how to create a landing page

How do I create a landing page?

Instructions on how to make a landing yourself. language page, single page, selling website, landing page. So many names, even the most perverted of the same.


The point is that almost whatever You do, you need such a site. Well, if you need, then let’s solve the problem with its creation.

Do the landing yourself? After this article – no question! And the right, meaningful, beating right on target. What is called, will be able to make your cherished selling landing.


And just in case again. Landing page is a special marketing tool that is created for only one purpose, so that a potential buyer makes the necessary action on it.

If you are interested to read what all the same landing page is better than a standard large (corporate) site.

Then in this article you can study this issue in more detail — “the Difference between the landing page from the multipage site.”

It is usually said that one-page sites are created to sell or get a person’s contacts online, but in fact there lies a much wider range of tasks:

Important! Before creating you need to clearly define the purpose of Your landing. And remember-the goal should be one.

That is, you do not need to try and sell the goods on one site, and attract dealers. This is a different problem, and that means a different landing page.

Let it reduce the coverage of potential people, but increase the efficiency of the page, which will justify everything in financial terms.


In this step, you need to determine which of the two solutions you choose.

How to Create a Landing Page?
How to Create a Landing Page? | Step-By-Step Tutorials‎

And they will be selected on The basis of your money and time resources. Consider each of them with pros and cons.


If you take a good constructor landing page, you can do everything yourself, spending it literally 1-2 hours. And paying a maximum of $50 once. Plus get a lot of lessons on settings and useful bonuses for business.


  • Cheaply. Pay once from $25 to $50 (depending on what you choose. And you are the lucky owner of a one-page website;
  • Just. You do not need to think about layout, adaptation for mobile devices, connection of SMS notifications about new applications for Your phone. All this is already there and made for Your convenience;
  • Briskly. To make and you can customize really everything quickly. Moreover, to make changes is also not difficult;
  • Technical support. Have a question? You will answer it as quickly and in detail. Huge plus;
  • Made landing page for 1-2 hours and earn money using landing page on the constructor.


  • Knowledge. You need to know what blocks to use, their sequence and so on. Decided to peek at competitors? Great! Only how do you know that the competitors have an effective landing page and shows good performance?
  • Design. If you work with the constructor for the first time, the design of the landing page at the end of the work “no tears will not look.” Even if this is not the first option. Cool design, such that ” Wow!”, not wait.
  • Limitation. The number of ready-made blocks is limited, as well as their functionality. Design solutions are also not presented in the widest range.

Personally I can advise good designers landing page where all these cons there is no.

Here are three constructor with prices to choose from:

1. Profit Canvas – $47.00
2. ProfitBuilder – $47.00
3. Instant Video Pages – $27.00

And all this is not on the rights of advertising, I just really like them. The perfect combination in my opinion price/quality / functionality.


Let’s get right on the case and from experience. It is IMPOSSIBLE to find a freelancer who alone will create a selling landing page from scratch and “turnkey”.

Well, the truth. It is possible to find individual specialists:

  • designer who will create the design of the future site;
  • the programmer who makes it up.

But the monster that will be able to make a QUALITY site from and to, does not exist.

By all work, I mean more people like:

  • Internet marketer;
  • copywriter;
  • project manager;

It is simply impossible to be good in everything, physically, at least.

Therefore, the ideal scheme of work with a freelancer is when you analyze everything yourself, collect, prepare. A designer and coder found on the freelance exchange, just implement it, and without Amateur.


  • Time. Both plus and minus;
  • The benefit is that You take off the main part of the hassle of implementing the appearance and technical component;
  • Quality. Main plus;
  • One hundred percent they will do better than you do it with your own hands from scratch; at least because they have the experience and knowledge that you Have in their field, let’s be honest, almost none.


  • Responsibility. If the site will not work, then no one except You is not to blame. Since You are the one who manages them and says how to;
  • Search. You need special knowledge where to look for them, how to put them in the job and… you also need to fill out the brief, show TK and more;
  • Time and nerves. Time to find a freelancer, time to create tasks; Time to make a prototype landing, time to control;
  • Spend a lot of time and nerves;
  • The majority of freelancers-slobs (sorry, but true), so the delays, periodic loss from radar contacts will. And this is the minimum that you can expect when you want to make a landing page inexpensive;
  • Money. You will have to fork out, as a good specialist without “connections” is worth a lot;
  • Design of medium quality will be released in the area of 100-150 dollars;
  • Layout is also in the area of this amount. Again, it all depends on the complexity of the project and the performers themselves;
  • Deceivers. The work is built as follows: 50 to 50. Prepayment and then the remaining payment after the completion of the project. I do not want to offend anyone, but among the freelancers a lot of people who… do not undertake the project after receiving payment. Simply put, are lost.

