Make Money with Email Newsletters

How to make money with email newsletter

If you haven’t started your email newsletter — I’ll give you a little boost of motivation to get you started to do it immediately.

I will tell you how to start making money on email newsletter.

At the end of the article I will show you the real screenshots of their earnings through the newsletter. So you can see everything with your own eyes-what kind of income you can expect in any case.

Content of article:

  1. Earnings by email newsletter
  2. The choice of topic for an email mailing
  3. The best services for sending email
  4. Where to get subscribers in the database
  5. What and how to sell in the newsletter
  6. How much you can earn on the newsletter
  7. And let’s start, perhaps, with some basic facts.

The essence of the earnings on the email newsletter

The essence of email mailing is that your subscription base is the core of the audience on the Internet. To which you have step-by-step access, and which you can from time to time offer to buy a variety of their or someone else’s goods and services.

Simply put, you gather around you people with certain interests. And then you give them interesting and useful content. And from time to time you offer to buy something. So you act like a regular media outlet.

As practice and analytical research shows, sales through email newsletters are always more effective than through your website or through social networks.

In addition, in the newsletter you have the opportunity to offer different products to the same people over a long period of time.

That is why there was the famous expression “Money in the list” (that is, in your subscription database). And do not believe me, please, if someone tells you that today email newsletter is already ineffective.

Like, people do not subscribe to the mailing list, and do not read emails. In fact — and subscribe, and read. You just have to keep the newsletter right. Actually about it and all our today’s conversation.

Choose a theme for your email newsletter

The first thing you need to do is to choose the right topic for your future mailing. Here it is important to understand the main thing — your theme needs to be really wide.

That is much better if you conduct a newsletter on “Women’s beauty and health” than, say, “skin Health for women over 50”.

This is better for two reasons.

  • First, you’ll have a lot more themes to create content. If you have too narrow a niche, the topic may soon end. And You will have nothing to write about.

Look at the same topic: tips for mailing for $10,000

  • Secondly, you will have a lot more products that you can offer to your audience. And the wider the range of products-the more you can earn.

So do not be afraid at the thought that:

1. There are already famous experts in Your field,
2. Thousands of books have already been written on this topic,
3. You on this subject will never be able to say anything new.

Able. And your readers will love you for some specific advice.

The most profitable topics for mailing

The main topics are actually not so much. Here is an almost exhaustive list:

  • Beauty/self-care
  • Money/earnings
  • Children/motherhood
  • Sports/health/healthy eating
  • Love / relationship/sex

Sure, you can narrow it down a bit, but don’t get carried away.

By the way, You do not have to choose a theme once and for a lifetime. You can take the first wider, and then gradually narrow. Until personally, You will not be as comfortable as possible to work with this niche and with these people.

OK, let’s say you’ve chosen a mailing topic. Now we need to adjust a couple of technical points.

The best services for sending email

  • Emails your subscribers need to collect, and letters need to send out, right
  • To do this, you can use either special programs or special services for mailing
  • Personally, I recommend the second option. It is much more convenient and safer.

If you want to use some e-mail program, you will have to do all the technical settings yourself. And also keep lists of subscribers on your computer.

Because of the first you will earn much less money from mailing than you could. Just because most of your emails will end up in SPAM boxes. Where your readers almost do not look. By the way, I recommend reading the article

7 hacks email mailing how not to get into spam” – it will help you a lot.

And because of the second, you can even lose all your subscription databases-the computer will break, the virus will beat the files, something else will happen at the most inopportune moment.

The only advantage of the programs is that they are cheaper, and you have to pay for the services every month. But stingy, as you know, pays twice. So I recommend that you entrust your mailing email services, where the quality of your mailing work the whole team of professionals. So you can probably earn more, even with a monthly payment.

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Where to get subscribers in the database

This is not an idle question. If you want to make good money on the email newsletter, then you need to replenish your subscription base every day. And there are two main ways to do this. The first-a long, but free. The second-paid, but fast.

A long and free way-is to create your own website on the subject of distribution and promotion in search engines. Such as Yahoo, Bing and Google.

Look at the same topic: “Where to get a base for email mailing-7 proven ways»

That is, you create a thematic blog, and start writing articles there every day, tailored to specific search queries of your target audience.

If everything is done correctly, then after 6-12 months you will be able to receive 500 — 1000 unique visitors per day to your website.

On the site you hang up a subscription form-offer people to leave your email in exchange for some free pdf book or video course, or just subscribe to blog updates.

In my experience, such forms convert approximately 1 — 7% of the total number of visits to your site into a subscription. This is not very much, but free and high quality (more on that below).

Thus, within a year after the start of promotion, you will be able to get enough traffic to get 10-15 new subscribers per day. It’s a good start.

Fast and paid way to set the base

The second way is paid advertising via Google. There are other types of advertising, but Google is the most convenient and inexpensive.

Here you can get tons of traffic just tonight. Truth for him will have every day to pay. Stopped paying-instantly lost all traffic. And visitors with Google can no longer be directed to our large multi-page blog. Conversion of 1-7% will not be sufficient for cost recovery.

In Google, we need a conversion to a subscription at least 10-12%. Then at the price of a click, say 0.045-0.075, we will receive one subscriber at a price of 0.45 — 0.6 per piece.

To achieve this, it is necessary to use short landing pages on which you offer people to subscribe in exchange, for example, for your free information product.

