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What is an effective turnkey email marketing? How does this best business promotion tool work?

  1. Overview of email marketing,
  2. application examples.
  3. Ready-made company
  4. training and email marketing tools.

Today we will consider such a marketing tool as email marketing, how it works, what it is, and why you need it. And I will show you one service where all email marketing tools are collected.

And we start with a short review of the concept of email marketing.

Because quite often, especially beginners, and those people who take the first steps on the Internet, do not fully understand or do not even know what email marketing really is, and confuse it with spamming.

Undoubtedly, many have heard this word, but perhaps they did not think about what it really is, how it is good and how it works. Most entrepreneurs just confuse this with spam. Although email marketing has nothing to do with spam at all.

Few people know that email marketing is the most powerful tool for increasing revenue. And to understand this, let’s consider the following 2 questions:

1. Why is email marketing so effective in promoting and building your business?
2. How to increase your income using email marketing tools?

But first, let’s turn to the definition and find out.

Email marketing what is it?

“Email marketing is one of the most effective internet marketing tools for business, which allows you to build direct communication between (business, company, brand) and potential customers. The result of such communication is new and repeated sales of the product or service. ”

In other words, email marketing helps to bring your proposal to a potential interested client, partner in automatic mode.

With the definition, I think everything is clear, now let’s see.

Why is email marketing so good, and why is it so effective?

Everything is very simple. It is a tool that allows you to communicate with your subscribers, talk about your business through letters, answer questions, train, send news, sell, etc.

And all this is done on the full machine.

You just need to set up once, and this system itself on the machine will bring you partners, customers, and therefore money on an ongoing basis.

Let’s take a look at an example:

For example, you are promoting your business on Facebook. You publish posts on the wall, in groups on business, write in a personal to people on Skype, etc., and annoy them on a daily basis.

In a word, you scatter your referral links wherever possible.

What will be the result of such work?

I think it’s obvious. The reaction of people to your links, if you send them in a personal 99% of 100% will be negative. This link is used for a very small part of people, and the more so it is recorded by it.

If you write on social networks then your ad, after a couple of seconds goes down and no one will ever see it. So, the chance that someone will see your message is 1%.

All you have lost a potential client or partner. So the benefits of the work you have done is 0.

You have done a huge amount of work that has not brought you any results, or this result is not significant at all. Only 1% of people will probably see your offer, while others will never see it at all.

So, what to do in this case?

There is only one answer to this question: you need to build your subscriber base.

Every time you have something to say. You are using just one autoresponder tool. Which sends your letter across the entire database of subscribers.

Which will not go anywhere, it will be on the mail, and will be sooner or later read by a large number of people from your subscription base.

But the question here is, how can you build such a base?

Everything is very simple, you just send instead of your referral links just one link to your capture page (subscription page) where people themselves will subscribe to your newsletter.

Why will a person subscribe?

The answer is simple. Because you will make an offer on your subscription page that a person simply cannot refuse, give a good gift for a subscription, etc.

Well, for example, so:

  1. If you promote a good MLM company, then you can write
  2. “Subscribe and find out how to get your $500 tomorrow”, or so
  3. “New Business Courses 2018 as a gift for a subscription

The person enters his data and immediately receives a letter through the email mailer with your tempting offer and with all the ref. Links.

You attach links to a video review, presentation, etc., which briefly and fully shows a person all the advantages and advantages of your proposal.

The main thing to give not only ref. Links, or advertising in his letters, and especially in the first letter, but also some useful information, or gifts.

Then tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and so on, your subscriber at the machine will already receive your messages, useful information, and unobtrusively benefit your offer.

The subscriber gradually learns everything, and already he turns to you. These subscribers are your real partners and buyers.

It really works and is very cool.

Turn my 9 year old experience. The results of applying email marketing for business promotion can be simply amazing.

Why? Watch the video.

We looked very well. I think that now you understand the competitive advantage, and you see the difference between this way of doing business and other few effective ways.

Doing business through email marketing is very simple and effective.

Since mid-August 2015, I have been engaged only in the promotion of the AIOP service, which provides all the necessary modern tools for finding partners, running and promoting a business on the machine, using email marketing.

In my team, there are entrepreneurs from other large MLM companies who successfully use these tools to promote their existing business.
Here the main letters to write correctly.

Well, for those who wish to promote the service itself, the company has everything you need.

  1. Ready letter series,
  2. video tutorials on marketing,
  3. step by step training.
  4. And all that is required to automate all business processes.

Just take a look and do it.

With this, I will finish this post and sincerely hope that this article has been useful to you, and you will successfully begin to use email marketing to increase sales and promote your business without fuss and spam.

I wish you all the best and prosperity.

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