End-to-End Analytics. How many advertising channels are you currently using? 1-3-5-10? But, I’m sure I want more. I want more customers.

Naturally, not ordinary customers. And who will come and almost immediately give the money to your experts. Not work, but a fairy tale.

Only one problem, we do not know what channel of advertising will bring such customers. And we do not know what channel brings the customers “not those”. To help us determine End-to-End Analytics.


How does an ordinary average company measure the effectiveness of advertising? Depending on whether it is offline or online. There are 2 scenarios.

On the example of our Meghan, we consider them separately for retail and for services.

Retail store. Quite by chance, in the magazine Meghan came across an article that described the latest trends in the fashion world.

This article was sponsored by the clothing store “Chanel New York Madison Avenue”. Because Meghan liked one image. She called the store and asked if there was any size.

A few days later she ran into it and made a purchase. Measurement of Return on marketing investment (ROMI) was carried out quite simply. One single question was asked – “How did you find out about us?”.

The answer was – “I heard somewhere on the radio”. Which means she came from the radio. Only this is not the case.


In his apartment Meghan must install air conditioning. She finds in the natural issue of Google (seo-marketing) a suitable company site.

However, due to the fact that the purchase is quite expensive, it closes the site and begins to look for other offers.

But! The company has a good internet marketing setup and Meghan begins to catch up with retargeting in social networks.

After a couple of days, when the heat in the apartment becomes unbearable, Meghan decides to finally make a purchase, returns to our company’s website via retargeting in the Google Display Network. And lo and behold, she buys!

And since our company has a little web analytics set up and there are UTM tags. Then the marketer refers this client to the retargeting Google Display Network. Only this is not the case.

And if with the first option, everything in terms of analytics is not easy (although at the end of the article I will give a couple of recommendations). That with the Internet is much easier.

After all, in principle, it does not matter to you how many clicks were on a particular advertising channel. It matters to you how much as a result you spent on attracting Meghan.

And to combine all these actions into one system, there are special services and the concept of “end-to-end analytics”.


So what is end-to-end analytics? End-to-end analytics is an analysis of the effectiveness of your ad using sales data.

In short, thanks to end-to-end analytics, you can see:

I hope you remember what a sales funnel is and how important it is for your business both in marketing and sales?

So, the end-to-end analytics system is the most detailed extension of your sales funnel. Which can show even by what keyword a person came to your site. And not just that he came from content marketing blog.

Thanks to such analytics, you can see where your advertising budget is “leaking”. After all, you can invest a lot of money in one channel. Receive clicks, but not receive from this effect in the form of sales.

I hope I convinced you that using analytics is just a “must have” for modern business. Especially if you use a large amount of online advertising. And especially if you invest a large amount of money (at least from $ 1000. Per month).


Again. End-to-end analytics is not just an approach; it is a ready-made service. Therefore, in the future we will talk about which end-to-end analytics service to choose and how to use them.

In this article I will show you 4 services. And, of course, there will be a small comparison between them. And before I go to the sound of services.

Briefly talk about how to “do” or install end-to-end analytics:

  1. On your website you install a special html-code that sends all the data to the service (we will talk about them below);
  2. In the system, you set up advertising channels that you use (contextual, media and other advertising) to attract customers;
  3. Connect your CRM-system (or use the built-in service), in which all applications fall;
  4. And wonder the results.

Installing analytics at first is almost the same as installing Google Analytics or an online consultant.

The most interesting things start at step 2 and 3. And to help you with these steps, you are guided by the service and their technical support.

unique metrics specific to your business
Power your business with world-class cross-cutting


  • simple and intuitive interface
  • real-time site monitoring
  • site statistics
  • twitter analyst
  • advertising campaign analysis
  • conversion analysis
  • analysis of search phrases
  • conversion analysis
  • spy (function to monitor the user in real time)
  • access to analytics from iPhone / Android


  • Free rate – 1 site, up to 3000 visitors per day, site statistics, search phrases, referrals. Very truncated functionality;
  • $ 9.99 / month – 10 sites, up to 30,000 visitors per day, advanced functionality without real-time monitoring and heat maps;
  • $ 14.99 / month – 10 sites, up to 30,000 visitors per day, full functionality;
  • $ 19.99 / month – 30 sites, up to 100,000 visitors per day;
  • Individual rate – up to 1 000 sites, up to 10,000,000 visitors per day;

This service is more suitable for small sites that do not need too deep analytics of the site. If you need a detailed and multifunctional analysis, it is better to use Google Analytics.

cross-cutting business analytics system
Build a truly customized data structure by adding any metric


  • detailed analysis of each user’s activity
  • unlimited number of reports and A / B experiments
  • saving information about each user, even if he uses different devices
  • conversion analysis and sales funnels
  • a cohort analysis that shows how user behavior changes over time
  • user retention analysis
  • real time monitoring
  • mobile app


  • $ 200 / month – up to 500,000 events.
  • $ 700 / month – up to 5,000,000 events.
  • $ 2,000 / month – up to 20,000,000 events.
  • Individual rate – over 20 million events.

Demo version – 14 days

Very cool service, which was created by experts in the field of web analytics and conversion optimization. The service allows you to find out the maximum amount of information about users.

