leaving the comfort zone

How to get out of the comfort zone?

Your enemy on the way to success is your “comfort zone”. It is a kind of reality in which you are every day and you are clearly comfortable here.

This is your constant environment, your daily habits and actions, this is the place where you live. Sometimes you want something new, more vivid, but it does not work, because old habits do not let you go.

What is a comfort zone?

The comfort zone is a psychological space of a person in which he feels calm.

to get out of the comfort zone
exit out of comfort zone

Everything that happens in this space is already familiar to humans and therefore does not cause strong feelings and emotions. A person develops a limited set of decisions and actions.

When we are in the comfort zone, we do not learn anything new and do not change, and use the baggage of knowledge and skills that we already have.

I must say that the comfort zone depends on the self-esteem of the person. The higher it is, the more we take new actions and expand our usual zone.

Many “comfort zone” is so wide that extends to the entire sofa. Well, some even before work, and more advanced people as much as to the border of the city)))… and it’s very sad…

Why leave your personal comfort zone?

The question may arise: “why go out of the comfort zone, and I feel lovely in it!”. Explain.

personal comfort zone
come out change your comfort zone your life

A person can either develop or degrade. The other is not given)So the degradation is the basis of the person who never leaves comfort zone. You can say that it is not so! I’m not doing anything wrong, I’m just at one point.

That’s it! Everything in life moves forward, everything develops and if you stand at one point (in the comfort zone), then you are already falling behind, inaction is already degradation.

Why can’t your usual lifestyle become a motivation for your personal growth?

the effectiveness of comfort zone
outside your comfort zone

Let’s look at an example. The reason for everything is very low requests for life. We need a minimum for existence. It’s shelter, food, clothing and a bit of entertainment.

And a trip to a permanent job with a salary of 2 000 allow us to meet our “small” requests. What’s next? And, as a rule, nothing … Groundhog Day in the zone)…

And who’s starting to get out of their comfort zone?

Don't be afraid of new thoughts
leaving the comfort zone is not scary

Just those people who want more, and such people, unfortunately, very little. 90% sit in the comfort zone and do not understand why they have such a boring life, and 10% begin to do something new and as a result get a bright life.

All successful people have achieved success thanks to the exit from the comfort zone. They do it every day and even several times a day. I advise you.

I agree with that. It’s early but I’m scared, and then habitually. The main thing to begin to deal with the main enemy of success is fear. They’re the ones that keep us locked in a cage.

What conclusion can be drawn from the above? Success is out of the comfort zone.

7 ways to leave the comfort zone.
If you decide to try to get out of the comfort zone, I can give you 7 super powers that will make you look at your boring life differently.

Why The Magic Happens
Move out of your comfort zone.

1. Change your schedule.

I’m sure you sit at the computer until midnight and go to bed at one or two in the morning. It’s a bad habit and you have to get rid of it. Start to observe the correct mode of sleep-get up early in the morning and go to bed no later than ten. You will see how your body will be charged with energy, you will be cheerful and cheerful.

2. Meet new people.

New acquaintances bring to life always something new. Try for day take 3 new contact and then call. Find out what these people are doing. Maybe they have a more interesting life than you.

3. Make a presentation.

It doesn’t matter what kind of report it is or who you tell it to. You know, one of the biggest fears is public speaking. For starters, you can practice even on your cat, then tell his friends, and then stand in the science week or at work. It’ll give you more confidence in your life.

4. Start going to the fitness club.

recommend going to the gym
Classes help you to pump muscles

If you lift no heavier than a bottle of beer every day, I recommend going to the gym. Classes will help you to pump not only muscles, but also your brains. And your figure will make it more beautiful, that raises your “flattened” self-esteem.

5. Learn something new in a day.

For example, how to mate hedgehogs) you do not know. Get on the Internet, look for articles, read. Make your brain expand.

6. Sell your TV.

First will of course” withdrawal”, but then you will understand that to live without” zombie ” is possible and even necessary. As a result, you will have free money that you can spend on more necessary things, and besides there will be a lot of free time. The advantages are obvious.

7. Make a gift to a stranger.

This is the most bomb method that will show you that your comfort is skushen, and for him an interesting and wonderful life. For example, I can advise you to buy 10-15 roses and give them to passing girls. Smile from the heart and compliment. That’s when your comfort zone will run like circles on the water)…

Repeating this action a few times, make you uncomfortable – comfortable, convenient, habitual, habitual – easy, easy – own”.

Do not be afraid you have to move with his fifth point and begin to do something. You will see that leaving the comfort zone is not scary, but on the contrary — even interesting and very productive! Don’t be afraid to do something you’ve never done. Don’t be afraid of new thoughts, ideas, experiments.

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