Example to Follow: How to change your life for better

Role models are people who have already achieved some success or are on their way to achieving it. Watching them, borrowing the qualities necessary for you, constantly working on yourself, you can significantly change your own life towards improvement

Nobody in the childhood did not like the phrase, “Look what you look like!”. When you fell in the dirt, show the boy in clean socks, nothing but hatred for him do not.

But as you grow up, it becomes clear: you need to have an example to follow. Still, people who have collected the cones in your path, learn to get around them.

Who becomes an example to follow

Examples to follow throughout life are different people.

  • The first example for children is their parents. Kids develop: they copy parental movements, words, facial expressions.
  • Teenagers learn to rebel, so at their age idols are often anti-heroes.
  • In adults, priorities change. Although everyone has their own ideas about a good life, I want to imitate successful and accomplished people.

Because role models know a common secret: how to do anything, but more effective than others.

Role models are not as close as mentors. But this person that I want to emulate. They are more often watched from the side. These are people from another country, culture or era.

Many people study their habits and examine character traits. Idols are found in different spheres of life:

  1. Professional (sometimes called mentors);
  2. Spiritual (sometimes they are called mentors);
  3. Every day.

The good news is that there can be as many examples as you want. But to succeed, admiration is not enough. We should also work.

6 effective techniques for follow

Imitation and Education
Programming by Example as an Imitation

It’s nice to know that a role model is not an unattainable idol, but a mortal man. And you can get closer to the idol in small steps. Here are some exercises from famous coaches and writers.

Psychology of the winner. Actor and motivational coach Tony Robbins talks about the technique of copying success in the book “the Book about power over yourself”: Mentally imagine your idol. It can be a neighbor or a person with a world name.

Close your eyes and mentally ask them a question. It’s your dream, so to talk with the idol need so that you have long been familiar. Think about what he can answer you, and write it down on paper.

Answers idol will help you choose the direction of movement.

Outcome 1. Talking with Rockefeller will not make you a dollar millionaire.

but will help to become a successful businessman. Talking to dead people. Personal development coach Erik Bertrand Larssen’s book, “Now!”shares the personal idea of the exercise:

When I realize that I am wrong, I sit in a chair and imagine the people with whom I want to consult. I talk to them and then write down the conversations on paper.

You can ask imaginary interlocutor’s anything. How they succeeded and what they would have done differently. This allows you to remember the main thing and not be afraid of the future.

Outcome 2. Detached dialogue helps to look at your life from the outside.

Superpowers. Motivational speaker Brian Tracy in the book “21 the secret of success of millionaires” tells: people are amazed by self-discipline of millionaires.

In fact, these are just habits that give them superpowers.
Do the exercise: identify the area of life where lack of discipline does the most damage. One decision can make a big difference in your life.

Outcome 3. Feel like a Superman. The world is full of feats.

Strange habit. Blogger Larry Parfentieva in his book “100 ways to change,” says the observations of: successful people have habits that are contrary to the “useful skills”.

However, they are useful. You have to allow yourself to be sad, to make mistakes, to be unsure of yourself. Psychologists recommend to always follow through. Sometimes this rule is worth breaking. Otherwise, it is impossible to focus on the right things for you. And sometimes you should just say “whatever” and rush forward.

Outcome 4. Even the most pleasant boring.

That’s how we work. Learn not to imitate, but to copy. Another tip Tony Robbins: Learn to copy the physiology of successful people: the pace of breathing, intonation, gait, gestures.

Then you can not just experience with the person. Which you admire, but also to think as another thinks.

Outcome 5. Imitation is the same skill as any other.

Other people’s goals are not your life. Motivational speaker Nick Vujicic In his autobiography “Life without borders” shares: Not every successful person should make his idol.

You can not compromise your own principles, no matter how bright the cherished goal shines. Think about what your children and grandchildren will say about you.

Outcome 6. Every dream has its own unique way.

Sometimes peace of mind is more precious than a thousand achievements. Why do they Sometimes look at the idol of millions and wonder: what in this man is so attractive?

Small height, nondescript appearance or quiet voice – role models sometimes have unpreventable appearance. Their charisma captivates, delights willpower, and leads faith in their own strength.

What else are we attracted to in a role model?

They do not fit into the General framework. Remember the situation when the thing in the store does not fit anyone: the sleeves are short, the cutout is not in place. Clothes are sewn on standard people, but most simply do not fit the average parameters.

The norm is a fiction. Idols live by the principle”it is necessary to adjust not the person under system, and system under the person”. They are proud of their dissimilarity.

People like to read about the brave and courageous. In his youth, we read out to the holes of a book about travelers. Today we read about brave women.

The body positive movement began in 1996. Why is it so popular?

Because for the first time an example to follow were not glossy beauty, and ordinary women. They were able to overcome their shortcomings and become an example to follow.

Now thousands of people with far from ideal appearance will be able to feel confident. “A person is beautiful as he is” – the motto of the body positive movement is applicable to any sphere of life. They tell their story of failure.

Scientist Thomas Edison failed 10,000 experiments that failed. And only after this invented the bulb incandescent bulbs.

Writer JK Rowling has published letters of rejection from publishers. She showed that failure makes free, because the greatest fears have already come true.

The history of the collapse are more popular today than the stories about the victories. “Genius is 99% sweat and 1% talent” — Thomas Edison’s statement inspires people today.

Your personal success is your own business. No person in the world will tell you how to reach the top.

You know why? Success must be discovered in yourself. Set a goal and go to it. And to equal in a way costs on the one who has already achieved this goal.

“Learn from everyone, do not imitate anyone.”

The constant admiration for the role model gives only the illusion of success. Close people love us just like that.

In the comfort zone from time to time is to return. The world does not need to be conquered, it just needs to be made better.

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