How do you write a good landing page?


The correct structure of the landing. All people are constantly in search of any chips and know-how. They are looking for interesting moves to the result increased tenfold.

And as our practice has shown, if all this increases profits, only in small amounts. When only the basics can truly make a difference.

And as a rule, such topics are always behind the scenes. And for good reason! It’s time to change priorities.

Today’s article will be devoted to the beginning of the beginning-what is the correct structure of the landing with high conversion.


If you have read up to this point and do not know for sure you need a landing page at all or not, then you can use the article “Unlike landing from the site: who will win?

It’s no secret that selling and perfect landing (aka one-page site) is not created by the will of his own imagination.

And on the basis of clear evidence-based analysis. That is, it is not so much a creative work as an accurate calculation.

So add a spoonful of tar in this barrel of honey. Namely, what you need to do before you create a new document called

” Prototype site”:

  • analyze the market and competitors;
  • identify expectations, stereotypes, fears, pains and objections of the target audience;
  • divide the CA into segments and define their selection criteria.

All these points are directly related not only to the creation of the landing page. But they will come in handy in many other aspects of the business.

So if you have not done it and, moreover, do not know how. Then start exploring this blog as soon as possible.


After the preparatory stage, the next thing on which our site will be built is the “warmth” of traffic. Because everything will depend on it!

And this content, and photos, and texts, and infographics. At this point, many make a mistake. But we’re not?

A real find for those who are thinking about creating a landing will be the so-called “The Awareness Ladder: Ben Hunt”.

The scheme looks as follows:

What is a Landing Page?
Landing Page: Build Cleverly and Avoid Mistakes

According to this scheme, the client must “Mature” and go through all 5 stages from lack of need to readiness to buy.

In order not to explain everything “on the fingers”, then everything will be based on real events, namely the example of landing page of one of our customers – carpet cleaning company “Clean square”.

By the way, the average result of all traffic – 6% conversion to the application, which in their niche can be called a purchase. Big or small? Read about it in our article “Average website conversion: myth destroyed”.

Well, let us examine in more detail the “level of awareness” of traffic. Then you will understand why it is so important. Let’s start from the first stage, based on our client.

Stage 1: No problem

Customers do not know what a dirty carpet and what it needs to be cleaned. They are all wonderful, as in a fairy tale, no problems.

To attract such customers and form their need, you will need to fork out and be patient. Most often these are customers who just bought it.

Therefore, in this case, our entire site will be impregnated with the structure of PMPHS. That is, your task with the first phrase to heat the atmosphere and tell you that the carpets need to be cleaned (processed after purchase).

Otherwise, there are bacteria that later settle in your body and cause disease until death. Under carpet sound stupid, but in other areas it may well be appropriate.

Step 2: There is a problem, there is no solution

People know that carpets need to be cleaned, that bacteria accumulate in them. But how to solve this issue they do not know. Use this information on your website. Describe what is the solution to this unpleasant situation.

Namely, in the first half of the site show your solution. That is you can call a company that will come and do everything at home. Or he will come, take away and bring.

And here we show the solution only within our service. Not showing other solutions. What is the difference between this stage and the third?

Step 3: there is a Solution, compare the options

If Your potential customer is not yet at this stage, that is possible provided. That you’re selling a new or rare solution that people haven’t heard of.

So you need to go back to stage 1 and 2. But if the client is already at this stage, he knows that:

  • You need to clean the carpet to extend its service life;
  • It is necessary to carry out prevention to avoid the accumulation of bacteria;
  • The carpet should be cleaned with special chemicals and equipment, not soap and vacuum cleaner;
  • You can bring even the worst stains to get rid of the adhering gum and even output the result of the activity of cat;

That is, for such requests as ” where to clean the carpet professionally” we can do land with a comparison of pros and cons:

  • our product
  • car wash,
  • self-cleaning,
  • visits of workers to the house.

Since in this case the client chooses between different approaches to get rid of the tasks that I wrote above.

But we must understand that these people are not ready to buy, they are quite ” cold” and still thinking:

– Maybe, all -??? on car wash or on their own?

Therefore, we make the first part of the site proof that our method is the best. And the second part is done with a hint that we are the company where you want to go. And by the way, this traffic is most on the Internet.