These stubs will give you the right conversion rate, because they can not go anywhere, they have no extraneous links. The person will either sign or leave. He has no other choice. And 10-12% subscribe.

I would recommend you to start with advertising on Google (to have something to eat today). And in parallel to develop your blog to a year to stop depending on contextual advertising.

But in any case, with these new subscribers need to somehow earn. The question is how.

What and how to sell in the newsletter

In this world, money “appears” only when someone, someone, sells something. And mailing is a very convenient sales tool. You only need to decide on the product.

You can sell your products or someone else’s. Or just sell ads on your newsletter.

The most profitable option is, of course, selling your own products and services. For example, you can offer online advice on topics you know well.

Or arrange group consultations, and then you will have online seminars and courses.

Or you can add a test of practical tasks to your online seminars, and then it will be a real training.

In other words, you don’t have to set up your own factory to be able to sell your personal products.

If you are abhorrent to the idea of teaching someone something, you can Repack information products in the service “turnkey”.

Instead of, for example, training people to set up contextual advertising — You can customize it yourself.

In this case, you, first, will be able to proudly say that “I am not an infobusiness»

Secondly, you can take more money for it.

And it is always easier to sell turnkey services than some incomprehensible information.

Will You have a higher overall level of income from this – the question is open. Still, the provision of services takes a lot of time and effort. But here everyone chooses what he likes best.

How much you can earn on the newsletter

It is logical that the more subscribers you have in the subscription database, the more you can earn. But how many still need to dial subscribers to earn email newsletter, say, honest $ 1000 per month?

In my experience, I will tell you that the subscription base subscription base discord. It’s one thing if you have a website that is promoted in search engines, and you gain a hot audience directly from the pages of your resource, where they came purposefully.

And quite another thing, if you are gaining a subscription base with the usual paid advertising. For example-with targeted advertising on Facebook.

Believe me, you can at least kill yourself against the wall. But in the second case, your income will always be lower. The source of the traffic for the subscription base is much more forgiving.

It is also important to consider how old your subscription base is. There are two opposing factors.

First — the longer people are in your subscription list, the more likely they are to have lower interest in the topic.

For six months or a year they could find answers to their questions in other places, or the problem simply ceased to be relevant for them.

You, too, can they get bored as an author, and they will find someone more interesting.

But on the other hand, “seasoned” base is always better than typed only yesterday. People always need to give some time to the fact that they are accustomed to you and feel you trust.

Each of us has a built — in fuse-do not buy anything, even if everything looks cool and convincing, until we get to know this man a little closer.

Rely only on those who have “fuses flew” – not the right strategic move. You’ll have to work with them later.

Look at the same subject: “SPAM email sending email in white»

So give your base time to brew. The main thing-do not let them forget about you. Write often or very often.

Don’t be afraid that too many emails will annoy people. If you write interesting-they will be ready to read again and again.

Read more about how to write and sell interesting, you can read the article “Tips for mailing for $10,000.”

Personally, I tried to conduct a newsletter and sales “head-on”, and mixed options. And on the cold advertising traffic, and with a long building relationships with the subscription base collected from SEO traffic to sites.

And here I will tell you what indicators I managed to achieve personally.

At least, these are honest figures. And all that you are told on the selling pages of various gurus on earnings on the Internet, you can safely divide into two.

So, here are the earnings figures from several of my email newsletters. According to them, I think you can understand the overall approximate picture.

I must say that I sell only trending products, as well as products of my trainers.

Newsletter #1-emails are collected from the search traffic on the site. In the name of the mailing even specially put “seo”, so as not to forget where the traffic was coming from. Traffic there is not enough, so there are not so many subscribers (but all target).

The products were sold by an automatic series of letters. I also did two or three launches of various trainings for the year on this basis. Oh, by the way, this is shown by the figures for the previous year of 12 months.

As you can see, with good search traffic, for the year, you may well get about $6000 income from each email in your subscription database.

Type at least 2000 emails in the database, and earn $12000 thousand. A lot or a little-decide for yourself. But it’s even more than the “honest $ 1000” we talked about above.

In addition, such automatic funnels you can do not one, but several. They are automatic = )

If you look at the conversions, my clients were 12.3% of those who subscribed to my newsletter, with an average check of $45. I assure you, these are not the worst figures on the market.

And here’s another funnel where I sold the same products, with the same automatic series of letters.

The only difference-I typed emails not from the site, but from Google ads (in the name of the funnel — “PPC”, which means “Pay Per Click”.

As you can see, the result was slightly lower — only 8.1% of the purchase and $3.5 income from one incoming email. In addition, you have to pay for advertising on Google.

The cost of one email I got around $0.6-$0.75. That is, the net income was around $ 2.86 from one email per year (and still need to deduct various fees, taxes, payment of services).

But Google is still the best. Therefore, I recommend taking into account the temperature of different sources of traffic on the Internet before setting up an email newsletter.

This is what concerns the sale of trending products and services via email newsletters. All you need is to choose 2-3 good affiliate programs and earn on commissions from their sales.

Or simply offer advertising on your newsletter. But for you to buy advertising, you must already have a lot of active subscribers.

The offer to advertise in your newsletter can be hung on the website, on your Facebook page or anywhere else.

But this is another topic that we will discuss next time.

I hope this little guide was useful for you. And my last advice to you-start your newsletter right now. Otherwise, in a year you will regret that you did not start today.

See you soon!

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