What is a custom 404 page?


How to make a 404 page? Everyone who has ever used the Internet, got to the page “error 404”. And for sure, seeing it on your screen, just took and left this site.

Particularly insistent tried to understand the link and understand what is wrong with it. But it is also likely nothing good came out.

So now we will understand how to make a 404 page and how it should look to hook visitors and even sell your product.


This error happens to everyone, even if you tell me that you do not have it. It appears when a client tries to access a non-existent page. Without design, it looks like this:

How do I create a 404 page?
How do you make a good 404 page?

Such a visitor can see, because:

1. The referring party has made an error in providing information to You;
2. The user entered the link incorrectly;
3. Page (link) has been removed;
4. The page link has been changed.

Once again, if your site consists of 10+ pages, then most likely you already have this error and you just do not know about it.

And to find broken links, at least within the site you can use the free program Xenu Link Sleuth. Makes everything quick and easy.


As You have seen, this does not go away. Such collapses will be, if Not your fault, the fault of customers.

Therefore, you need to be prepared for this in order to save and increase your honestly earned traffic, which at first is so expensive.

And if your page does not follow further recommendations, visitors will:

1. To go to the site;
2. Get upset that you have not found the right information;
3. Lower your level of trust in you.

And all this leads not just to the lack of additional money, but to losses and losses. What I can only imagine in a bad dream.


If you are wondering how to make a 404 error page, I want to congratulate you, you already have it (except landing page).

Because error pages for sites are provided by default when working in any CMS. Of course, its design at the moment leaves much to be desired.

404 for a site is the same page as the most common other page of your site.

And to understand how to create a correct and unique 404 page with an individual design, you need to go to the root folder of your site.

Find the file .htaccess (if not, then create yourself). And just in any place with new line to write — an ErrorDocument 404 http://YOUR _SITE/404.php

What is a Custom 404 Page
What is a Custom 404 Page and Why Do You Need One?

This link will be the path to the file that will show Your site if an error occurs.

Nothing else is necessary, it’s very simple! And if you don’t want the extension .php, then you can do .html, in a global sense, there is no difference.


Let’s start with the fact that the design of the page 404 should be. And it should be in the style of the overall design of the site. In the rest of the he can pursue different tasks. To do this, let’s look at different options and what they are good.

Simple and beautiful

You can bet on the design-on the design in the form of a creative image with the original inscription.

This option can not be called selling, but if it is a sufficient amount of humor and originality, it can be remembered.

A prerequisite is the presence of a button to return to the home page. Here is an example of such implementation:

A custom 404 page
How To Create a Custom 404 Page

Oh, captain, we’re lost.
(404. This isn’t where you’re supposed to be.)
Go home

404 Error Page
How to Create a Spectacular 404 Error Page

I’m shy…
Sorry, You’ve reached the “broken” page
Get out.

Links to main sections

Alternatively, create a 404 page with links to the main sections, so that if the client suddenly got to where he did not want to go.

So he could quickly return to the section he was looking for. Or be interested in something else.

At the same time, design is as important as in the first case. Make an emphasis on originality and humor.

Error 404 Page
How To Fix 404 Page Not Found Errors

I’m shy…
We can’t show the page you’re looking for.

Try again/search

Perhaps the client was looking for the desired content and did not find it, but you have it. To do this, he needs to show the search box and offer to try to find it again.

In this case, you need to make a convenient search that will not scare. We, by the way, use the official Google search on your blog.

How to Create a 404 Page
How to edit your 404 Page

Product advertising

If it has already happened that a page 404 appeared in front of the client. Why not take a moment and show him your product or service in all its glory.

And, of course, do not forget to offer to follow the link to learn more. And you can show Your product even when he was looking for something else. Ideally, not just show but also make a special offer on it.

Example 1:

Error 404 Not Found Page
How to Create a Custom Error 404 Not Found Page

Example 2:

custom 404 page for your website
Learn how to make your own custom 404 page

Interactive action

To the customer a little more spent on Your website, and a little more pulseinterval with him. This can create “interactive”, with whom he might have something to do, to drag, to click, to watch or even play.

Example 1:

404 Error Page.
The easy way to make a custom 404 page

Example 2:

Creating a custom 404 error page
Set your custom page as the new 404 error page

Capture form

Once You got that, then so be it. It’s only hard effort and this is reflected in the fact that more than half of people to leave errors in the sunset.
Therefore, in order not to lose it, and that he came back to you again — you need to take his contact details and add to your e-mail newsletter.

The main thing is to create such a delicious offer, from which it will be difficult to refuse and emphasize the bright design.

404 error
How to Make a Successful 404 Error

This is our version of the page on which You can easily get by entering the website address/lubietova. The most interesting thing is that this kind of error is almost there on the Internet.

Therefore, I recommend to focus on this, if your business involves e-mail marketing.


The error page will always cause the negative, so it should be rotated in the required direction. This requires the correct 404 page.

A page that uses positive meaning, a creative image, a memorable design, powerful text and a message of what to do next.

Here comes the question of what Your visitor needs at the moment when he got to this page and how to smoothly translate it to what you want from him.

So now, when you already know how to make a 404 page, a little thought and rather get to the implementation, the more it is quite easy and simple to do.

Creative, Unusual 404 Pages
How to make a custom 404 error page

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