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One thing that I am huge on is simplification and systemization. There is no single best way to build, grow and scale your business.

Here’s why…

Many moons ago, (we were talking 18 years ago) I used to consult at the corporate level and had some very high-profile clients.

We’re talking Fortune 500 companies that are household names.

One company (whom I won’t name), had a HUGE building in Boston, and I went in to evaluate their network for a project…

Without going all nerdy, their networks kept failing, and their systems were down all the time…

This was a multi-billion dollar company… Downtime was death!

They kept covering up these outages but it became unbearable, and it was a situation that could not continue.

I met with their IT team, and it turned out what should have been a pretty simple network turned out to be a HUGE mess.

Over the years they had taken what was simple but had a few issues and kept bolting on more and more “IDEAS,” “Systems,” and “Widgets.”

The problem was all these “FIXES” were more like “Patches”…

They never fixed the foundation of what was wrong. They just tried to cover it up…

All the while, the crumbling foundation everything was built on continued to fail…

So many so-called experts had come in and convinced them that the needed this latest whizz-bang system. The problem was that they didn’t understand what was actually needed or what else was already there.

I was astonished it had worked at all, it was a minor miracle.

It took months to un-kludge what was all messed up and simplify and systemize everything back to a streamlined process.

More importantly, we had to address to CORE issue…

The foundation everything was built on. Once that was fixed, strengthened they could rely on that foundation with confidence.

This is something I do with my clients all the time with their businesses. The more complexities you add to your sales process the potential points of failure you introduce.

Further, it doesn’t matter how many super-cool thing-a-ma-bobs you have in your business (online or offline)…

If your foundation is weak and crumbling, everything WILL eventually collapse.

Think about it for a minute…

If you built a skyscraper and you knew that there were a ton of deep cracks in the concrete in that foundation, would you go inside that building?

  • Would you have confidence that it has a long-future?
  • So, what can you do about this?

It comes down to 3 things:


This is a hard one. Many entrepreneurs get emotionally attached to their projects, businesses, and enterprises. They are their wee babies.

If you have parts of your business that are not producing results, no matter how much you work at it, it may well be time to eliminate that part.

Consider how much time, money and other resources have been pushed into that aspect. Is it time to move on and focus that effort into other parts that ARE working and can produce more significant results?


In many businesses, the most significant point of failure or limiter to the business is the business owner.

What do I mean by this?

Many entrepreneurs are trying to do everything and wear every hat in their business. Take yourself OUT of the business wherever possible. If your company cannot run without you, you have a problem.

You need to systematize and automate as many parts as possible. This also means – delegating tasks to other people.

Role Reverse:

This is something many people don’t consider, but it is essential.

Imagine you are walking in the front door of a gigantic mall. Some people walk in and know exactly what they want, where it is, get it and they are done.

Many others may have an approximate idea of what they want and need a little guidance or consult the mall map…

Other’s still are there to hang out, relax, browse and window-shop and have the mall experience.

So, reverse the role of a business owner to the customer. Think of your business as a mall…

Maybe you offer different products, services.

Try and use your own business as those 3 different types of customer. The focused, the uncertain and the “browser”. Does your “FLOW” work for all three different types of customer?

If not, those are HUGE potential cracks in your foundation…

So, there you go, a few things to think about as we head into the weekend.

These are considerations I use on my businesses and my clients as well. Streamlining can be a tricky task. However, when done, it can yield massive results.

All the best,

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