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7 hacks email mailing how not to get into SPAM

If you regularly conduct email newsletter, you probably already faced with the problem of deliverability of letters.

Your readers can and would love to receive promotional emails from you every day and offers to buy your new products right now. But they will never see them, because 20-30% of all your emails go to SPAM every time.

And in this article I will show you 7 simple ways to better conduct email newsletter, and how not to get into spam.

These simple ways will help you to earn more money on email newsletters without even increasing the size of your subscription base. That is, simply by increasing the active number of subscribers.

So, here are 7 techniques that we will consider:

  1. Prevent sales in advance
  2. Use the best mail service
  3. Ask people to unsubscribe
  4. Writing content writing
  5. Do NOT use these spam words
  6. The formatting of the email
  7. Insure against the “ bitch-neighbor”

And let’s look at each of these methods in order.

1. We warn about sales in advance

Do you know how this happens most often? We suggest people leave their email in exchange for some free PDF book or video course. And from that moment on, they become our subscribers.

At the same time, we act exclusively within the law. Each new subscriber must confirm his / her subscription with a special confirmation link that he / she receives in the service letter.

That is, we do not buy the base somewhere “on the side”, and then send millions of offers to buy our products to everyone. And collect database to only the interested subscribers.

But all this does not help. The fact is that people leave their email to you to send a specific free product for download.

They do not give their consent that after that you will fill up their offers to buy some products (which sometimes do not even have anything to do with the free of charge, which people originally subscribed to).

Technically, you don’t spam. And realistically-very even pursue your business.

And the postmen see it, of course. Therefore, one of the ways to reduce the number of complaints about your letters to mailers is to immediately indicate on the subscription pages that leaving your email, a person gives his consent to receive advertising and selling materials from the author of the mailing.

Look at the same topic: “tips for mailing for $10,000

But I will say in my experience that this is a very weak way. His “introduced” one famous American guru, who teaches the conduct and sales through email mailing. He himself does just that, and it brings him a great result.

But here it is necessary to understand the difference — people subscribe to it in the newsletter. To just learn how to sell through emails. And of course they are happy to tick “send me promotional materials”.

If you do not work in the niche of selling mailings, then this method may not work for you.

For example, the distribution of one of the largest info business for almost a year falls to me exclusively in the “SPAM”.

Despite the fact that six months ago they put on all their subscription pages the most cherished tick “I agree with the receipt of promotional materials.” Not help.

2. We use the best autoresponder on the Internet All in One Profits

All in One Profits is a German company that has been operating since 2012 and has a considerable set of tools, without which it will be much more difficult to work and advance on the Internet…

Oddly enough on the Internet the company is little known, although in many ways superior to its competitors, both in cost and in the delivery of letters and the possibility of earnings.

All emails sent via AIOP autoresponder are always sent to your Inbox. What You will not find practically in the same similar way the email service.

Unlimited answering machine is an Indispensable tool in any Internet business.

AIOP is the best price on the market and the most powerful functionality. AIOP is not just a service email mailing list, you PROFESSIONAL SERVICE EMAIL MARKETING.

In fact, these are business and quality tools for your business in a box at a bargain fixed price. Hence, the name All in One Profits

3. Ask people to unsubscribe

Perhaps you have seen it in the mailings that you receive daily on your mail. Some authors almost tearfully beg you to unsubscribe from their mailing lists in each letter. Each email begins and ends with a call to “click on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email”.

It would seem that why once again remind people about this opportunity? After all, with such a “call to action” will probably unsubscribe much more subscribers, extracted with sweat and blood.

And the meaning of this, in fact, is.

The fact is that most people are “illegible in means”. They can click “unsubscribe”, and can click” spam ” (that is, to send you a complaint to the mail server). In this case, the fact of unsubscribing for the complaint is not considered.

Therefore, the authors deliberately burn your mailing subscription list of those who still do will never buy, but could hurt quite a bit.

Thus, the call to “click on unsubscribe” is quite a working way to increase the deliverability and openness of your emails.

4. Writing content writing

In my opinion — this is the strongest way to make friends with mailers and settle in the Inbox of your readers.

You probably noticed that most of the letters in the mailings carry little value for readers.

