How to identify the target audience? the detailed instructions

How to identify your target audience. Before you get started, regardless of what it is: the development of the landing page, the introduction of a single tool or a full-fledged marketing consulting.

We ask a simple and logical question “ ” Who is your target audience?”, and most often the answer is in the style: “Our target audience – everything. We sell everything! Small to large!”.

Now, I may be shocking someone, but that doesn’t happen. And because of this, very often fail miserably all your actions at the level of marketing.

How to determine the target audience and why

So today we will talk about a very important and fundamental thing in business – how to determine the target audience of the site, service, product, product and even SMM, clearly, concisely and without water, as you like


Check out your competition
Look at your current customer base

Now would be a “Bayan” or the second “nerd”, she is theory. But since we began to analyze the target audience (hereinafter TA), it is necessary to mention what it is. Mainly for those who first confronted with this concept.

Target group (target audience) — people United by common features or United for a common goal or task. The General characteristics can be understood as any characteristics, for example, unemployed married women from 25 to 35 years, blondes.

Important! There is no need to be afraid of segmentation and reduction of the number of potential customers. Such actions will only increase profits, if done correctly.

There is another concept in the field of marketing-customer avatar.

Advanced version of the target audience. The difference is that you already define not a group of people, but specific individuals.

That is, you develop your advertising company for a specific person. So and advanced level of. Because a group can not identify, but here we’re talking about specific characters.

And the obvious question is ” Why should I spend time on the selection of the target audience, it’s a theory?”.

I allow you to take offense at me now, but, in most cases, even after reading this article you still do not understand how all this is valuable. You will not understand that this is almost the most important part of marketing-its starting point.

Important! “If you don’t know who you’re selling to, then you don’t know where, when and what.”

My signature statement. It’s everything. After all, if you do not know who your target customer is, he is the most popular visitor, he is a group of people who often buy. Then you do not know what is important to him, what his pain and what he loves.

Example 1

A trifling example, but easy to learn. Now we are making merchandising rules for the wholesale company.

And if we did not analyze the customers, we would not know that the ideal and most popular height of the layout is at the level of 1.6 meters. And all because the customers of this company are adults with little growth. So the classic height of the layout is no longer suitable.

Example 2

A more complex, but no less vital example. We develop advertising, according to the formula AIDA. Our task at the first stage is to attract the attention of the target audience. And we want to do it through pain.

And all the same hurts different. Even “Mommies” have different pains. Someone has a problem that there is no time for gatherings with friends, someone has a problem that there is always not enough money, and someone in General has a problem that there are few stylish clothes. The logical question is ” what will we write?”. I am sure that my question, I have already given the answer.

your target market
You need to figure out where your target audience


There are different methods of determining the target audience, different ways and methods. All of them, as a rule, differ in the number and direction of questions necessary to create an overall picture.

The examples of this article are based on the methodology that we have chosen for ourselves. From time to time we complicate it, but we do it only in the case of complex projects. At the same time, the” basics ” written below remain.

Ask yourself 3 questions.

Depending on the goal, the outcome of the action depends on the definition of the target audience. Therefore, to determine the vector of further movement it is necessary to take into account several points:

1. Under that is selected TA?

  • For existing product
  • The product is selected under the “profitable” TA

2. What market segment do you belong to?

  • The B2B segment
  • Or B2C segment

3. Which of the tasks need to be solved?

  • WHERE to sell
  • WHEN to sell
  • WHAT to sell

Now everything in order, and then at first glance it seems all incomprehensible and difficult. But it’s not. Now see for yourself.

How to Identify Your Target Audience For Your Marketplace
How to Find Your Target Market and Connect with the Audience

1. Under that is selected TA?

CA is selected for the existing product

Classical scheme. You have an existing business, formed service or product that is difficult to change or not required, as a large number of customers are already buying.

For example, you already sell children’s toys in the shopping center. In this case, we need to determine the target audience of the product that is already there. And, ideally, to consider the TSA, which already buys and can buy more (or want to buy).

The product under the “profitable” TA

In this case, all the more interesting, you have no business and you are just planning to start their activities. Or there is a business, but you need to change / expand the direction.

Here is an example from our practice. We’ve got a client who sells coffee wholesale and retail. And he came with the task to increase sales, but what direction to develop did not know, did not know what is better — retail, wholesale or even rent coffee machines. Therefore, we went from the selected-identified all target groups in different directions and then selected the most “profitable” according to the criteria:

1. large check;
2. short deal cycle;
3. high transaction frequency;
4. low cost attracting Lida (relative to receipt).

As a result, as you may have guessed, you have chosen opt in the HoReCa segment. We have already started to create a product for this target group. Namely, to bring a special mixture of coffee and give additional services in the form of prevention of the coffee machine.

2. What market segment do you belong to?

B2B segment (business to business)

If your end users are a B2B segment, consider yourself a little lucky. The fact is that the B2B sector is considered to be more stable and less prone to rapid changes in demand, except for crisis moments.