KISSMetrics has features that are difficult to find in any other service. So we advise this tool to owners and web analysts of large Internet projects.

Analyze and visualize the entire customer journey
Customer Journey Analytics for Web, Mobile, Product


  • site statistics
  • log of user actions on the site with the ability to filter
  • the ability to mark site visitors to watch them later
  • the ability to communicate with site visitors using the service in real time
  • conversion analysis and sales funnels
  • setting up notifications in case of unforeseen situations on the site
  • integration with various systems in a premium account
  • mobile app


  • $ 78 / month – Up to 400,000 user actions on the site per month (the action is viewing the page, downloading the file, registering, pressing the CTA button, and so on)
  • $ 200 / month – Up to 1 250 000 user actions on the site per month.
  • $ 400 / month – Up to 2 500 000 user actions on the site per month.
  • $ 600 / month – Up to 4,000,000 user actions on the site per month.
  • $ 900 / month – Up to 7,000,000 user actions on the site per month.
  • $ 1,200 / month – Up to 10,000,000 user actions on the site per month.
    Individual rate.

Demo version – 30 days.

The main purpose of this service is to provide as much information about users as possible. Woopra collects all available data about site visitors in a convenient way.

And all the information can be filtered, sorted, and even tagged certain users in order to track their actions.

Although the service provides such standard features as site statistics, analysis of conversion and user retention.

Visit the Resources page for customer stories, reports .
Mixpanel: Product and User Behavioral Analytics for Mobile, Web ..


  • site statistics
  • user engagement analysis
  • possibility of segmentation of visitors, grouping users with similar behavior
  • real time data
  • ability to send notifications to departed users
  • conversion analysis and sales funnels
  • mobile app


  • Free – Up to 25,000 events (Event – pressing the CTA-button, downloading a file, registering, watching a video or audio, and so on)
  • Partnership – up to 200,000 events
  • $ 150 / month – up to 500,000 events
  • $ 350 / month – up to 2,000,000 events
  • $ 690 / month – up to 4,000,000 events
  • $ 1,000 / month – up to 8,000,000 events
  • $ 2,000 / month – up to 20,000,000 events
  • Individual rate – over 50 million events.

There is a demo version

The service provides very detailed information on indicators such as the level of engagement and retention. And the possibilities of grouping and data segmentation allow a better understanding of the user.

According to the creators of the service, Mixpanel can answer any question about the data on the site.

And for FREE?

To save your time, I will tell one truth:

“If you save money on marketing, then pay time.”

That is why if you do not want to pay for the service. But you still want to be aware of advertising and monitor analytics, these 2 options will help you:

Excel. It will need to adjust not only your economic indicators. But still make it so that they are considered.

And this is uploading data from CRM (manually). Load all utm-tags and so on. After all introductions, you will avoid monthly payments.

However, before that invest a huge amount of time. And the most important disadvantage is that it will not be possible to watch the data in the “online” mode.

Web Analytics Google Analytics. Analytics systems from the Google search engine. Absolutely free. But the main problem is that it will be almost impossible to set up complete end-to-end analytics there.

Therefore, we use this tool. To see the general situation and other indicators that skosnaya analytics does not show.

Helpful For those who do not need end-to-end analytics now, read and implement our article “Web analytics. The irreplaceable assistant in business ”.


The most difficult thing is to evaluate the effectiveness of offline advertising. Especially in our time, when a client meets our company offline, and buys through the Internet.

That is why I recommend you to use several methods. To understand from which channel / mode of advertising the client came (if he still bought offline).

Promotional codes. If you are placing offline advertising, I recommend that you write your own code in each advertising channel. It will look like this – “Name the code word“ ____ ”and get a 10% discount.”

For each advertising channel its own code word. With the correct work of sellers (after all, some should learn about the code word) you can roughly evaluate the effectiveness of advertising.

Phone numbers. If you have analytics and call tracking for the site. That is cool. But if you are also using offline offline promotion, then you are a super person.

You treat 0.0001% of entrepreneurs who know everything about their company and think of the analyst as their wife (often, yes!).

Briefly, it looks like this. You are planning to launch 5 billboards and want to find out which of them will call the most.

To do this, you buy 5 numbers, each of which is assigned to a specific billboard and you write them on advertising media. Calls from these numbers are redirected to your main number.

And in a month you know which banner had the most calls, you can watch these calls and even listen to them.

These are not all ways to assess the effectiveness of advertising. But definitely not soon we will be able with surgical precision to consider the effectiveness of offline advertising.


Here I have to write that a thorough analytics theme is good, that it is desirable to use it whenever possible. Or on the contrary, to convince you that with this you need to wait or refuse at all.

But now the output will be slightly different. I like to break the templates (even if the editor of our blog swears).

If you have a website. If you sell or attract customers via the Internet, the introduction of end-to-end analytics is MANDATORY.

No “possible”. No sweat. Need to take and implement. And the point. Even with not the most accurate setting, the look at your advertising will change dramatically.

We are setting up this functionality for all our clients when spending more than $ 1000 on Internet advertising. And we have a lot of stories about how, after the implementation, we saved 30% of the budget due to the redistribution and switching off of non-working advertising channels. Not bad, huh?

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