How do I promote my Instagram?


Instagram in 2019 is a platform where you can open a store without costs. From the article you will learn how to sell on Instagram. How to make a profile, how to analyze competitors, how to write posts and use amplifiers.

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If you are wondering “what can I sell on Instagram?”or already sell, these tips will be useful to you. Each of them has a practical application, but before you start a little about the specifics of this social network.

When choosing a niche, remember that it is a visual social network. The main audience of the social network is women who follow their development and respect fashion trends.

Therefore, the best-selling products in Instagram are: cosmetics, jewelry, accessories, children’s toys, clothes, gadgets, new items, handmade and things for a beautiful life.

That’s all. In this article I will not tell you how to sell Instagram step by step, instead, provide detailed instructions. So, enjoy reading.

1. Analyze your competitors

Before you start selling products or services on Instagram, I advise you to analyze your competitors. Explore the strengths and weaknesses of stores selling similar products (covering similar needs of customers) and play on their shortcomings.

1.1 Find competitors by hashtags and keywords.

The first accounts that will give the search-the most visited stores. They need to be studied most carefully. Also, try to understand what makes these stores so popular.

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1.2 Use special applications for competitor analysis.

Internet services allow you to get advanced statistics without spending a lot of time. These statistics sites include Instagram Insights, Pixlie, Squarelovin. Look at the number of likes, comments, reposts, views.

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1.3 Find the strengths and weaknesses of competitors.

What goods or services do they sell quickly, and what does not go at all? Pay attention to the most popular content. You don’t need to copy it. But the ideas take on Board.

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1.4 Examine the advantages of competitors.

What they write in the profile/posts. Highlight your unique trade offer, which will be different from all. For example, focus on sending the goods on the day of the order and individual tailoring.

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1.5 Analyze the target audience of competitors.

Make a portrait of customers using more details: how they communicate (slang, manner), favorite movies, basic values. Keep this information in mind when you sign up for an account.

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2. Make an account

Attractive account design consists of a bright, catchy look avatars and selling profile descriptions. Both components are equally important, so pay special attention to the design. The appearance of the profile will help you to keep users and sell successfully.

2.1 Avatar.

The correct avatar — bright, high-contrast image. Take a photo reflecting the brand positioning. To do this, use the colors of the brand, logo or its attributes, as well as a photo that can be associated with the brand.

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2.2 Write contacts: viber, skype, phone.

Make handling convenient. If you are targeting an audience of several countries, be sure to add the ability to order through one of the messengers.

2.3 in the name of the store, enter the keyword.

For example, if you sell cupcakes and cakes, name the profile “popcake”. You need to do this, because users often find the right product through keyword search. Do not miss the opportunity of free promotion.

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2.4 Highlight key benefits.

Describe them in the profile header. When drawing up key benefits, think about whether they are really important to buyers. For example, if you sell products for children, it makes no sense to focus on their beauty or technology.

2.5 Do not use wildcard expressions.

Write simply, succinctly, brightly. For example: “we Sell dresses made of natural fabrics. For the holiday, everyday bows, evening out. Individual tailoring.” Avoid expressions: individual approach, best quality, advanced technology.

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2.6 Use eternal storis.

They are needed to tell customers important information. Structure them as conveniently as possible. For example, create such blocks: new items, assortment, reviews, life hacks. Thus, you remove part of the load from the sales managers.

3. Make posts

Your task — to encourage the texts to purchase. Write useful posts, not devoid of advertising component, because it will help you start selling through this

3.1 Alternate entertaining, useful, selling content.

Grab the first phrase, write easily, optimistic. Stick to this conditional formula: one-third of the selling of posts, one-third entertainment and one-third posts of useful content.

3.2 Write prices.

Most people have a negative attitude to the lack of prices. Many note that associate the lack of price with the high cost of the goods. Some are just too lazy to specify the price and prefer to go to another store. Be very open.

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3.3 Describe the key benefits of the product.

Focus on the benefits, unique differences. How will decorate or change the life of the buyer Your product? What new will he bring? What is the difference between your products and competitors?

3.4 Tell us about new products.

Be sure to inform customers about the expansion of commodity positions, I assure you, users will appreciate it. Tell us who might like Your products. Give recommendations on the use of the product.

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3.5 Tell stories.

Through such texts it is easier to sell. Ask customers to share how buying in Your store has changed their lives for the better. For example, you sold a suit to a woman, she went in it for an interview and got the position.

3.6 Show the finished patterns of use of the product.

For example, you sell a brooch. Demonstrate with the carousel, with what other decorations you can combine it and what clothes will be appropriate for the brooch.

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3.7 Don’t write long texts.

Try to limit yourself to 2000 characters. Instagram is a visual social network, so focus on your photos. Be concise. Write the text and then rewrite, removing the information, without which you can easily do.

3.8 Publish reviews.

Thank the author for the confidence in the store, give the text of the review and accompany it with a beautiful photo. Feedback is an important element of trust. Do not neglect them. Don’t forget to share your feedback in storis and add to the special section in eternal storis.

4. Use amplifiers

Hashtags, geolocation will help you attract the target audience, and will be free advertising. And in order for them to work you need to use them correctly.

4.1 Use popular hashtags.

Rare not will help promote post. No need to use something very specific. View which hashtags to use competitors and contact them too. The most important rule — the hashtag should reflect the specifics of your business.

4.2 do Not write a lot of hashtags.

Five or seven will be enough. A lot of hashtags will not improve the position, but the post will look bulky and ugly.

