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Email marketing. Marketing does not stand still, constantly evolving. Some of the tools retire, others come to replace them.

And now email marketing is among the effective business tools. A very strong tool in the right hands.

And even if Your business is based offline. Even if your business is a regular retail store or you provide services. And I’m not talking about wholesale.

In this article we will analyze its system, basics, structure. Let’s look at the services, and look at this tool from the practical side for ordinary business.


The story could start like this, but the development of effective email newsletters for business consists of a longer period. Where it all started on an industrial scale with spam mailings, and ended with what you learn next.

Email Marketing Services
Best Email Marketing Services

Email marketing emails

Forgotten. Certainly someone the first time hears such words. So let’s settle this awkward moment, here’s A short explanation:

Email marketing is an online marketing tool that allows you to bring and / or persuade the client to your goal.

Compressing the purchase, handing out coupons, results of useful material by sending letters to e-mail client.

Wrote bloody clever, I can do this, sometimes it so happens that I myself do not understand what is written.

So let’s not dwell on these clever speeches. In simple language, it is an automatic series of letters, or mailing, to the client’s e-mail box according to a given algorithm.

Now the Internet is called this tool automatic sales funnel with avtogonki sales.

Allegedly where the customer comes in, gets a few letters involving the topic. Then he buys something.

But I will. To make such an autopilot, you need not just a series of letters, but a rather scrupulous approach and a specific product that the classic business usually does not have.

To sum up the positive result, why you should sell yourself the introduction of email marketing in your company.

5 obvious benefits of using Email marketing:

  1. Summing up / pushing the client to Your goal. When your sellers are already / not yet able to do it;
  2. Low cost of use. This means that it is much more profitable than most other channels;
  3. Pretty easy to use. If not go into complicated variable schema;
  4. The ability to communicate directly with the client, to increase confidence in You;
  5. Process automation. Allows you to configure once and occasionally correct everything.

All this is appropriate provided. That You fit fully and with your head.

At the same time, I still have a convincing request to you. Don’t trust a lot of advertising messages. That email marketing setup will take only 10 days.

And then it will be the eternal attraction of customers and the system for the production of money. It’s more complicated than you think. Read about it below.

Where to get subscribers?

Any business begins with subscribers or with the presence of your e-mail addresses of your potential or existing customers.

And then the question arises “ ” Where to get them?”.

email marketing service
the best email marketing services

Email marketing to send

But to begin with, I’ll scold you and tell you. It is very bad if you still do not collect contact details of your customers.

And again, all the messages that I write in this article apply to ALL types of BUSINESSES. Even you, dear reader, even Your little Shoe repair shop is also concerned.

So where to collect potential customers in your subscription base?

Here’s a concrete and important practical ways:

  • From customer profiles that they fill out in person;
  • In an oral conversation on the phone, just asking them a question about their mail;
  • Of the applications on the landing page or the website;
  • From your mail (from sent commercial offers).

Surely you thought the list would be huge, but the point? When these four methods will allow You to get almost 80% of the emails.

Just draw your attention to the fact that in this case I say where to get the contacts of those who have already turned to you. If you need more contacts, then this is a separate story, a separate article.

But a hint will do and say. What in this case is best to collect through the subscription page or capture form. Where is given some sort of useful free.

Important! To collect emails, regardless of time and place, a valid reason is required. Why is it You and what You’ll do with it.

So think about it in advance and determine the benefits of the person who will share with you the secret.

Many people come up with a call in the form of a reason to “Subscribe to the news”, but our practice shows that this is relevant only where the subscriber really needs your news.

For example:

Wholesalers are forced to follow the new arrivals, as it is their bread.


Below I have given you specific examples for classical business. Each email marketing strategy is quite simple and without multi-step schemes.

My favorite format is “take and implement”. But since we are marketers. That practice and more complex schemes that have received from their experience and training from different specialists.

Next, I’ll tell you 5 steps in a full email sales funnel. What will be suitable for you, and what is superfluous, it’s up to you. Since different areas of different approach and there is no Golden key to everything.

Heating. Step 1

When the email list just appeared, the demand was furious. People in droves went to any free material, and the opening of letters reached 80%. But that “before the grass was greener”. That is what it is.

Now the audience has become more well-fed, because they are surrounded by dozens of different proposals with dozens of different brands and individuals.

They choose who to trust their time and their data and who to send to the forest. Therefore, there was a necessary step, which we call warming up.

The essence of this step is for the client to get acquainted with us before getting into the funnel. To do this, we can use a strip in the form of an article or video. And even better gasket of a series of articles or a series of videos.

Our task is to do so. For the client to study our material, smoothly leading to the funnel. I realized that we’re cool, I realized that we’re smart, and that we’re the ones he needs. Thus, we will increase the average conversion of the site and increase the quality of leads.

