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Goal Diary – What will you achieve?

Why many smart, strong-willed and purposeful people do not achieve their goals?

There are reasons for this

Some initially put before itself the big purposes and, not withstanding the long “thorny” way with all the difficulties, give up the purpose.

While others simply forget about them, because the everyday routine forces you to focus on other things.

If you don’t achieve your goals for the same reasons, then I suggest you fix it and start keeping a diary of goals.

What is a diary of goals?

Never need to keep your goals in mind. Say that written goals was magical. If you ask people who did not achieve goals, in most cases it turns out that the goal was not recorded. If you write them in your diary, success will be guaranteed.

Goal diary is a very powerful tool for achieving any goals.

Just do not think that this diary is the Holy Grail, which will fulfill all your desires, and you will only look at it for 10 minutes in the morning and evening. This, of course, will not happen. Its purpose is to focus you and motivate to action!

How to make a diary of goals?

Before you work with it, you need to have it! In no case do not need to do an electronic diary on the computer. Sense from it will not necessarily have to be paper, so you would always be able to watch it.

Go to the stationery store and buy a diary you like. It must be beautiful to make you happy when you take it in your hands. Then it should be noted that this is a diary of your goals, not a simple diary. Take it on the front side and paste the inscription ” Diary of goals.”

Let’s divide it into 3 parts. In the first you will record your short – term goals (up to 3 months), in the second – medium-term (up to 1 year), in the third-long-term (from a year or more).

And then, of course, write down all your goals. To enhance the effect of working with it for each purpose, select the picture and paste it. I think you won’t forget to set your goals right.

3 rules of working with the diary

Very carefully treat the work with the diary, otherwise you will not get the desired effect!

my journal daily
your own journal entries

1.Look through it 2 times a day.

Morning and evening are the best periods for self – programming. Looking through your goals in the evening before going to bed, you will project them into the subconscious, which will actively process the information received and look for ways to solve them.

In the morning you will Wake up with a bunch of new ideas to realize their goals. And studying them, you will tune yourself to active mental and physical activity throughout the day.

2. Watch it every day.

Daily work with the diary of goals suggests that your desire to achieve them will be enhanced and rooted in the subconscious. As in you Wake up a deep-rooted belief in their achievement.

3. View target priority

First of all, look at the short-term goals that you have to work on every day, and then the medium and long-term. As a rule the latter are broken down into smaller!


When I got acquainted with this way of concentration is not the purpose, I first thought it was complete nonsense. And only when I saw my results, I realized that this method works. Now this diary is my good friend and assistant in achieving a variety of goals that I set for myself.

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