Step 4: product Selection

The client decided that he wants to use the services of professionals in the field of carpet cleaning, but there is no confidence in any of the presented.

At this stage, prove that Your company is the best and provides the best conditions among all others.

So from the first minute of getting to the site, our task is to convince that our company is the best. That our advantages are all advantages.

That our terms are better than a boiled egg. You can, for example, do this using the result block before/after (our cases).

structure of the landing page
Goal of a Landing Page

Step 5: Confidence and intention

Customers who come to such requests as” clean square carpet cleaning ” are looking for a specific company.

If you are not too well known, there will be very few or no such requests. Such customers, as they say,” hot ” nowhere. All they need to provide is our contacts and call to action.


Perhaps you have in anybody now full chaos after read, at least, I have so was in the first time. And I wouldn’t pay that much attention to it if the structure of the landing page wasn’t dependent on hunt’s Ladder.

And to understand at what level of awareness is Your client, it is necessary to determine the sources of traffic before creating.

When the landing page is created from scratch, the answer is very blurred, in the style of”Yes, we all try…Although, probably something one, or targeting, or contextual advertising… Have not yet decided.”

Why is that important?

With targeted advertising will come people who are in Stage 1-2. Rarely 3. And almost never 4. That is, they are ” barely warm.”

And before they buy, they still need to show-tell-explain. So don’t be fooled by the expectations of a huge conversion.

With contextual advertising is likely to come those who are in stage 4 or 5. And for sure they will open in the browser several sites of competitors in addition to yours.

Therefore, it is very important to pay enough attention to the Unique Trade Offer, to make it better than others.

Do not forget that the structure of the selling landing page also depends on the price of the product – for the sale of more expensive goods it is necessary to put much more effort.

And means to do more a long and emotional site. Although, if you sell, say, luxury cars, long text will not make your client accidentally Mature to purchase.

Now you understand that professional artists offer you to create different landing pages for different channels to attract customers.

Not because they want to earn more, but because it greatly increases efficiency?


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Returning to our example. Developing the site of “Clean square “we were based on” hot” keys and the same customers.

That is, our choice fell on contextual advertising and the site should attract those who already want to clean the carpet and choose a solution with the contractor.

The task was to stand out among the mass of competitors and catch the client.

Therefore, the structure of a single page looks like this:

  • Header;
  • Benefits;
  • Advantage over competitors;
  • Comparison with services / analogues;
  • An example of the result;
  • Operation condition;
  • Cleaning stages;
  • Why trust us;
  • Footer (map with address and contacts).

By the way! If you make a landing page yourself, then I highly recommend designer landing page — Instant Video Pages. There are already ready-made templates with excellent structures. This will greatly simplify your life

Block tasks

When creating and filling blocks and landing page elements, we relied on each of them to perform one of three tasks:

Drawing attention.

To be honest, in 95% of cases this task is closed eyes only if there is no 100% cool fact about the company or your product.

Reporting benefits.

What we see most often on all websites. Namely information about yourself loved ones or why you need to choose us.

Working off objections.

For example, working off the objection “What will happen if I spoil the carpet?”, the site looks like this (sorry for the text and its curve insert under the icon, as this is not the final layout):

Effective Landing Page
Structure an Effective Landing Page That Converts

A prototype of the website

Having determined the structure of the site, you should proceed to the creation of a prototype – the so-called technical specifications for the designer and layout designer.

Although even if you decide to do the landing yourself, it will also be useful to you. And this will help you such programs as Balsamiq or Moqups. They are nothing complicated and besides they are free.

Here is an example of a prototype, the structure of the landing page with diagrams. This prototype I honestly stole from our website dedicated to the creation of landing page

General Layout
The goal of a landing page is conversion!


Now you know the most basic thing about what is the correct structure of the landing and how to approach its creation. And now you know for sure that everything is not as easy as it seems at first glance.

For a logical conclusion, let’s summarize what we’ve learned. So.

When designing a structure, you need to:

  • Conduct marketing analysis,
  • determine the level of traffic awareness,
  • to determine objections to the selection criteria of the client.

And only after that (not earlier) to start development.


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