How to create a brand


How to create a brand from scratch step by step instructions. Every day, not even a year, the competition becomes stronger and stronger.

There are giant companies that bite off a large piece of cake from customers under the cream.

There are small competitors who also pinch off a piece of the market with a dessert spoon.

In order not to lose in this race, there are more than 5000+ ways of marketing.

But if you plan to go long and stable, then it’s time to deal not only with chips, but also longer-term tasks. Namely, to think about how to create a brand from your company.

If you think that the word “brand” means the process of creating a logo or slogan, you are mistaken. Everything is much more global than it seems.

Also, if you think that the brand is pathos and a huge amount of money for image advertising, I hasten to disappoint you.

Often this sin known companies that aggressively promote their brand to the masses.

In fact, under the word brand hides much more:

1. client orientation,
2. company value,
3. recognition of the company among consumers, etc..

All this is part of why the customer decides to buy from you. And, as I said, if you plan to do business “in the long run.”

That without creating your own brand anywhere. Although at the beginning of its marketing path I thought quite differently.

WHO are YOU and WHAT do you SUGGEST?

benefits your brand offers
Research brands within your industry niche.

Let us immediately. If you do not want to create your brand, then either the market will force you to do it, or will throw off from its orbit.

Naturally, you can get a little money from sales without a brand. This strategy also takes place.

But if you look at the big players, you won’t find any of them that work without it.

You already have a company, a name and maybe even a logo.

If You work long enough, you have a signature style, and maybe even Gaiden. Offhand we can say that you have created a brand. Well, let’s check not by eye, but by science.

Right now, please answer the questions below to evaluate which one of us gets the candy for being right in their thoughts:

1. Does Your company have a mission?
2. What is the company’s mission?
3. Do you know your customers?
4. Who are they?
5. How do they relate to Your company?
6. What are the advantages of Your products and company?
7. What impression of You should stay with clients?

Stop! Here comes the question “ ” Why is the brand’s assessment mentioned mission, values, customers, benefits, and impression?”.

All questions some philosophical, without specifics, it is the truth. Because the very concept of “brand ” in the world is often misinterpreted.

For most entrepreneurs, it’s just a logo and slogan that is advertised everywhere. But in fact, it is much wider.

Brand is associations, representations, fantasies: and even emotions that arise in the head of the consumer at the mention of Your company.

In fact, this abstraction POPs up in my head, which is just created by the logo, colors, slogans and other things.

What you need to develop a brand of the company we will discuss in the next Chapter.
All -??? article must be with clear instructions, not fragmentary knowledge.

But before that, I want to warn you. Creating a company brand is only a small part of the big task, which is called branding.

Branding is the work on creation and” promotion ” of the brand to create a positive image and associations in the minds of consumers.

If you manage to do everything in Feng Shui, the result will make you the king of copper mountain.

The risk will be justified by the list of advantages that you get after this extensive work.

Here are some of them:

1. Correct perception of Your company;
2. Increased awareness among competitors;
3. Reduction of drawdowns during the crisis;
4. Growing number of loyal customers;
5. Increased employee loyalty.

All this leads not to mythical benefits, but to quite measurable, which will affect the company’s personal account.

Therefore, the creation process should begin now, while there, should have been started yesterday. And the reason for all this is one.


Bad news. Branding implies a rather long sequence of actions for the development of the company. No one knows exactly what it takes to create a strong brand for centuries.

This work with blurred boundaries. The only thing we know is that it happens in 5 directions:

1. Brand positioning.

This is where the brand is born. What he is going to take place and what will go the company.

Remember the famous Steve jobs and his company Apple. It is now they are a little repositioned, and from the beginning of their entire company was born as “computers for everyone, not just for programmers.”

2. Brand strategy.

This step analyzes the competitors, own company, target audience and other elements of the system.

Due to this, there is a detailed understanding of the future positioning of the brand and all its subtleties. As well as strategies for communication, promotion and communication to the minds of consumers.

3. Brand components.

This is all the visible part of the brand, what consumers see: logo, brand name, trademark, slogans, packaging.

What inexperienced entrepreneurs begin to create a company with. They create everything “beautiful”, and only then they think who they are and for whom.

4. Brand promotion.

At this step, we develop a detailed plan of measures to promote Your brand to the masses.

You select the channels and methods of communicating information, sometimes quite unexpected.

5. Brand-management.

This includes everyone’s favorite analyst and the monitoring of the current state of the brand. As well as maintenance and corrective actions if something went wrong.

One of the main tools in brand management is reputation management (working out of public negative appeals).

How to create a brand from scratch management

All these stages of brand creation should be. And on each of them you solve the required tasks.

If we look at them from a special angle, we can see the duplication of the 4P marketing mix.

If it is easier for you, you can divide the brand into:

1. product,
2. place,
3. price
4. promotion. This if quite rudely.


It is important to understand the specific creation algorithm, the sequence of steps and actions that will bring you closer to a strong brand. We have reviewed the areas that generally describe the situation.

Now we’ll look at each under a microscope. And we define 11 steps (all books are reduced to them), each of which is responsible for one of the previously studied areas.

Big idea

What the brand is created for and what image of the company will promote with it. It can also be called a key message that You will bring to your customers in all your communications.

In our case, it is ” only an integrated approach (marketing, sales and staff). All this will lead the company to stable and predictable sales.”

Example 1: Shoe company “Geox”

The company broadcasts the idea of healthy shoes. Besides the fact that it is made of high-quality materials, it is made taking into account the physiological characteristics of man. They convey this through a unique trade offer  — “Shoes that breathe”.

Form your brand voice. .
Create a brand logo & tagline.

Example 2: payment system “MasterCard”

The system translates the idea that not everything is measured in money, there are things that are priceless. And I’ll Tell you this is a very good move to shift the focus from money to emotion.