The authors use the letter only as “vector references”. That is, the vast majority of emails looks like this: “Hello! I have super news – here’s the link.” Or — “Hello! We have a new product-here is the link.”

That is, there is absolutely nothing to read in the letters themselves.

The authors of mailings do this because they believe that the longer the email, the fewer people will get to the link at the end and click on it. I must say that I believe they so rightly. However, it is not the quantity that decides, but the quality.

Look at the same topic: “spam email in white”

It’s better if you get ten clicks on the link in the email, but each of these clicks will be thought out and”warmed up”. Then a hundred clicks, which eventually lead to nothing, right?

Therefore, write interesting letters with a bias in the entertainment of readers.

By the way, if you think that you need to send people a very useful, filled with valuable content of the psima, then you are wrong.

Excessive training is just as harmful as excessive selling. Subscribers should be primarily interested in reading your letters.

Then they will move them to the ” Inbox “from the” spam ” folder, even if they accidentally fly there.

5. Do NOT use these spam words

I must say that I am very skeptical about the various lists of spam words, which all-powerful mailers decide where to send Your email-in “hell”or ” Paradise”.

Such well-known spam words as” earnings”,” vacancy”,” potency”,” viagra”,” sex”,” database”,”Dating”.

Of course, without need better not use. But the postal robots in recent time, much wiser, and just to the words in the title has not oriented.

If your emails really want to be received, you can write almost anything in the headlines. And if not – you will not be able to bypass spam filters without them.

But let me give you a small list of the most common spam words in the headlines, which spam filters react like a bull on a red rag:

A list of spam words for the email newsletter (without the need not insert them into the headers)

  • Commercial: Buy, Order, Extra income, earn While you sleep, Money, no investment, Free, Database
  • Medicine: Viagra, Baldness, Potency, Excess weight
  • Winnings: Lottery, you won, Draw, you were selected, Your email won
  • Dating: Dating, Girls online, Want to meet, Sex, Dating Profile
  • Other: Casino, Rolex, Hi, Read, 100%

6. The formatting of the email

A lot of controversy is the question of the correct design of emails for mailing. Dear email agencies insist on a unique visual layout, with pictures and design, like a real web page.

Other experts say that the letter should be issued as simply as possible-that is, almost nothing (as if it is a regular email from your friend). Personally, I hold the latter opinion.

If you use mail from Google, then you probably know that in addition to the folder ” SPAM “there is a division of incoming emails into” normal “and”advertising”.

Colorful design of the email is a direct way to the” advertising ” folder. And there people look no more often than in”SPAM”.

In addition, very often email programs do not upload images to reduce the amount of traffic and protect the user.

That is, your colorful email can come in the form of a pile of “broken” pictures. It looks very ugly and incomprehensible (usually the title and some introductory content are written directly in this picture).

So I vote with both hands for plain text format. What we must try to make sure that even text formatting was at a minimum.

That is, do not abuse bold selections, italics, underscores, text selection color or fill.

Don’t be afraid that your readers will miss some important part of the message. They will definitely miss it, even with all your yellow, sorry, secretions.

Therefore, we do not send one, but several emails, where we explain the same thing several times, in different words.

But plain text is less annoying for mailers. Also, do not use sentences where:

  • Each New Word Begins With A Capital Letter,
  • Every other Letter is uppercase.

All this will be noticed, and you will get to “spam”.

And, of course, fewer links. Ideally, you should have only one or two links to a long content email.

And you know how it is — in a letter three lines and seven references (“that certainly clicked”).

7. We insure against getting into SPAM

Let’s now talk a little about the technical side of email delivery. In General, there are quite a few specialists who focus on the technical side of the issue:

Proper setup some sort of proxy,
ports of dispatch and so on.

By the way, it does not help anyone, because the letters from these specialists are stable in my “spam”.

Look at the same topic: “Where to get a base for email mailing-7 proven ways»

But we will discuss one technical nuance. Returning to the best autresponder from point # 2.

Using the Aiop service, you can be sure That your emails will always come to your subscriber only in the Inbox. Well, everything else depends on you.


In conclusion, I want to say that these methods of Email mailing from getting into spam will protect you 100%. And it will definitely help to increase the delivery of letters.

See you soon!

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