporary phenomenon.


This is an effective channel to attract customers of present and future time. And customers need all! And by coincidence, you are weighing all the advantages of landing page, finally decide to create it.

At this moment it dawns the thoughts of the herd, one of which is “what do I have to have items and blocks Landing Page?”.

You start thinking.:

1. make it long enough to tell visitors all about your business
2. Or make it short of 1-2 blocks, leaving the intrigue and turning it into a series.

Now we will analyze what blocks may consist of landing page, consider all the most popular options and examine examples of implementations.

By the way! If you are going to do the landing themselves, then I highly recommend designer landing page — ProfitBuilder.

There are already ready-made blocks, which I will list below, so you will choose the right for you and collect in a single site. All this will greatly simplify your life


Before any start, you need to determine the target audience, I call it prayer.

Since this is a mandatory procedure that every marketer should know and do before the development of promotional materials.

Everything depends on the definition of the target. Corny, but fact. As we define the target audience for the sites we have already written.

Once we have identified the target audience, we already know exactly what they want, what the selection criteria are, what they are afraid of and what they need to see. To make a positive decision. Therefore, we can safely move on.


Studying this material, you will get acquainted with 23 blocks, which will make Up your site.

BUT, I want to note that this is not all one-page blocks that you can come up with. These are the ones around which all others revolve.

So to say the basis that you can already easily adapt to your project.The digital designation does not say anything about the order, it is only numbering for easy study.

What makes an effective landing page?
What are the key components of a landing page?

1. Initial screen

As funny as it may seem, some people understand it differently and do it differently. So let’s set all the points and write down the required items.

So, on the first screen should be exactly:

2. Advantages

Here our task is to describe the advantages that the client will receive, and the most important thing is to write using the property — advantage-benefit technique.


Free door-to-door delivery, save your time and money.

This unit can be located on one screen. Immediately with all the advantages, so can be divided on the principle: one screen-one advantage.

Life hack.

By using a bold font please note your desired area of the phrase.

3. To achieve the advantages

The fact is that in one block we recommend not to place more than 4 elements, otherwise there will be a mental overload. But what to do when there are more advantages, much more?

In this case, one block with the main advantages, you place at the beginning or middle of the site. And the second block to achieve the benefits in the end. To finish off a client, convince him to make the right decision.

4. About company

I don’t know about You, but I can brag about my company, my team and our achievements. But on site no one not need my poem about us favorite.

All they need to see is that You are a large company that can be trusted. So do not go into the wilds of the mission and values of the company. Do not go into the jungle — it does not mean that it does not need to do

5. Portfolio/case studies

Definitely worth showing what you’ve done, cases, projects. If your product is bought because of the visual component.

For example, as Wallpapers. Just show the client how they look in the interior.

If you are a construction company, you need to specify the maximum amount of specific measurable information about the object. Which You built, of course, by attaching good, quality photos to it.


The coolest cases look in the BEFORE/AFTER format. Think about how you can implement it at home.

6. Team

The block is very similar to “About the company”, because people are the company. But most of the time. It is better to put the team in a separate unit, because people want to see who they are working with.

Be sure that you are not aliens who will take their money and fly back to Mars.

This block will be especially important if you have specialists with such achievements that the neck of the medals stretches to the floor.

7. The work process/work Steps

I beg you, do not need to sculpt this block on each created site. It is needed only when You really have a complex process of interaction. Or you want to show the volume of all work performed.

If Your work can be divided into” measurement/product selection — contract — waiting/implementation — receiving”, then this block is better not to do.

8. Product details

This block is done if you have a product consists of a large number of components, which the client wants to know or which the client does not suspect.

In this case, with the help of arrows, lines, circles, you can convey to the client the idea that You do not bake pies, but produce/sell a really interesting invention.


The highest degree of implementation of this unit is to show the product in the context.

9. FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Any questions / objections you hear often?! Answer them before the customer calls you. So the client doesn’t make up his own mind.

And of course, you need to voice them only if you have a decent answer. Otherwise, it is better to solve this issue in person.

10. Customer logos

Working in the B2B field means working with other companies. So why not raise your own at the expense of their reputation?