Successful Brand
how to create a brand from scratch mastercard


Here is my favorite marketing analysis to find out the situation in the market, about the company, competitors and so on.

All the things to which we must rely for the establishment and development of the brand in General. Many people skip this step with the words:”I already know everything.”

But we are not from this number and are guided by the idea:”it is Better to lose a month on a deep analysis than a lifetime of doing the wrong business.”


After researching the preferences of people in the world of fashion brands, Nike realized its position and began to focus on fashion trends, displaying them in their sportswear.

How do you start your own brand?
how to create a nike brand from scratch


The second name of this step is casting. The best ideas are selected here. They are worked out in depth and considered through the prism of long-term.

That’s right, in the first stage You need to generate not one idea, but dozens, then on the basis of research to identify one suitable.


The company “7-11” initially had the idea to sell bread, milk and eggs near the house. The concept was developed to the Essentials. That is, initially the depth was much less.

How do you create a brand image?
how to create a brand from scratch supreme 7 11


What Your brand will be called. Ideally, it should contain the idea you created in the first step.

You will be surprised, but almost any name of a well-known company has a certain meaning and message.

You need to do the same. And don’t forget to check for a clone company.


PEPSI was named after a digestive enzyme called pepsin. Here is an example of brand development starting with naming. Everything is simple and easy.

brand identity
how to create a brand from scratch naming


Design of your future brand. Brand design should be interconnected with the idea, naming and even “tone” of communication with your customers. We need to work very hard on this.


Testing on focus groups, both consumers and employees. Receiving feedback and improvements from them.

This action is not a fact of the viability of the idea, but shows weaknesses.


Our client from the sphere of education of children, before introduction of new ideas, calls the clients and asks on a special script as they treat its future actions.

It really helps to improve the whole idea or even abandon it.

The Bible Of The Brand.

Creation of a brand guide with all instructions, explanations and answers to questions.

This also includes:

1. brand book,
2. gindlin,
3. mission of the company and other developments.

After reading which more questions about Your company will not.


In the conditions of the sales Department such a Bible for sellers is called “sales Book”. It contains part of the knowledge from the brand Bible and part of the processes of communication with the client.


Those are the most effective advertising channels, which should be used for promotion.

After all, you need not just to create a good brand, you need to show it to the world. At this step we select advertising channels and deliver our big idea.


Remember, every employee in your organization has to sell. And to know about the mission and values even more so. Therefore, Your staff must be involved in the creation of the brand and teach it to promote.


You can directly on the forehead to tell your employees (not sales managers): “If a person comes from you, will be given a prize of $20.”

This is the simplest example of staff motivation for sale. On a larger scale, this will grow into an affiliate program.

Implementation and analysis

This is step 10 and 11 at the same time. You put into action everything that you have accumulated over this long journey.

And after monitor how the situation develops and make adjustments. It’s endless, so please be patient, coffee and cookies.


Even such a big company as Coca-cola is constantly working on its brand. This can easily be seen by changing their logo over time.

create a brand
how to create a brand from scratch Coca Cola


Difficult? I agree! Theory on the and there is theory. It tells how to do it correctly.

Although I am sure that strong brands are created only on the sequence of these 11 steps.

But what if you do not have time for all this, besides there is already a working company that plus or minus know?

To do this, I have prepared 7 stages that will help micro, small and medium businesses. Understand how to create your brand from scratch in a short time and make it recognizable.

Create a package.

You need to have Your company looks different from the others. You need your corporate identity and logo.

Which will be pleasant not only to the management, but also to which buyers will be happy. And from now on, rent everything, even Pets. Kidding! All in measure.

Create your values.

This will help you prescribed mission of the company. Each employee should understand what the company carries, how it positions itself and what words will fully describe its activities.

Create a “voice” of the brand.

Rather “tone” of communication. How you will address to buyers: officially or friendly.

Will you use emoticons in communication or not. Decide, but always contact the buyer with a capital letter, it is an indicator of your attitude.

Create a slogan.

“Red Bull inspires”, “Take everything from life”,” Eat, drink, chew Orbit ” — those famous, memorable slogans that every entrepreneur wants to create.

Here I congratulate you, now the creation of the slogan has become mandatory for you.

Be true to your words.

I’m talking about Your values and slogan. If you promise something, be consistent about it, even at the cost of product return and money loss.

For small business it is very difficult, because every penny counts, but you want great achievements, so you need to act seriously.

Please be patient.

I think the founder of the franchise McDonald’s has repeatedly wanted to change everything, change the design, change radically approach.

But it was consistency and patience that made him one of the most adored in the world.

This is to be done and You. But do not forget about the analysis, otherwise you will work at idle.


In order for Your company to settle in the minds of consumers, you need to contact them.

The bet should be made on two indicators:

1. Frequency
2. Quality

That is, you should touch the client as often as possible and do it with the maximum contact density.

Doing these simple 7 actions, always twist in your head the thought “”I don’t need to be the best company for everyone, I need to be the best company for my own.”

Don’t knock focus off your target audience. and you will see that you do not need billions of budgets to form a successful image, as the market volume Is not as huge as you think.


“But I already have a logo, slogan and corporate identity, what should I do?”.

If you created it by the steps that are assigned in the article — leave. But if it’s not built around a common idea (and the probability of this is very high), it is better to rebrand.

Yes, it will require financial and time costs, but it’s worth it. We have already started our way towards this.

And finally. Recently, some new customers will not go far. We have to work on attracting, client-oriented and customer retention.

And in this struggle, a properly created brand becomes a pretty good tool and weapon, which, albeit in the long run.

But still, it will provide the company with growth and loyalty on the part of consumers.

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