how to collect customer feedback?

How to collect customer reviews

Options for collecting feedback or how to collect customer feedback? Reviews have long ceased to be a sample set of words. This is not a simple block to fill in empty space or meet someone’s ambitions.

So what is the true value of reviews?

Perhaps the reviews can be compared with a food processor in a modern kitchen. Cooking a variety of dishes without his help is possible, but with a catastrophic loss of time and quality.

Reviews stimulate and accelerate sales. They form trust and loyalty to the brand.

In today’s “Internet realities”, the consumer, one way or another, makes a purchasing decision based on the feedback received. Therefore, in capable hands, they can become a powerful sales tool and source of new customers.

Just yesterday, we began work on managing the reputation of one of our clients. Special attention was paid to reviews. Since a year ago, they were spoiled, and then no one dealt with them.

What is very sad, because according to the research of the portal TripAdvisor, 89% of potential customers decide on the purchase of goods or services based on feedback.

That is why it is important for you to know how to collect customer feedback. How to make it easier, faster and more profitable for you. And then what to do with all this.

But let’s start with the simplest.


There are 5 of them:

How do you get feedback from customers?
Ask for Feedback at the Right Place and Time.


When your client recommends you / your company to someone personally. That is the word of mouth.


The most common. There may be letterheads and letters of recommendation on company letterheads. Can be written by hand (notebooks, magazines, plates, napkins. The last 2 – not a joke). True trust such reviews less and less.

A photo

Those photos of satisfied customers with your product. Or just a customer photo next to the written review (this photo by the way will give more credibility to any text review).

You can often see similar photo reviews of famous people in cafes, restaurants and hotels. And they do it for nothing. As the saying goes, “a photo review from a star is +10 to the attraction of the establishment”


When the client writes his review on the recorder. Well, or you call him, talk to him, ask him questions about the product / service, his satisfaction, and with all this record the conversation.


Most of these reviews are common in infobusiness. But recently, retail stores are also actively adopting this method.

Well, if you understand the reviews, then let’s think about how you can collect them easily and unobtrusively.


1. Ask in person

Here I think everything is clear. Ask the person to give you feedback in any convenient form. The only request is that there is no need to impose on the person an audio or video review if he does not want. It is better to get at least something than nothing at all.

2. Call

And make a recording of the conversation. In the future, you can pour it on soundcloud and put it on your site.

3. Send to email

Send your customers an email asking for feedback. To make it easier for them, let them just write it in a return letter.

4. Make a form on the site

There are several options:

1. Make a form yourself
2. Connect ready-made plugins and widgets (for example, with TripAdvisor)

5. Collect on social networks

How to Gather Fan Feedback on Social Media
Ways to Use Social Media Customer Feedback

Again, there are several options:

1. To conduct a survey in your groups
2. Write to customers personally asking for feedback.
3. Integrate special applications into social networks (for example, the TripAdvisor site is perfectly integrated and configured, according to your desire, with groups in Facebook)

6. Ask for a photo

In your institution, office, with the goods. The main thing is that a person be satisfied and smile 🙂

Arrange a competition


1. send a photo with the product and win a prize
2. write the biggest review and win a prize
3. write a review and get $5 to the phone balance

The most important thing is to thank the person who gave the feedback. And the more valuable the prize, the more willing people will be to write reviews.


Do not delete negative reviews! Never! Never! This will only cause a negative and forever discourage people from writing to you. Yes, and footcloth only from positive and laudatory reviews looks very suspicious.

Actively use special services for reviews:

  • Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Angie’s list
  • Choice
  • Trustpilot
  • Testfreaks
  • Which?
  • ConsumerReports
  • Tripadvisor
  • Yelp
  • Google My Business
  • Yahoo! Local Listings

Especially if your target audience is youth.

If you are planning to make a video review right in the store / office / at the conference, then do not even think to suggest it to women. Spend more time on persuasion (not made up, looks bad, etc.). Go straight to the men – he combed his hair and handsome 🙂

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How to collect customer reviews and use them

More attention is attracted by reviews that are placed in unusual places or on unusual surfaces (I was not joking when I talked about plates and napkins). And the sheet of metal roof in the picture below is a confirmation.

How to collect customer reviews implementation example

Even if you have thank-you letters all over the office, you can just hang them crookedly. Yes, yes, you heard right. It will look unusual and people will be more willing to study them.

To avoid a review from the series: “Thank you, everything was fine!”, Prepare a review structure. So it will be much easier for customers to give feedback.

People are more willing to give feedback when they are given something in return. For example, one of the coffee shops, in return for a review (positive or negative, it does not matter), gave out a cup of cappuccino.

After 3 days, the campaign was simply stopped, as the coffee shop received more than 100 reviews, 90% of which were only positive.

Something that will increase the credibility and credibility of any review, if any:

1. Last name, first name, patronymic,
2. Photo,
3. Contact person (phone / mail / link to social networks)

And most importantly – it is written in detail and it reflects the small flaws of the company (which, by the way, you have already eliminated). Then the level of faith in this review will be – 100%.


As you can see, there are a lot of ways to collect feedback. All you need is just to ask the client. The most pleasant thing is that this is an extra contact with the client, “not sharpened” for sale.

Therefore, I would not be surprised if, after taking feedback, you will receive a couple of additional orders. As it was with us.

And another small moment. I understand perfectly well that you want to get great, detailed reviews, but when you think about how to collect customer reviews, think less about your profit, and think more about customer convenience.

Do not ask a lot of questions, do not make 10 registration fields, do not ask for a review of at least 1000 characters, and do not require a studio photo from the client.

And you will be happy.

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