Only!!! Please do not need to run and sculpt the logos of large companies to your website. This could work in a negative way.

Life hack.

If you really worked with large companies, it is better to specify with what branch, the city specifically you worked. And of course, dilute the logos of large companies logos are not large.

11. Geography

It happens that customers do not understand that You work across the country or even the world. Select the location of your offices in a separate block.
Or where you deliver, or where you’ve already delivered. That is, work out the objection associated with the delivery and location.

12. Calculator

“What the hell kind of formula? I didn’t study math!” – grumbles our coder when we ask him to create another calculator.

And you know, this unit is one of the most involved. That is, people dwell on it, Machaut the mouse, drag the sliders and watch how things change for quite a long time.

It is definitely worth using if you can show the measurable component of the client’s benefit.

13. Magnet

Do you want to draw visitors ‘ attention to the fact that your offer is ideal for them? Then write: “This is for you, if…” and then follows the list of professions, social positions, desires of the client.

14. Push

Reverse tool item 13. Push those who You do not need to again the one who needs to understand that he is the one. And at the same time he said to himself “ ” I’m not like that, I’m good!”.

15. Catalogue/Services

Rather banal block. It is necessary when there is a task to show Your range among models or categories of models. What You can buy and this, and this, and even this.

Also, this block can be called “Services”, only in this case, you are already showing not goods but services. Or just list one by one scrolling with the arrows (slider).

16. Configurator

Another block for customer engagement. And as we know, any involvement raises loyalty and trust to the site.

If Your product can be tuned, assembled from different parts, then let the visitor do it, make a simple gamification.

17. Video

A short video can tell more about Your product than the entire site. Since it acts on at least two channels of perception — it is hearing and vision. But the video must be done well and efficiently, otherwise the failure.

18. Pain

We did not use this block, as in most cases we always make landing pages for customers with a conscious problem. And so once again it makes no sense to remind about it.

But after we started infobusiness, we saw that this block is very important in those projects where you first need to remind the client about the problem.

Where you need to aggravate the problem, and only then show the solution. Read more about this approach in the article about the Hunt Ladder.

19. Comparison

It happens that customers choose between different solutions. And this is normal, everyone wants to find the best solution for him.

And to help him do that, we’re making a comparison chart. Where you show that Your product is the best, however, do not do it too clearly.

People aren’t stupid, they can check. And then You’ll be in an awkward situation if you don’t listen to me.

20. Have not found the answer?/Need advice?

Usually this is one of the final blocks of the site and it is necessary that the person who did not find the answer to your question, knew where to write or call to ask it.

Some recommend now this unit to wrap more original. Ostensibly he got bored, but we believe otherwise.

It became boring in the form as it is usually implemented. And this is a stock photo with a girl in a headset from the call center and the inscription ” need advice?”.

If there is to change at least this girl, even after that work it differently.

21. Map

It is important to show the client where you are. In particular, if the customer pays attention to the location when choosing a supplier of goods or services.

For example, this applies to the repair of equipment. This is also true in the case when you need to convince a person that you are a real company, you have an office and in which case he can come to talk to you. And this is another plus to trust.

22. Guarantee

In our time, it is not enough to say that you are 10 years on the market and generally great fellows. People need guarantees that everything will be fine. And in this block you can show customers what guarantees you represent.

And in this screen you can do, for example, just three guarantees to kill the client on the spot and while he is in shock, rather run to make a deal.

23. Prices / packages / tariffs

If you sell one competitive service or one product, then you a priori do not have a catalog in the classical sense.

But at the same time you have a price that may even have several options depending on the configuration. Therefore, this unit is more important than ever in such cases.


Every day reviews work worse and worse, and there are reasons. After all, even a video review can now be bought for $ 10. In this review you will say everything that comes up with your creative brain.

Therefore, the best solution is a text review in the form of a screen from social networks + video review + link to a person in social networks.


Remember all these elements and blocks of the Landing Page is difficult. But when you have a properly painted target audience, they themselves arise in the head.

Since the main task with the help of these meanings is either to attract the client, or to answer his question, or to work out objections.

Based on this, we can conclude. What they need to have in the order that it is important to see the client in the first place, and that the second and third.

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