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Email newsletter is the best tool to attract customers in the era of advertising deafness

Email is one of the oldest online marketing channels. For more than a decade, marketers have been using it to drive traffic and customers. It is not surprising that in such a significant period of time this tool has acquired many myths.

These myths distort the understanding of the essence of email marketing and lead to the fact that online business refuses to use it, while losing one of the most powerful channels of earnings.

Standard errors in understanding the essence of email marketing

Error number 1. Email is the same as spam

Despite the fact that many people today use email-newsletter to promote their products and services, some still confuse it with spam.

And this is understandable. Most of the companies on the market that offer the “email-marketing” service offer exactly spam — to buy a ready-made database of email addresses and to send a newsletter containing aggressive advertising to it.

This method is far from the real email newsletter.

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Email marketing

Letters are sent only to those people who voluntarily subscribed to your newsletter. These users are already expressing interest in your brand or the content you are creating, and expect to see your emails in their email.


Letters are sent to users who did not give their consent to receive them. Such emails either do not reach the addressees at all, because anti-spam filters immediately send them to the Spam folder, or they cause a sharp negative.

Email marketing is sending interesting content to the user. A competent email-marketer will tell his subscribers before the subscription what is expected of them in the mailing list, what topics will be covered in it and how often it will be published.

Spam is usually uninteresting content. Uninteresting for one simple reason — buying a database of ready email-addresses, you buy a cat in a bag.

You do not know what these people are interested in, whether they will like your subject and how they will react to the letters.

Email marketing is an honest and completely transparent technique for attracting traffic and customers. It not only does not cause a negative, but also promotes increase of loyalty of users in relation to your brand.

Spam often contains deception. The subject of the letter does not correspond to what is inside. Links lead to irrelevant pages, etc. This tactic causes a strong negative and can damage the reputation of your brand.

Modern Internet users live in conditions of constant advertising bombardment.

They are looking for ways to protect against intrusive sales:

  • they use programs that block ads,
  • unconsciously do not pay attention to banners,
  • even if they occupy a third of the screen.

What do you think, will the mass mailing of aggressive advertising to purchased email addresses work in the current realities? Hardly.

Error number 2. Email list does not bring sales

Email is a great lead generation tool. The mailing list allows you to attract attention and engage a potential client in the conversion scenario.

She does not offer the client to immediately buy something, but invites him to become familiar with the product.

This significantly reduces the number of negative reactions. In addition, by providing transitions to the site, the seller gets the opportunity to work with “heated” consumers. Unlike the “cold” audience, they are actively interested in the proposal received in the letter.

The effectiveness of email marketing is confirmed by many cases, both foreign and domestic. This fact is also confirmed by our own practice.

For all the time of conducting the mailing (3 years), she brought us 35800 visits (a little less than 1500 visits per month) and 1393 requests (a little less than 60 requests per month).

How do I send a newsletter
How do you write a good newsletter?

And this is despite the fact that we did not actively build up the base — all the people who are now in our database subscribed to us through the static subscription form on our site.

The traffic that email marketing brings us: each peak is Monday (the day when we send out)

Statistics confirm this!

  • 70% of users admit that they always open letters of their favorite companies.
  • 95% of users who subscribe voluntarily consider them all very useful
  • Email conversion rate is on average 3 times higher than social media conversion
  • The average return on investment in e-mail marketing is $44.25 for every dollar invested
  • Email newsletter can be an effective channel for attracting customers — this is a fact.

Email marketing as an effective business tool

The volume of online commerce (there are also terms online commerce, e-commerce) at the end of 2014 amounted to 30% of its total volume.

And for the year he pulled 31%! We present these breathtaking figures to clearly show that the development costs of any segment of Internet marketing are more than justified.

In the articles “The unique content of the site is its basis and tool for promotion” and “Contextual advertising is a powerful tool for Internet marketing”, we talked about two powerful components of Internet marketing:

  • promotion of goods and services in search engines
  • and contextual advertising.

Agree, even instinctively I want to support this construction with the third “leg”, for stability. And such a powerful third leg exists and it is called email marketing, that is, advertising a product with the help of email mailing or mailing.

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email newsletter is a great way to deploy your biz

Email marketing — basic concepts

Immediately reassure law-abiding citizens — email marketing for an online store or other web resource has nothing to do with spam. Cardinal difference.

Spam is sending emails to everyone who is unlucky:

  • his email address is in the spammer’s database,
  • which is not interested in your occupation,
  • field of interest, gender or age.

Therefore, a letter advertising hunting knives can come to a young kindergarten teacher, and with advertising diapers to a 50-year-old staunch bachelor. Spamming is “fire on the squares”, so it is extremely inefficient, and even punishable.

Email marketing for online stores and other similar resources is “aimed shooting”, this is sending letters to subscribers. That is, people who have expressed a desire to receive them, because they are interested in the information contained in them.

In other words, email marketing is emailing letters to the target audience.

The benefits of Email Newsletter for online stores

Speaking of the benefits of this powerful internet marketing tool, we will compare it with the other two mentioned above. To make it all fair, and the struggle was waged with an equal opponent.

Fast start.

The response time to the newsletter is about the same as that of contextual advertising, but still a bit more. This is due to the fact that the user sees an advertisement when he searches for the same product, which is also referred to in the advertisement.

In the case of sending by e-mail, the person is not looking for the product referred to in it, and therefore does not necessarily respond immediately. But in general, information about him is interesting to him.

Yes, and the letter in the box can lie for some time. But if you compare it with search promotion (or just SEO), then the response time of the e-mail is much less.

High conversion.

But it is lower than the contextual advertising. The first paragraph refers to the same reason.

There is an after-effect, which is completely absent in contextual advertising. After all, users often do not send emails to the basket, but save them to return to them later. But this effect is much lower than the search engine (SEO) promotion.

The lowest cost to attract one “hot” customer.

No cost per click to you, which reaches $ 22-25. No cost to you for content and other wisdom promotion.

Even if you use special services for newsletter, then the costs will be about $0.1 per 1000 letters.

Increased loyalty of the target audience with properly organized email marketing.

Of these advantages, it is clear that email marketing occupies an intermediate position between SEO and contextual advertising.

If we talk about the time needed to send e-mail and start working on the conversion. The Email Newsletter inferior to contextual advertising. But much superior search engine promotion.

But the newsletter has the lowest cost of attracting a hot client and has the effect of the after-action, albeit small.

In short, email marketing for an online store or other similar resource ideally complements contextual advertising and SEO. And this may well be tens and hundreds of thousands of additional profits. But without a fly in the ointment.

Disadvantages of email marketing

We already told about trifles. In one question, sending online is a little worse than contextual advertising, but better than SEO promotion. In the other — the opposite.

effectiveness email newsletter
Improve your business with email newsletter

But a significant drawback, in fact, is one. This is a significantly smaller audience than the other two of his colleagues. Thousands and even tens of thousands of addresses in the database of subscribers for email newsletter is much less than the number of people who are looking for the same product through SEO and contextual advertising.

Components of effective email marketing

Effective newsletter is:

  • Large subscriber base.

Agree, the base of 10,000 people at a conversion of 5% is better than an audience of 1,000 people with a fantastic and unattainable 30% conversion.

  • Properly organized mailing.

This includes the selection of the optimal time for email newsletter to open letters as quickly as possible, the development of technologies for passing spam filters, and the optimal frequency of sending emails.

  • Qualitative content of the letter.

It should interest the addressee and at least encourage him to click on the link to go to the landing page of the site or call (it all depends on the goal email newsletter.

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