How can I drive traffic to my website


To your question: “How to increase site traffic?” – I will also answer with a question, even two: “And why are you interested? What do you want from this? ”

11 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Thinking interested for idle curiosity? Not at all. My task is to understand what methods and methods. And perhaps the program to advise you to get the desired result.

But since we have a blog for business owners, then the advice will be appropriate.


Let’s all understand what are the goals. Why do people increase traffic to their site. If you remove charity and other non-commercial goals.

That, as a rule, when promoting a site, 2 goals are pursued. And they are completely dependent on the person who does this:

A blogger / freelancer promotes a website to make money on it;
The company / business spins the site to receive orders.

However, what is the difference? As a rule, a website made by a blogger / freelancer is created from scratch and is promoted with a minimum budget. Most often, there is no initial budget. So its promotion is completely different from the classic business.

Therefore, freelancers use such dubious ways of promotion as commenting on other people’s articles. Or installation on your website scripts, working on the principle of the network pyramid.

That is, you install a special code on your site that shows ads from other sites. Other sites do the same. Here also drive the same users between various sites.

We are the same as executives of companies creating a site for receiving orders. They are interested in more or less adequate, I would even say, “white” ways to increase traffic on the newly created site.

After all, as a rule, the question for old men – “How to increase site traffic?” – is not worth it at all.

Before we get into the methods. To begin with, we determine which site traffic we will increase? After all, the type of site can change everything. And sites are different.

For example, this could be:

  • Landing Page (one-page selling site);
  • multipage website;
  • online store;
  • blog (where you are now).

Which site should you use? It all depends on the strategy. In reality, many companies are switching to multipage landing pages with the addition of a blog.

In this way, there will be an increase in site traffic and orders are much larger than with a classic multipage website.


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You can promote your website using contextual advertising or targeted or banner advertising, it is fast and not difficult .

But, the problem is that as soon as you run out of budget, you will run out of visitors to the site, therefore, clients will also become zero.

That is why if you are wondering how to increase site traffic in the long term and not by a bit. So I propose to return to the basics, and if to speak specifically. That to SEO marketing and the semantic core.

Important! I’m not saying that SEO promotion is the only way to attract people to the site. Next we discuss them more.

But for a set of attendance you need to start with SEO. Let’s call this the foundation of your future project.

What is SEO?

This is the optimization of your site for search engine optimization. But I like an even simpler explanation. This is especially liked by people who are not very versed in Internet marketing.

This is when you type in a phrase that interests you in any search engine, such as Bing or Google, for example, “Buy iPhone in New York”, and you are given a list of sites that mention this phrase.

relevant traffic
how to increase site traffic example implementation

The task of SEO and SEO-specialist to make your site appear at the very top of these answers. At least in the TOP-10, and ideally in the TOP-3.

Indeed, almost more than 85% of Internet users do not go beyond the first page. There is even a joke among SEO specialists that websites that are issued in search results after the 20th place belong to the series “God help them!”.

Semantic core

But SEO promotion is not easy to take and want, this is a big job. And the basis of which lies the semantic core. These are the key / search queries that relate to your niche. And on which you will promote your site.

Immediately a little explanation. Each request has such an indicator as frequency. This is the number of people looking for this request on a monthly basis.

All requests are conditionally divided into:

  • (LF) Low-frequency requests – from 0 to 100 impressions per month;
  • (CQ) Mid-frequency inquiries – from 100 to 1,000 impressions per month;
  • (HF) High-frequency requests — from 1,000 to … hits per month.

Faster and easier to get to the top of the LF and CQ. Your site should be well optimized and have some kind of traffic. You can enter the HF only after 2-3 years of work. When this moment comes, you will not even remember this material.

Bad news. Single-page sites can be displayed in the TOP-10 by no more than 5 key queries. And then provided that the query CQ or LF.

And then we know SEO specialists who, in order to sell their services, tell the customer fairy tales that they will lead landing pages in the TOP of 50-100 highly competitive key inquiries.


At the first stage, think about how your target audience. When will recruit in the search that sells your company. The clearer you take the search queries, the better the audience will be on your site.

For example – request Buy iPhone in New York. 170 people are looking for this phrase. This is the real number of people who are looking for exactly in such a phrase (one to one), and their real number is 170 people.

Perform On-Page SEO
how to increase site traffic semantic core


I understand perfectly well that you are already tired of reading about the training. But I recommend that you start with SEO. And then move on to other methods and actions. Which must be done to increase traffic to your site.

Ways a huge amount. But I will try to explain in the most comfortable and practical way for companies and businesses in general.

1. Free traffic

If we talk about how to increase site traffic for free, and even do it yourself. One thing I can say here is content marketing.

Since if you do not have anything useful on the resource, people will not go to you. And to do spamming is silly and almost to no avail.

2. Blog.

This is exactly what SEO is done for and the semantic core is going to. Your task is to regularly write articles on a particular topic and post them in your blog.

You can write useful educational articles, as well as reviews, test drives of your products. There are lots of ideas, the main thing is to search them in search engines

Life hacking.

You can find a topic in your niche that will be popular over time. While few people are looking for her, the chance to reach the TOP is very high.

And by the time they begin to actively look for her, she will already be in the TOP. It happened with our article “Instagram Business Profile”. Requests, when I wrote it, were less than 200, now more than 5 thousand people are looking for it per month.

