How To Change Yourself

How to change yourself: 21 Step To Becoming A Better Person

21 Step to Transforming Yourself From Who You Are to Who You Want. Many are not satisfied. Not satisfied with the current state of Affairs.

Their life. Maybe in some ways, maybe in General. External or internal manifestation of oneself. Nature, environment, and earnings. Many things.

Unwillingness to live like this is a catalyst that gives an explosive reaction.

In mind as. Long search. Some can deal himself, someone needs help. Understanding, plan, kick ass…

Are you satisfied? I guess not. Otherwise, would not read these lines. What’s wrong? You know for sure? I have the strength to change. Perfectly. You don’t know where to start. It was predictable. Change the world?

Hardly. No way. The world is the mirror you look into. It has only one function — to reflect. Changing the object itself. That are you. Changing yourself is the right thing to do. But how to change yourself?! You need another answer.

What does it mean to change yourself?

To change yourself and become successful in any field or a happy person in General, you need to have desires, knowledge and skills.

These are the three components that underlie the development of personality. All this together gives a person a skill with which he can change himself and his life.

About desires, I think it is not worth writing. Here and so everything is clear.

Knowledge is information obtained by a person without awareness, without the ability to apply, without a deep understanding of the processes occurring in the application of this knowledge.

During his life, a person passes through a huge amount of information and only that which is really necessary records in the memory of his brain.

There is no need for me to know the names of all the presidents of the United States or what will studying the list of 40 Jews from the Bible give me?

You may know a lot, but how much do you know?

In fact, a smart person is not someone who knows a lot. And the one who can do a lot. Take note of this.

Skill is something you can apply in your daily life. Though not often.

For example, it is not necessary to change the outlet every day, but if once you have learned, you can change it at any time. And so it is possible to describe any skill.

And for a person in life it is important to acquire skills as much as possible.
Skill in knowledge, but not knowledge in skills of.

Skills differ more perfect quality of the committed actions. This is desire, knowledge and action, but at a higher level.

Consolidation of knowledge and skills to the level of skills occurs over time, provided frequent consolidation in practice.

Only practice can bring you closer to the state of the master. Self-development involves the constant acquisition of skills. And it is a mistake to think that self — development is just a large amount of knowledge in your head!

21 skills to change yourself and your life

how to change yourself step by step
How to Change Yourself Completely: 21 Steps

I have read a very large number of books on self-development on the topic of success. And thanks to practical experience has identified the most effective skills in all spheres of human life.

Their big plus is that they are universal. They are not tied to the place, to the time, to the development of society, to the level of your development or to anything else.

They are 100% working. You can be sure of that. Tested on itself.

Personal growth

1. Self-development
2. Goal setting
3. Motivation


4. Proper diet
5. Playing sport
6. Rest


7. Love of self
8. Love to family
9. Love of society


10. Thinking of a rich man
11. Financial literacy
12. Income generation


13. Communication
14. Team and system creation
15. Effective sale

Brightness of life

16. Travel and leisure
17. Video and photography
18. Extreme hobby

Spiritual growth

19. Mindfulness
20. Spiritual practice
21. Unconditional love and faith


This 21 skills-a plan of self-development, which will help you to develop faster and come to success and happiness.

Begin to gradually master the knowledge and skills in each area, constantly improve them. In the process improvements will change your life.

After a while, you’ll look back and realize that you were different. Your health was different, your environment was different, your Outlook was different.
Many will continue to not be satisfied with their lives, and you have everything will be different.
Soon you will want to share these skills with loved ones or those who ask for advice.

Perhaps then we will live in a very different society, with different concepts and values.

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