4.3 use comments to post hashtags.

Place hashtags in the first comment below the post. With this maneuver, users may be curious who is the author of the comment, so the time of stay in your post will increase.

4.4 Come up with a corporate hashtag.

It should be associated with your brand or name on Instagram. Make it memorable, interesting, bright. Encourage subscribers to use this hashtag through contests and special promotions.

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4.5 Add geolocations.

This advice is relevant for sellers who also have an offline business. Moreover, some users use geo instead of hashtags for search. Do not forget about storis, the service allows you to use stickers with geolocation.

5. Attract subscribers

Attract subscribers free and paid methods of promotion, because they will help to increase the efficiency of sales in Instagram. Try different ways to understand which one works best for you.

5.1 Tell us in social networks about your account.

So you get the first subscribers. Tell on personal pages, and also mention in comments to other posts. Gently emphasize the uniqueness of your store.

5.2 mass following supplementing with misliking.

People are looking at subscriptions less and less, so be creative. Try different schemes: subscription + 3 likes, subscription + 5 likes. Evaluate results and adjust actions.

5.3 Buy advertising from bloggers.

Before you start cooperation, study how its target audience corresponds to buyers.

For example, if you have a store for extreme tourism, you should not advertise with a blogger-a model whose main meaning is doing nothing.

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5.4 Advertising on barter.

Find a blogger who is read and commented by your potential buyers. Invite him to talk about your product.

You should contact the micro-influencer, because a blogger with an audience of more than 10 thousand people is unlikely to agree to advertising on barter.

5.5 Try different formats of targeted advertising.

Pay great attention to the quality of the content. The success of the advertising campaign depends on it.

Entrust the text to an experienced copywriter and make a great photo. If you don’t, you’ll waste your money.

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5.6 Write comments.

This is a great way to promote your store without attachments. Find popular blogs on your topic.

Leave smart comments. Attract attention with humor, knowledge of the subject, challenging popular templates.

6. Engage subscribers

Involvement in Instagram is very important, especially in 2019. Use interactive methods of involvement: contests, marathons. It is also important not to forget to make discounts, organize promotions.

6.1 if you organize a marathon, make it short.

Not all subscribers are ready to perform the task for a long time in a row, it is important to take into account.

So make the marathon on 3-5 days is the optimal length of the free marathon.

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6.2 Limit the duration of the shares.

It is important to do honest discount. The buyer today is distrustful and monitors prices for a long time before making a purchase.

Tie the action to the holidays, thanks to the pleasant associations such discounts are more memorable.

6.3 Hold contests.

Raffle discounts, coupons, tell subscribers how to fulfill the conditions of the competition.

Before holding a contest together with other organizers, carefully check their reputation.

6.4 Invent contests for the best reviews.

Let customers publish reviews about the purchased products, and You will give a discount or a small gift at the next purchase.

Motivate people to mention your account as often as possible.

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6.5 Spend interesting live broadcasts.

Show behind the scenes of your business, share useful tips on the range.

Announce actions, other interesting actions, answer burning questions. Shorten the distance between you and the store.

7. Make orders

When ordering, be friendly, polite, attentive. If you see the hesitation of the buyer, help him. Read what exactly is waiting for the client.

7.1 Specify all details of the order.

Find out the color, style, size. Send the customer a dimensional grid, say the price, warn about the delivery time.

Make sure you understand each other correctly. It is very important that the result met the expectations of the buyer.

7.2 Make additional sales.

Offer related products. That is, try to offer a product that is as close to his order.
For example, if you sell glasses, offer to buy them a beautiful cover or a napkin for care.

7.3 Offer to call back.

If the buyer is in doubt, give it time, some buyers really need to Mature.

If you repeat the conversation, offer the client a small bonus. For example, a discount on your next purchase.

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7.4 Send a live photo of the goods.

This must be done so that the customer is not disappointed when receiving the order.

The photo should reflect as much as possible how the goods look in reality. Also, this move will help to increase the loyalty of the audience.

8. Squeeze customers

If the customer doubts whether to make a purchase, use special techniques.

It is important to do this so that the client does not feel pressure. He must Mature to a purchase using Your motivation.

8.1 tell Us about the limited period of the action.

When communicating with the client, indicate the date. Just do not overdo it with the term, the most optimal — it’s a few days.

If the buyer is interested in buying, the limited duration of the promotion will motivate him to buy.

8.2 Answer all customer questions.

If the client is in doubt because of the lack of information, tell him all the details and nuances.

Focus on the benefits, practical application of the product. If you sell jewelry, tell us what it can be worn.

8.3 Tell us about the positive experience of buying other buyers.

Take the information from the reviews: how your product was used by buyers.

What changes in their lives occurred after the purchase of goods? Make your story sincere and emotional.

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8.4 Inform about the guarantees.

For example: return period, warranty period. Do not forget about the reputation of the store: online reviews, the number of years on the market, legal documents.

In addition, the customer must know that if he does not fit the product, he can easily return it.

8.5 tell us about the limited number of goods.

Be very specific: there are only two dresses of your size left.

Tell the truth, because if the customer is ready to buy in a month and managers will tell him that the goods are still in stock, the credibility of Your store will be undermined.

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Apply these tips, and the question “how to sell on Instagram?” You will not have it. Just remember that you need to use the maximum number of tips, not two or three of the article.

And do not forget what products are the best selling and analyze in detail the target audience of this social.toils.

By the way, if you are interested in the theme of Instagram, and you want to row money with a shovel from this, I recommend to read and other materials on this website.

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