3. Video feed.

You start your youtube channel. As practice has shown, this kind of content marketing can bring quite tangible results in the form of customers.

For example.

When a person decides to drill a well in his section, the first thing he does is go to search / YouTube. In order to understand what is the difference between a well in the sand and an artesian well.

And one of the smart companies shot a short video in which in 4-5 minutes the difference is telling. And offers the client to order from them the drilling of this very well at a bargain price.

As a rule, the majority of users who are really interested in this service. Contact exactly this competent company.

4. Other people’s groups in social networks.

In his article “Promotion in social networks: from a conversation with a client”. We have already raised the topic, that now there is almost no free promotion in such portals.

But if you really have good and useful material. Then with the help of this you can arrange to place it in groups on your subject.

5. Paid traffic.

Free traffic is good. But let’s be realistic. The time has passed when the Internet was free, and there you could receive hundreds of traffic for a smile.

Now you need money to promote your business, let it be small, but you need it. All the same, you are doing business, so there is nothing to worry about in investments.

6. Buying external links.

This is when you buy links on other sites that do not even link to your site, but to a specific article. This way you will win twice.

1. Increase site rating
2. Promote the article. And this will have a good effect on SEO and on orders.

If you have the goal of traffic from links, then you need to buy them directly from the owners. You can use specialized exchanges.

But, as a rule, there sites are more suitable for increasing “credibility” in the eyes of search engines. And not to get high-quality traffic.

7. Contextual advertising.

The most popular way to increase traffic to a young site quickly. And if we take into account that these are hot clients who are looking for such hot requests.

How To Mass Follower Users on Instagram!
How To Mass Follow on Instagram

Such as “price, buy” and so on, then generally beauty. I can recommend using the Google Display Network.

Since the prices of clicks there are relatively inexpensive. But definitely much cheaper than searching, and the quality of customers is sometimes even better.

And yes, do not forget about retargeting. After all, it is not the number of customers that is important to you, but orders from the site.

8. Targeted advertising.

The easiest tool to “drive” visitors from social networks to your website is to launch point advertising.

In order to do this, you will need the help of a specialist, who is called a targetingologist.

You can attract people in different ways:

  • article,
  • video,
  • infographics.

On average, you will pay $ 1.5 per 1000 ad impressions. There is a payment for clicks in the articles.

9. Crowd marketing.

Speaking wisely, this is the formation of the community opinion about the brand. Or reputation and reviews.

Laughter is laughter, but one of our clients has almost 2500 (which is 10% of the total site traffic) visitors come monthly with reviews. And this is subject to his average check of $ 5,300.

For this, I recommend working with them very closely and in detail and placing them on all kinds of resources. Including regional portals and specialized forums.

10. Social lock.

To continue reading a popular article, or to get some kind of gift, you need to make a repost in any social network. After you do this action, you will have access.

Win twice:

1. Friends of the repostor will find out about your site (which means new customers)
2. Get an additional link to your site.

11. Mobile version.

Do not forget that your site must be mobile-friendly. That is, adapted for reading or visiting from a mobile phone.

This is due to the fact that our world is rapidly developing and visiting sites from mobile phones and tablets strictly goes to 70% of the total attendance.

And this means that the better the mobile version of your site, the more visitors will go to it and stay. Well, of course, this has a positive effect on the ranking of your site on Google.


Remember, I mentioned such “gray” things as setting a special code that drives users among themselves. I hasten to disappoint you, this is not the only terrible way to catch up supposedly visitors to your site.

Why “terrible”? Well, at least, because this type of advertising is suitable only for entertainment portals. And the second reason is extremely untargeted traffic.

Traffic to Your Website
Use Landing Pages

And here are a couple of ways to avoid:

Run your site on various directories. It used to be used everywhere. As a result of this, the ranking of the site for search engines rose.

And he got higher simply because a lot of sites started to refer to him. Now the search engines have long been fined for it. Because links are placed in an inorganic way.

Programs for cheating attendance.

With the help of a special program you start to imitate high attendance. This method worked 5 years ago.

Since then, search engines have made great progress in their development and they see perfectly well that they are trying to deceive them.

increase traffic on your website
There are many ways you can increase traffic on your website

The result – the site is entered in the unscrupulous section and disappears (possibly forever) from the search. And even letters from this domain do not leave.


As you can see, there are a lot of ways to increase traffic to your site. But if we take and compare them all, then content marketing is what the future is for.

If you do not resell toys with AliExpress for $ 10. In this case, you do not need to think at all about increasing site traffic.

All you have to do is to register on the CPA networks and offer your conditions to the arbitrators.
If you have a full-fledged business, then without content that tells customers about you. Increase their level of trust, and arrange for the purchase, there is nothing to do on the Internet.

But the distribution of content is not a quick matter. So get ready to invest your hard earned money. Again, this is a business and it requires investments.

Free advertising exists, there are plenty of examples of viral marketing. where for $ 20 people attracted millions of clicks and views. But these are exceptions rather than regularity.

I can recommend to collect key queries, on the principle:

  • Low-frequency queries (LF) – 55-85% of the total semantics of the site;
  • Mid-frequency queries (CQ) – 10-30% of all requests.
  • High frequency requests (HF) – 5-15% of the semantic core of the site.

That’s all the success in the promotion of sites and to increase site traffic.


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