Obviously, the cost of the application to the funnel will increase due to another additional stage.

But again, the quality will grow, which as a result will give such a marketing indicator as “customer value” is much higher. And we are important to buy, not just subscribers?! Right?!

Confirmation. Step 2

Above you have learned how to collect subscribers to your database. But in reality it is a little more complicated than it seems at first glance.

Because in addition to just adding a person to the database, he needs to pass a stage called double-opt-in (double confirmation).

Double confirmation is necessary in order to in case someone complains about you for spam. You could show that the person himself confirmed his intention to receive letters, not you forced him.

And believe our experience, there will always be those who click spam, even if they themselves have confirmed the registration. People, people.

Email Marketing Services
Email marketing what people to send

To make it go like clockwork, you need to provide a page Help, which will help the client to go from the stage of the application to the database.

Very good indicator for this step is a 80-90% opt-out request and confirmed by mail.

You can add customers to the database for them without double confirmation. But at large scales it is better to do it through double-opt-in.

Since if people click SPAM, Your domain will be blocked and your emails will immediately fall into the spam folder, instead of incoming.

Acquaintance + involvement. Step 3

All formal procedures are passed, so you send the first letter to the person. In this letter, You are giving the promised gift.

For example:

If a person has subscribed to the template, you give him a link to the template. And if a person has subscribed to the news, we send him the most popular articles.

It is necessary not only to give the expected material, but also to involve the reader. To make it work in our direction.

This can be to vote, read article, watch video, play in game. A little involvement to establish contact.

It is necessary to involve

This is your “anchor” (in NLP so called it), which leaves a small imprint in the memory of the client. Since the more it is invested, the more it is attached.

In addition, through involvement we can bring him to the necessary thought.

As a separate point of engagement, I want to highlight the help in studying the content that you have sent.

That is, Your task is to make sure that the client has studied all that You sent him. And that in practice most people get a gift and then postpone the case for later, i.e. never.

Important! Engagement and familiarity can consist of a series of letters (1-5). Not necessarily this should be only the first letter. Your goal is to maximize customer loyalty before buying.

Sale. Step 4

A favorite phase any owner. More sales = more money. Before the client will see the offer of purchase, it is necessary to warm up properly.

You need to make the client so that he wanted to buy From you. The case is not simple, but real.

At the sales step you need to make a special offer, which will further stimulate the purchase.

Although you can do without it, but then without a limited offer decision can be delayed for a long time.

You can transfer the client to the website for sale, where he makes out and pays for the purchase in a couple of clicks. Or you can give him a coupon to buy.

Or you can sell him a $ 5 discount. At this stage do not have to sell immediately full package of their products. Start small.

There is an email marketing strategy. When you offer to buy a small product to the customer immediately after entering the database.

This is also an option, but as you understand, in the beginning you can only sell inexpensive products to disrupt the customer to buy and raise the level of loyalty.

Such a strategy You can see in hypermarkets, where they at the very beginning of the way expose promotional goods to set the necessary rhythm of “farewell to money.”

Step 5+

After the customer has bought or not bought, the most difficult begins. Since it is quite difficult to automate the following processes, due to a large number of factors.

I’m not saying it’s impossible, I say difficult, and therefore it is better to entrust it to his hands.

Depending on what email marketing strategy is chosen, You can either press the customer to buy or try to transfer to another product.

But for General understanding, here is a list of possible next steps:

  • Segmentation;
  • Buy squeeze;
  • New series of letters;
  • Resuscitation;
  • New product;
  • Aid in the consumption;
  • Cross-sell and Up-sell, Down-sell;
  • Removal.

Ideally, those who have bought, sell a new product and lead on the structure for existing customers with special. conditions.

And those who did not buy, try to wait for the purchase and in case of an unsuccessful outcome of events to transfer to another chain of letters, where a completely different need is closed.


In a professional environment, letters are divided into:

  • advertising letter,
  • transactional letter,
  • announcement,
  • autoresponders,
  • triggers,
  • information letter.

But personally my opinion, until you have a person who is engaged only in this direction in their work, You need a lighter division.

And I would call it:

  • Letter of congratulations;
  • Message of promotion;
  • Letter with a series of useful materials;
  • A letter to the company/team;
  • Letter to inform about new products / admission.

Of course, we should not forget that a great role in the end result will also have the letter itself, in other words, the text itself.

If You only think to try on their own, without the help of professional copywriters, be sure to read the article about the business of copywriting. Believe me, it will simplify your task.

On registration of the letter should be in the same corporate style. Moreover, if the policy of Your company implies a more personal contact (human), then use a minimum of beauty. Need to do this, like you wrote the friend whom You have not seen.