Life hack.

If you decide to work with a freelancer, I recommend the following payment scheme: 50 percent prepayment spend as a secure transaction (almost all exchanges have).

And the rest of the amount is transferred directly to the freelancer. Overpay 15%, but protect yourself. By the way, if a freelancer is going to deceive you, then he will dissuade you from a safe transaction. This will be your signal.


The most boring (but most necessary) block in this article.

No matter which way You go. You will make an effective landing page with your own hands or give it to a specialized Agency.

In any case You need to know 3 things:

  1. Your target audience,
  2. Hunt’s Ladder,
  3. The insides of your company.

The only difference is that if you do the landing page alone, you will have to paint and think through everything yourself.

The Agency will give you to fill out a detailed brief, thanks to which the target audience and other things they do themselves.

Target audience

About the definition of the target audience, or even deeper definition of the client’s avatar, we have already written.

This study will give an understanding of who Your potential customer is, what fears, objections, desires associated with Your product/service he has.

What you need to press in the future landing, what words to use, what images to insert.

Hunt’s Ladder

But what will give the knowledge ladder Hunt? As well as the avatar of the client, it will give the very structure of the future landing page.

I’ll give you a quick rundown on hunt’s ladder. But already in the application to a one-page site, because very often business owners do not understand at what stage of awareness is their potential client.

If it is very short.

Until the decision to purchase. A person goes through 5 steps / levels / stages of awareness:

  1. “Indifference.” There is no problem.
  2. “Awareness.” There is a problem, but there is no solution.
  3. “Comparison.” Options for solving the problem are compared with each other.
  4. “Choice.” The solution is selected. Looking for products.
  5. “Purchase.” The choice among suppliers of the product.

How can this complexity help you when creating a landing page? Let’s look at each step and how to proceed:

The Stage Of “Indifference”

You need to first create a problem in a person’s head. To show that if he does not/will not buy, then everything will be bad.

The Stage Of “Awareness”

You need to show in the first screens that there are different solutions to his problem.

The Phase “Comparison”

You need to convey that Your decision is better than others, and for this you can make a comparison table, a proposal for a product review, research results, personal advice on selection and so on.

The Stage Of “Choice”

You need to show what offer is right for him, or rather in what form / configuration. To do this, we reveal more benefits of our products.

Stage ” Purchase”

You need to show, first of all, the benefits of working with Your company, and only then talk about the product and that it is the best.

Like You don’t need it, but… For example, if a person chooses between buying an apartment and the construction of your home, the home landing page of the unit should be explaining what the apartment house is better.


How Will your website look like in your head you can imagine. And good, or even perfect, if You have a corporate identity or brand book.

What about the benefits of Your product or the company as a whole? And a few dozen questions that You need to answer before proceeding to the creation of the prototype and the site.

Because the right questions form the right answers that you take and pack into your website. This stage will help you take all the most valuable things in Your company and show it to the person.

For you to get the gist, here’s an example of 10 questions that will help you better / deeper understand your company and your product.

And submit it “under a wonderful sauce”:

  1. Formulate 3-5 ” reasons why it is objectively more profitable to buy from You, not from competitors”;
  2. What features of production are in Your company?;
  3. Do you conduct internal staff training?;
  4. Compare the product with analogues;
  5. Specify the advantages and disadvantages;
  6. Who is the person or persons of the company?;
  7. What bonuses Are you ready to give customers when buying for large sums?;
  8. Describe in detail the stages of work with the client from the first request to the execution of works;
  9. Tell us about the financial conditions (prepayment, installment, postponement of the first payments, product loans, discounts, product for sale, purchase of illiquid and so on);
  10. What about the company or from the company there are publications? (comments, interview, jury, shows, editorials, articles).


Finally we have reached the most interesting things. Now we will create Your future website. Rather, as long as the self-make a prototype, but it is at least more interesting than just a schedule of the target audience.

