I spent 3 years writing about yachts, and owning one takes even more money than you think

eclipse superyacht
Really, yachts are just floating money.

If there’s one thing I took away from spending three years writing for the yachting industry and attending the Monaco Yacht Show, it’s that buying a superyacht is the absolute pinnacle of indulgence for the 1%.

You see, these behemoths of the sea cost a lot more than the price tag they come with, thanks to the upkeep they require — it’s a series of neverending expenses. There’s what I like to call the Big Four that will easily wear down an owner’s black AmEx: yacht crew, dockage, fuel, and maintenance, among a host of other eye-popping costs.

Just ask the crew who work on yachts.

I once spent a day running up and down the docks at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show asking crew one question: Would you buy a boat if you were rich? The answer, overwhelmingly, was no. Those that said yes were new to the industry — my guess is that they just didn’t know any better yet.

Because, really, yachts are just floating money.

Here’s how much it actually costs to own a superyacht, which is generally defined as a boat at least 80 feet in length.

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