If Your company adheres to the official style of communication, where the emphasis is on communication between the person-company.

On the contrary, a large number of design, will help to create a sense of reliability, stability and formality.


You can say that you know everything about email marketing, even if it is tentative. So let’s move on to practice and imagine different types of businesses, and different variants of letter chains.

I want to note that these are not the only solutions, these are examples, so that you can understand how it can work in your case.


If you are very-very narrow specialist who works for himself and most importantly You have mostly regular customers.

Then read these examples for the future. In all other cases, take and implement.

Example 1. You create a free product.

Having studied which client can immediately solve one of its micro-problem, which is part of a big problem.

For example:

“How to pump up the press?” from a big problem of “How to build body?”.

Once he has received this material, you send him a series of video tutorials explaining how to do the right exercises.

And in the end you will present your product “dream Figure” for the N-th amount of money.

Example 2

The client used Your service, you take his contact and send a useful letter about the care that he received.

Then, after some time, write to him with a request to recommend you, just sending this letter to someone from friends, for which he will receive a valuable prize.

Example 3

You determine in your business that your customer uses your service once a month. And it means that You are putting in a checkmark to send a letter to remind the client that it’s time to exercise again. Playing around with this interesting pictures of what would happen if he didn’t come.


It would seem that what could be the strategy of email marketing, what kind of mailing in this type of business?

And that it is better to send SMS nothing is invented, but here you can pretty get out, let’s look at a couple of examples.

Example 1

The client buys your product, you take his contacts, and the next day send him a letter on the subject:

“Thank you for becoming our customer! And in honor of this, within 7 days you will receive a daily offer at a discount on the previously interested group of products.»

And within 7 days you send these letters. Thus in each letter you pay attention that the offer only for it.

And if someone else comes to the store outsider, he will not see this offer at a discount.

Example 2

The client buys your product, you take his contacts. And within 3-14 days you send him letters with useful material about the use of Your product.

Thus, teaching him and showing that You care about him. Of course, at the right time you can make a delicious offer.

Example 3

A customer came to You but didn’t buy. You take his data. And then you send him a series of letters explaining that he made the biggest mistake of his life, explaining it in each letter bringing benefits and emotions.

Periodically making delicious offers with different “gift, credit, installment” options, trying to find the point of it.


Here most of all it is possible to roam, to create different interesting chains of touches. Since wholesalers are usually people who use mailboxes often and a lot, because of their specificity.

Example 1

Send emails with new arrivals, day in and day out. This is most appreciated by wholesalers, they all love new items. Therefore, the solution of the TOP 1, even with all its primitiveness.

Example 2

The client left a request on the website, but never bought. You take his contact and send him the stories of the companies that work with you.

Their success in sales, earnings from sales. Interfering with this periodically with the offer to make a minimum order.

Example 3

The client you have is in the VIP-category and you send him a letter with that. That in honor of the “owner’s grandmother’s birthday”, he can get free shipping or anything else valuable for today.

Council. If you read the example only for your sphere, I recommend you to read all the options. As the General meaning of overlap.


Previously, in order to conduct your newsletter, you had to either sit manually to send emails. Specifying in the copy of ten more addresses, or to lift the server and on behalf of it to do sending.

Now all became much easier, there is a services inside also provides a convenient dashboard to collect, send and even analysts.

On the market now a huge number of different services. They’re all pretty much the same. Differ only in additional functions and bells and whistles. Therefore, it is necessary to choose based on the needs.

I personally work on the AIOP service and am very pleased with the service.

Here are the main points that You should pay attention to when choosing a service provider:

  • Reputation. Just look at the reviews on the Internet and understand the good reputation of the site or bad. In case of bad your emails will get into spam. Consider it a mission failure.
  • Convenience. The item is rather slippery. So come, watch and make a decision — whether it is convenient for you or not. Especially look at the letter editor.
  • Everything else is optional. Pay-per-letter or per month. This and much more is not so much affect the final result.

On the Internet when you request “email newsletter Services” you will find dozens of different options. I do not insist, but it is better not to waste time searching and testing, contact the AIOP service and quietly collect your subscriber base at the best price.


So You have passed a mini-course how, what and where. Although in fact, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

But most importantly, you now know that this tool you need. And that it will help to make those actions That your employees may not have time or just forget.

All this can be set up once, set conditions and get results. Now email marketing is in the top 5 tools that we introduce to companies to increase sales.

I also want to warn you that for more than 3 years, everyone is constantly saying that e-mail marketing is dying. To say so is not correct, as it will only die when die e-mails.

Just now its efficiency fell. And so many on the background of this began to move to chatbots, which are called ” Killers e-mail promotion.”

P.S. If you think, that this all is difficult, then I assure You that do this can be simply and easily.

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