In addition, the product is usually purchased by a responsible person who has very small distinctive features from decision makers in other companies.

This means that there will not be many target groups. The definition of the target audience in this case can be made once, and feel free to work with them further in the next few years, without any adjustments.

B2C segment (business to customer)

As for the B2C, everything is very unstable, so in addition to the definition, you will need to constantly monitor the changes. Customer demand and behavior may vary depending on:

1. political and economic situation;
2. new products / services;
3. fashion trends and trends;
4. seasonal fluctuations in demand;
And much more.

From all this it follows that the two most common errors in the B2C sector are:

1. too broad target audience;
2. one-time selection of the target audience for life.

To avoid this mistake, you need to pull yourself together and segment the target audience into small groups and do it every 1-2 years (depending on the sphere).

3. Which of the tasks need to be solved?

Most often you need to solve all three questions at once, but if you are not a beginner, you may already know the answer to some of them.

WHERE to sell

You need to know how to identify the target audience to understand where your customer lives. Where to look for him, or rather, where to implement an advertising campaign, so he saw it exactly and it worked.

The goal is to define advertising channels.

WHEN to sell

It is important to show your advertising message. This is especially true if we do not run ads on a regular basis, and at a certain time. For example, radio advertising.

The goal is to determine the best time / day for advertising.

WHAT to sell

You know where and when your potential customers spend time, so there is one question-what you need to convey to them. That is what offer will hook them. After all, we all have different pains, fears, criteria, interests.

The goal is to determine the most effective offer and call to action.


Once you have answered all the above questions (or just missed them, considering not necessary), you can proceed to the initialization procedure, which can be divided into three stages:

Step 1 — WHO are THEY

The most obvious step is where we need to identify customers and divide them into groups. Moreover, the more understandable and vital language you describe them, the better. I speak about such descriptions as “Elf 90th level”, “Taxi driver from Texas”, “glamorous lady with a rich husband.”

Here the task is not to make fun of a person, and succinctly describe its features. Adding a few comments to be sure not to forget what was said. And here’s an example:

How to determine the target audience who they are

After this division, we know all possible audiences and can already decide who is most interesting for us.

Based on their requirements from the series:

1. a cycle of the transaction,
2. purchasing power,
3. immersion in the topic, etc..

So any convenient way mark the most interesting for you TA.

Step 2 — WHERE to LOOK

Next, after you have chosen your main category / type of people, you go to the stage where to LOOK. And for this you just need to take and paint:

A few days of the life of your potential target audience

1. Shall describe separately a weekday,
2. separate day off and holiday, if required.

So you will see where the person moves in everyday life and where we will catch him.

How to determine the target audience where to look

If you sell impulse products (gifts for the second half, concert tickets, favorable accessories).

In this case, you need to advertise in those places and at a time when the selected character has a couple of minutes of free time. To see the advertisement and purchase the goods at the time of movement according to your prepared plan.

How does the client, if there is a need

If you sell products that are purchased if necessary (tires, website development, furniture in the house), then we do not care about the usual day of the client.

It is important for us to catch him at the moment when he has a need for our product. Here is an example, if you need to buy 30 computers in the company.

How to define your target audience

Where the person is / what does some time before the need

The level of the pros. I would even call him Nostradamus.

To implement it you need to understand your customers very well. Because you need to determine the moment, as soon as necessary, and advance to start promoting your product.

For example, you sell stretch ceilings and, as they are taken at the very end of the repair, you begin to convey information about your company, starting from the beginning of the repair.

Step 3 — WHAT is the MESSAGE

If You have already determined who your desired character. Where and when does he live at the time of purchase?! Then go to step number 3.

My favorite part. I broadcast this knowledge in many seminars. Therefore, I want you to get to the heart of the matter and appreciate the importance of these actions.

Based on this stage, you will be able to make your own selling landing page, create an effective commercial offer, however, to create any advertising medium that falls right into the heart.

How To Find Your Target Audience

To compile the message you need to determine:


What problem / problem does the customer want to solve with your product? The so-called “pain” of the client (this will help to create a good unique trade offer);

Fears of the client.

On the basis of fears, objections are born, which, as you know, can and should be practiced;

Selection criteria (primary and secondary). What the client relies on when choosing a suitable company or offer;


Relevant for products that affect emotions. Maybe raise the status, allows you to feel healthy and sporty.


In fact, these are answers to primary and secondary selection criteria. That is, we prescribe a solution for each criterion of choice. For example, on the criterion Of “delivery of the object on time”, we write” for every day 30 dollars”

How to determine the target audience of the cause


Before you realize your brilliant advertising moves, do not be lazy and determine your target audience. This will save hundreds or even thousands of dollars, which I’m sure you know where to invest more wisely.

Once you know WHO, you will know WHERE, WHEN and WHAT.

And do not confuse the definition of the target audience and the client’s avatar. Thanks to pseudo-marketers, everyone believes that to determine the target audience, you need a whole questionnaire to determine the target audience with a dozen questions.

When in fact, to know how to determine the target audience of the company, it is enough to do the above described steps.

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