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How to bring the video to the top YouTube. “I appeal to the old and new gods. Please bring my video ____ YouTube. Help me and I will return the favor.”

This is how a prayer could sound to bring the video to the first place in such a popular service as YouTube.

Only prayers are not enough. We’ll have to use some shamanic tricks from the series “how to bring the video to the top of Youtube”, which together will give you the desired result.


Youtube is a service where people upload their videos and also search for the video material they need.

And, as you know, this service has its own system of selection and issuance of suitable videos for your requests. The whole system does not know anyone, probably even the developers

At the same time, you do not need to know everything, there are enough basic components that will help you bring, raise and promote videos TO the top of Youtube.

And in short, they look like this:

1. The title of the video matches the query;
2. Video description matches the request;
3. There is activity in the form of likes, comments and ” sharing”;
4. People watch videos.

This again, if very briefly. And if after such a long introduction you think that this article will be the next information without specifics, then you are wrong.

Next, we will consider with you specifically each item, divide it into steps, in each of which you will receive instructions on how to bring any video to the top of Youtube for further development.


To study this information better entrenched, I will show you a specific example of how we brought the video to the top of one of our customers.

Who entered the US market with his sports brand in the field of bodybuilding. But about him later, let’s all step by step. And step about the creation of the video processing goes through.

Stage 1. Keyword selection

Let’s start with the fact that we decide on what key word we will climb to the top of Olympus. A keyword is a word by which people search for the required information in a search.

What to do:

1. Form a list of requests in your head, which you will look for the most solvent and hot customers;
2. Check it for compliance with demand;
3. Check that the frequency does not exceed 10,000 impressions (you can more, but it will be more difficult);
4. Take 5-10 words”what you were looking for with the word.”

To do this, you need to write a keyword, then click on it and all the words below it will be just “what you were looking for with the word.”

In our case, we took the keyword “Wide back”.

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Stage 2. Create a header

Before you upload a video to YouTube, its file should be called the selected most important keyword. Recall, for example, we called it the “Broad back”. That’s why we call it a file.

After that, when we fill in this file, the name is automatically assigned from the file name.

In continuation of the title we:

1. Or enter all the words “what you were looking for with the word”;
2. Or the related;
3. Or just add any intriguing name that will be interesting to click.

In our case, we used the second option and added another related keyword “training on the terrain.”

Important! The title of the video on YouTube must begin with a primary keyword.

Stage 3. Do description of

In YouTube, you can add a description to the video to make it easier for people to make a decision to watch or not. Well, in General, to understand what this video is.

So besides the fact that we are there by default write links to our website, other social networks.

Then we write the description, given the following rules:

1. The text is really interesting and describes what happens in the video;
2. Not shorter than 5 sentences;
3. 2 times in the text repeats the name of the video one at a time, without declensions – ” Wide back: training on the relief”
4. 1 time repeats the name of the video with blur “ “Wide and powerful back”.

Stage 4. Make a video

The design of the video does not apply to its promotion in terms of search and queries.

The only thing that can affect even more engagement and clickability you will learn when you move to step 5.

When I talk about design, I mean things like cover art, annotations and hints.

Stage 5. Views

When the video is ready and you finally hit the publish button. Then you urgently need to make a quantum leap views in the first 24 hours.

The faster the effect and the mass, the better. At what we had experience when we gave literally 500 views and it was enough.

And happened that only after 3 000 the situation moved. But again, it depends on the frequency of the keyword to the number and quality of video competitors in YouTube.

Important! Views should be live, not wound. YouTube sees everything, so if you cheat, you not only will not get the top, your channel can block.

Stage 6. Comments

The final stage before getting the desired result. And at this point we need to leave about 20 comments with:

  • different computers,
  • different accounts
  • different IP.

But comments should not be simple, and not even gold, they should be sharpened by SEO. Namely, to include the keywords that we chose in the first stage.

At what in this case, comments are written, first of all, for the system, not for people. But if you suddenly write a comment for both the system and for people, it will be aerobatics.

Life hack.

Such comments can be ordered through various services. Or use special programs that allow you to change the IP. It’s complicated.

Stage 7. Social activity

To consolidate the results you need to show YouTube that our video is popular. And, in addition to views and comments, this can be done at the expense of social activity, namely reposts.

Than will their more, the better. But we must not forget that if the first 10 minutes will immediately 1000 reposts, it will be considered as cheating. Therefore, you need to do everything gradually.

If you do not have your own social networks, where they can help you in this activity, you can use a special service, where they will do it all for you, and gradually and safely.

Although, of course, there are always performers who do not do as they promise. In this case, ratings and reviews will help you.

Stage 8. Adjustment

Sadness can happen and the video will not get to the TOP, which is very unlikely if you do all the steps correctly.

But this may be for other reasons. For example, a complex keyword or a large competition.

At this point, it is very important not to stop and dokruchivat video views, likes, comments. And as I said, only the living.


Now we hated all the companies that are engaged in the promotion of youtube videos and take for it quite a decent amount of money (150-250 dollars per piece).

On the one hand, the actions are not difficult, but I can say that they are very routine. But have done once and, we can say, your video for centuries in the top.

If you are interested in the topic of YouTube and promotion in it, please also pay attention to our article “Advertising on YouTube: how much it costs and how to do it.”

Perhaps someone has other schemes and ways to bring the video to the top of Youtube, but personally we use this and we have it works like a Swiss watch.

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