What is Gamification and How Can It Help My Business?

Camification in business. Recently, I am more and more offered to play something on the Internet. And it’s okay if these are small online games.


But when Google started sending me all sorts of tasks. To fulfill which I have to scour the city, I realized: Gamification came everywhere.

So it’s time to learn how to use it to attract customers, manage personnel, adapt employees, create loyalty programs, conduct surveys.

In general, everywhere. Needless to increase sales. So let’s then figure out how to do it. Of course, I will try to give examples and all sorts of tools.


Gamification is the introduction and application of various approaches from games (and therefore gamification) in everyday life. In our case in business.

That is, the use of game approaches and process to engage people and solve various problems. These game processes are primarily aimed at human emotions, involvement and motivation.

And do not confuse the classic concept of the game with the business game. This does not mean that you need to start playing tanchiki in your company.

This means that you need based on the goal. In your process, implement a game form that will ease the way to point B. This is gamification in marketing.

To do this, you can take any popular game – GTA, Battlefield, Need For Speed, and decompose it into details. And these details impose on your organization.

It sounds tricky, but further on the examples everything will become very clear.

Newfangled attack

It is that newfangled. After all, the history of this word is not so rich. It was itself invented by the founding father of gamification, Gabe Zikherman.

To my great pleasure, by profession he is also a business consultant from Canada. In the recent 2010, in the book “Marketing, based on games,” and then again in the book “Gamification with design tools” in 2011.

This is all well and good, but how to apply it in the realities of life? Very simple! Here are examples of how you can use the elements of gamification in everyday life.

Example 1

Do you like to run? To be honest, I hate cardio and everything related to it. I only do it because I can keep my body in shape.

And of course, I always find dozens. No, there are even hundreds of reasons to transfer this hated occupation to … sometime later. That is, never.

As it turned out, there are quite a lot of people like me. And to make us run. More precisely, we want to run themselves, manufacturers of fitness bracelets.

These are bracelets which are put on a hand and read all your activity during the day. And manufacturers of applications for sports / weight loss.

Invented and implemented the following gamification: for achieving certain indicators you get badges. Underline your status. For example, “Passed 10 000 steps per day.”

Gamification is a business tool
business gamification is an example of implementation

You can boast of this status in social networks at any time. And also attract your friends and arrange competitions between each other.

That is, it is something like a hero pumping. When you take the hero in the base set and with the help of assignments. Develop it and get a higher level.

Using these same elements of gamification in real life, manufacturers of fitness bracelets and applications pump us. Accustoming to physical loads in an accessible, interesting and game form.

Example 2

The second example is a great application specially designed for the sphere of bars, cafes and restaurants.

Paying the bill at the institution, the client receives on his balance, tied to his phone number. A certain amount of bonus points.

The application also sets ranks and thresholds, upon reaching which the player reaches certain privileged conditions. Participation in private tastings and special offers.

Example 3

This, though a small involvement, but still also gamification only in advertising. TNT channel ad. Remember the article “Viral Marketing”?

So this commercial is the standard of a viral commercial, in which random people took part, which added a little wit to the implementation.

By the way, this famous meme,

What is Gamification
gamification in business meme

just from this commercial.

Example 4

In attracting customers, you can also use this approach. For example, on your site you are doing a survey. Where for each correct answer, the client receives a certain amount in the form of discounts on your product.

Discount and survey can be replaced by anything.

We once hung with the whole office on one site and for the sake of a 10% discount on our corporate website. And the reason is the inability to retreat.

We said to ourselves “Once we decided to answer all the riddles, then we will answer all!”. And let it take us an hour of time and a lot of brain activity.

By the way, in our email funnel, we also implemented gamification through polls. At some stages of the client, responding to a survey. As a result, sees a different outcome of events. And based on this receives gifts.

And we, in turn, understood who he was and gave him the right offer.

Example 5

Greed is the feeling that everyone has, regardless of your income. Therefore, companies periodically play on this emotion and offer you to participate in competitions. Where you can get the product even for free.

For example, the company Reebok offers a discount equal to the number of Burpe-sports exercise. Which you do in the allotted time.

And one of our clients offers to play a one-armed bandit gaming machine at the exit. Where when you receive one of the combinations, you get a gift.

Example 6

In services, the use of this approach also takes place. For example, we bought a robot from our client in the children’s field. Which child receives for a stable attendance of classes.

But he does not receive it all at once, but in parts. Where for half a year he collects this transformer in full armor and with weapons. But this does not end there. Since their whole collection.

Example 7

In our company, we love to organize contests for staff to quickly raise sales. What we recommend to do to all companies polls and on an ongoing basis.

Case from our company. Once we marked the indicators, created a tournament board and started the competition.

The fight was frantic, as among the prizes were Iphone, PlayStation 4 and rest in Miami. And what do you think? We doubled sales during this time. They themselves were shocked.

