How small business manage social media?


How to choose an SMM specialist? We are engaged in increase of turnkey profit, we come to the company and work on all fronts.

And over our history we have hired a social media specialist as $60 and $600. Now I will tell you the instructions from our experience, how to choose an smm specialist. How to control it and what it should do.

As I said, we are an Agency that is engaged in increasing profits on a turnkey basis. And sometimes we bring business to smm, and sometimes on the contrary avoid social networks, because of uselessness.

Sometimes, of course, we connect our specialist, he is our only word. And for the most part, we connect it only to those projects with which we work on a turnkey basis to be responsible for all areas of the client.


And you know what’s interesting? When we come into business, we think a lot. We take the money, then we take the money, for’ what else we think is our duty.

And we say “ ” you need an smm Manager! He’s your future diamond””

Accordingly the owners there is a genius, but still a bad idea to make one of his responsible for all this virtual activity.

And who do you think gets dealt?

  • Wife / children. A lot of time free, let help.
  • IT-specialist. The computer knows, so just ask.
  • Marketer. Why else would I hire him? And why was it not previously the responsibility of a marketer?
  • Secretary. She can do anything and everything.
  • Administrator. I can see that you’re bored.
  • Manager. You make more sales, you get more.

And the most offensive that we know, at least, on one businessman who put in this dishonest fight with social media marketing of people from above listed.

And, as you know, the result is one-the mission failed!

how to choose smm specialist failure
how to choose smm specialist


How to choose an intelligent smm specialist is one question. The most difficult thing for me personally is not to find it, but to control it.

And before we move on to the topic of control, please answer my question:

“What will you choose, a goldfish or an infinite amount of money?”

Dilemma! It is very difficult to choose, if you think about it. It is the same problem when you choose between a freelancer and an Agency.

Sales conversion: what is it?
sales conversion. What it is and how to get the most out of it, here.

We have identified many pros and cons of each, but here are the main ones:

Freelancer Cons:

  • Can be lost;
  • Can send;
  • Can mess with;
  • Should be able all and the entire;
  • Difficult control.

The Advantages Of A Freelancer:

The Agency Cons:

  • Expensive, relatively freelancer;
  • Pay for the name;
  • Additional services are paid.

The Pros Of Agencies:

As you can see, each option has its pros and cons, and based on them you need to make your choice. At the end of the article we will in any case tell your opinion whom to choose.


We all dream about how we will row money with a shovel, and then go to spend it and spend on their dreams. And for this to happen, you need to first determine the purpose.

I must say that I will tell you everything as simple as possible. If you want smart formulas, then it’s not for us, we try to simplify everything.

And here are the main goals we propose to take as a basis:

After determining the goal you want to achieve you need to decide on the sites:

You heard right, the budget for the promotion should also be, otherwise, if Your resource and will promote. Then with the help of free and quite dangerous methods, which in the future may lead to blocking the community.

What will do and not do

Usually we are looking for a superhero in the team, who will not be afraid of diverse responsibilities.

One hand creates design, the second hand writes the text. Well, the third hand attracts future customers. But this does not happen, or rather it happens, it’s me, but I’m so alone.

How to choose a specialist smm duties

And right now you need to decide who you need and what tasks it will solve. Then, after the answers to all the previous questions are received. We turn now to an equally important topic.

Checklist of checking the Manager:


1. Questions

First of all, when you talk to an smm specialist, he should ask questions. We have a practice from the series:

“Hello! We need a smm specialist” and we throw off:

  • price so much something,
  • portfolio so much,
  • cases such something,
  • when you’re ready.

2. Personal contact

The desire to contact Skype, to meet in live shows that the person is not an ordinary student at the computer, and a professional who wants to meet with someone who will work.

3. Pause

If the smm-Manager or the company immediately gives you the answer that everything will be the best, it is alarming.

Since without analysis, even if superficial, such conclusions can be wrong, if only there was no experience in Your niche.

4. Narrow specialization

If your future employee says he can:

  • set up contextual advertising,
  • to promote the company in smm,
  • create sites,
  • marketing-kit and much more.

I certainly do not want to say that it’s bad, I want to say that well, a man can not know everything. It will be either shallow or deep. But one thing.

5. Experience in your niche

If the subjects are very complex, for example, our Department — sales scripts. And when we were looking for a specialist on the target, some immediately wrote that there is no experience, the niche is complex, will not be taken.

6. Exact figure

– Your subscriber will be worth one dollar.
– Really?
– Right!

Immediately turn around and leave. No one can ever be sure of the cost of 100%, especially at the start.

It is for this and there are tests, but again a departure from the answer, and not naming the approximate targets, too, can be a Wake-up call.

6. Their community

Shoemaker without boots, Yes, Yes! We have heard this and yet, in my personal opinion, it is nonsense, especially in this area. As he can, roughly speaking something to teach, if he did not do anything for yourself?

7. Cases

Portfolio should be viewed, but not taken as a basis. So as, first, in our age of photoshop can be all forge. And the success of one company does not mean your success, because there are too many common factors.

8. Appearance

Maybe it’s my personal insanity, but the appearance of the owner or specialist smm-Manager for me plays a big role. So I further affirm that the work on my company will be as accurate as he is.

9. Specialist page

I personally very much upset when it seems to agree with the person and finally before signing the contract, you go to his personal page. And I see that it is difficult to call a professional.


  • photos from the booze,
  • strange posts,
  • or worse, repost with all such pages as “Tanchiki”, “MDK”, “Quotes students.”

Surely after reading You have already climbed to his page to quickly delete photos from the last weekend

10. Respectful communication.

Still, communication should be respectful. This is correct regardless of age.

11. Creativity and relevance

SMM is an area where trend, relevance and creativity are important. Therefore, it is also a necessary feature of a successful “promoter”.


So, the most important thing is the weekly reports. Corny, but fact.

This basic report from smm specialist can carry:

  • Action and its cost (transitions, clicks, sales);
  • Coverage;
  • Activity and involvement (the total number of activities, the average number of activities for all participants and the number of sharing, likes, comments);
  • Subscription / unsubscribe (quality, quantity, price).

Important! Before the start, measure what is at the moment. To be the starting point, point a


Of course, SMM is not always measured in figures, sometimes it is useful within the image, but I want to ask you: “Do you need it?”.

Again, personally, my opinion, SMM for the sake of image – it’s money down the drain, unless you are a large, or rather, a very large company.

There are a huge number of options where you can invest your hard earned money and get real sales, right here and now. Instead of getting that image.


As I promised at the end of our answer to the question: how to choose an smm specialist.

From the article you have already understood that there is a market price for the work of this employee/Agency. And there is how much you are mentally / physically willing to pay.

So if you initially keep in mind the amount of $ 100, it is definitely a freelancer. So decide on this.

Then decide on the goal, if the goal is not global, it is suitable freelancer. But if the targets are larger and speed is required, then the Agency.

Most importantly, do not think the equivalent of “number of subscribers”, and think profitability. After all, you can with 100 people, earn ten times more than the same 10 thousand.

And, of course, see with your own eyes the results of your joint work. And then deceive you will not be difficult if you do not understand and just nod your head at each received report.

To help you private offices of social networks (they are free), there is quite simple and clear.

And also to help you services by type ahhh! Service considers different coefficients, but more difficult to understand.

Or similar analytical platforms that facilitate effective communication between brands and social media audiences.

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