Step 1. The structure of the prototype

A prototype is a structure and sequence of blocks of future landing, which you can easily build from the selection criteria and objections of Your target audience.

This is best done in the following way: take a sheet of paper and put the sequence of blocks/meanings.

It looks something like this:

  • Cap;
  • The benefits of the company;
  • Catalogue;
  • Own production;
  • Warehouse;
  • Team;
  • And so on.

This we prescribe blocks, but also should not forget about the two classic structures on which to build any promotional material.

And landing page is no exception:

  1. AIDA (goods/services);
  2. PmPHSA (infobusiness). It stands for Pain, more Pain, Hope, Solution;
  3. Action (pain, increased pain, hope, decision, call to action).

So You do not break your head how to convey one of the selected meanings and greatly facilitated their lives in the self-creation of a prototype, to help you article “the Correct structure of the landing.”

Step 2. Specific

Further, when you have rewritten the structure several times and taken into account everything that is important to the target audience, we move on to the details. Namely to headings, subheadings, text, images.

You can do it again on a piece of paper, but we use a special program Balsamiq Mockups, which you and recommend.

This step reveals Your entire concept. And without General knowledge of copywriting here is better not to meddle.

Otherwise, Your imagination will end on the hackneyed phrases in the style of:

  • ”Why 95 percent of customers choose us“,
  • ”How we work“,
  • ”About us”.

To somehow pump up in this area, I recommend to read our articles:

Step 3. Calls

And only here we make calls to action. It may seem strange, but if you think about it, it’s right. Because we make a call that fits the context of the block. Not a call-up block.

Several recommendations on calls for action:

  • Make them different. Not only to buy, but also to sign up for a test drive, contact the Manager, open access to the video presentation. The more they differ from each other, the more chance to catch the client in the networks.
  • Make them simple. The simpler the step, the greater the conversion of the site, and the more chances to convince a person to become Yours forever. Therefore, we try to do not “buy” and “get an offer.” Not “sign up for a master’s call,”but” sign up for a free measurement.”
  • Think carefully about what to make calls, as they call a person to perform an action. And if they don’t match his thoughts, he’ll just walk away. Since it does not find the right offer for yourself.


The most enjoyable part of the process. Provided that you order the design from the designer. Since if you decide to do it yourself, you will be annoyed by everything you do on the designer. After all, what You want does not work, and what has already happened, you do not like.

How to Create a Landing Page that Converts
How to Make a Beautiful Landing Page That Converts

If you decide to do the design yourself. What you need to pay attention to when designing a landing page under the key:

Color spot.

  1. One screen = one primary color. No need to use several different shades and thus create a Christmas tree.
  2. Minimalism. If you have little experience in design, then Your choice is a simple and stylish page without unnecessary details. To make you happy, call it “like Apple”.
  3. Air. Between the elements should be a space that separates the meanings. Ideally, remember the rule: 1 screen = 1 meaning.
  4. Accents. You must have everything under your command. Something must catch the eye first, then look should move to the second element, and then to others.


Again, if the designer, the problems will be less. If a programmer is a freelancer, he needs a separate technical task.

In which You specify how something should behave and what the animation will be set on each item. If you’ve thought it through, of course.

Before paying and launching the site, check your page for cross-browser and mobile versions.

Also in the layout you need to determine for yourself whether you need an admin panel. After all, if Your landing is planned to constantly make changes, it is necessary to provide for this item.

But in practice, the changes are always small and therefore quite ordinary HTML-code, which is easy to understand in 5 minutes.


I wanted to give this stage a more specific name, for example, “Launch and receipt of applications”, but “Eternity” sounds more appropriate.

Once you have made the landing on their own, the fun begins:

  1. “The site doesn’t work well”;
  2. “I got over that block”;
  3. “People want to see a calculator on the website”;
  4. “The link should open in a new window.”

All this leads to constant work on the site and this is normal. And it is caused by new knowledge, practices, experience. That is why be prepared for a/b tests and changes in the length of eternity.


Here, perhaps, and all step-by-step instruction. You have learned how to make the landing itself, how to create it so that it was not just, and sold, and how much it’s all worth.

As you may have noticed, most of the success is not in design and programming, but in structure, meaning and appeals.

And it was confirmed before our eyes more than once. We saw how insanely scary landing pages gave conversion, which can only dream of in a dream. Everything is relative.

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