How Using Gamification in Business
business gamification in shock


If we conclude, gamification is a technique. Thanks to which we are its creators. We can change the behavior of people to achieve our goal. And we do this for 5 main areas:

  • Advancement;
  • Improving the efficiency of working staff;
  • Behavior changes;
  • Increase loyalty;
  • Training (for example, your new employees).

However, do not think that if you have implemented business points, badges and leaderboars into your business.

He just became super gamified and people began to get involved in your business like crazy. Fiddling just bloody battles for achieving the levels you have invented.

In fact, gamification in business can do without badges and levels. It’s just a very tangible addition that people like emotionally.

The main thing that should be is a well-thought-out concept of gamification, which in turn is based on the basic principles:

Change in human behavior

As I wrote earlier. Gamification is the creation of conditions for changing people’s behavior. And the behavior of people changes based on 3 main elements:


This is exactly what encourages your buyers / consumers to participate in your game. Simply put, a prize. One of my favorite examples in employee adaptation.

– In the shortest time of adaptation, an employee receives additional benefits for his Profesor degree. For example, an increased number of incoming warm leads.


It should be in any person. And not just the chosen or the prepared. Moreover, it should be clear and accessible, so that a person does not doubt. And I did not think, did not weigh the chances, but immediately proceeded to action.


That is, we have ignited the desire of a person to take part in your game. They gave him the opportunity to easily enter. To do this, they said where to click and had a short training.

This section can be called – call to action. Without which the game will remain just a game.

Game mechanics

The process of the game is something that many people mistakenly think of as gamification itself. Although it is more bricks from which it is built. These bricks are called PBL (points, rewards, ratings).

Here we think over from what level to which members of your system go. What they are called, what problems they may have in the way of achievement.

And most importantly, what prizes they will receive for it. Which should not always be something free, because not everyone aspires to it.

For example, in the elite loyalty program for Starbucks customers, the most top-priority privilege is not at all free coffee or donut.

And the opportunity to go to a coffee shop, walk past the queue and buy your favorite coffee drink without any expectations.

Isn’t such status and service worth any money? It is precisely to such a rank that the members of this loyalty program seek, paying a lot of money for participating in it.

Simple rules for participation

We do everything necessary to ensure that the person who decides to take part in your game is an easy entry.

Quickly read the conditions – began to use. If you want to take information about him, then do it too in the form of a game.

And then it happens that to get into the game, you need to go through 1000 circles of hell, for which all desire has already disappeared to do something.

The gradual emergence of new rules

If you throw out all the rules on the participant, he will be frightened and refuse to participate in your game. That’s exactly what they do in all computer games.

First, they give the basics of the basics so that the player can get comfortable, and then supplement as you progress through the game with various tips. Showing thereby that the player develops and goes in the right direction.

Presence of competition

The participant should have the opportunity to invite their friends to the game. And it is desirable to make it easy. For example, using a social network.

Thereby, we increase engagement at the expense of competitive spirit and the desire to wipe the nose of a friend.

For example, the company Rebook, in its game The CrossFit Games, hit foreheads hundreds of thousands of athletes from around the world.

Where they first compete online, and then the best compete for first place live.

And here is the last page of the participants among men. Pay attention to their number.

What is Gamification
gamification in business rebook results board

The possibility of achieving victory

The player must not only see that victory is possible. But the fact that he can do it. However, to create an illusion will not work.

If a player is located, let’s assume on the 5 thousandth line of the rating and for quite a long time does not move along it. Then his desire to participate in your system will disappear.

Gradual complication of tasks

If you immediately put a difficult task to the participant, then the likelihood is extremely high. That he refuses to perform it and will cease to participate completely.

That is why it is recommended to break complex tasks into subtasks. Each time rewarding for completing a smaller task. And motivating the transition to a subsequent decision.

In addition, to ensure easy entry of your player. Arrange him first light tasks. And then, as the player gets sucked into the game.

Provide him with more complex tasks. Because of this, the player has a sense of self-development as part of your game.

Voluntary participation

It’s all very simple. Yes, you can take money for participation in your system. At least, because it took time and money to develop and implement gamification. But the entrance should be simple and free, at least for a limited time.

Return of the departed

The main rule of marketing is that it is cheaper to return a departed customer than to attract a new one.

That is why when developing any gamification for business management it is important to provide for this item.

The simplest is a reward for daily visits to the application / site or automatically configured email marketing system, with a call to the user to return to the “game”.


End-to-end analytics and data analysis is our everything.

Collect all data:

And based on the data, invent new tasks and new systems of motivation. For this, you can use the classic Google tools.


If you are not a huge corporation with a multi-billion dollar budget. I recommend to start small.

Make small game processes. In which the client / employee can get involved for a short period of time. And get the coveted prize.

Well, when you become a big company, with a lot of marketers and staff. That can go to complex processes.

Development of which takes months, and the budget is in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

In general, everything about gamification. Need to use. Small portions. Otherwise, on the general background of fashionable movement, you may lose a lot of time. On those actions that do not bring you money. In the amount that you invest.

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