How do I optimize my website conversion?

18 Quick Ways to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

Increase site conversion. “There is a website, advertising has been set up, but there are no applications. What to do? ”Is one of the most popular calls to us.

How to Improve Website Conversion Rate?

If we look deeply at this problem, there can be many reasons. Starting from the product that you sell. And ending with the type of delivery to the client.

But in practice, in most cases, we always see the same key problems. Because of which the increase in site conversion is inhibited.


You can guess what the problem is for a long time. And even have time to find the guilty in this. But at the exit you can make a mistake. Since the totals that affect the conversion of the site – just dark.

In my article, the average conversion of the site I have already written some of these factors.

And before you start breaking and breaking everything. We have to create several hypotheses for testing. And do it best based on four strategies:

1. Brainstorming

Sit down with the team or with yourself and start writing out all possible options. “What can be done to make clients perform the action better.”

After you answer this question, ask yourself it again. But in other words, namely “Why customers leave”.

During this assault, I recommend to write down all the ideas from the head. Since that for you now may seem complete nonsense. For visitors will be almost the most important on the site.

2. Method “Grandma”

This method has a strange name and for good reason. Its purpose is to show the site to an audience that is not computerized as much as possible.

So they highlighted what they did not like. And the main thing that they do not understand. After all, if your audience is not the most advanced Internet. That such method will show you a lot of weak points.

Again, it may seem to you that many tips are delusional. But this is the whole point. If it is clear to the “grandmother.” That means it will be clear to everyone.

And once again to convince you. Think about the fact that people often watch your website relaxed. And that means they may not understand much either. For example, because just tired.

3. Target audience

The same block for the analysis of the site, like the last. Just already asking is not a “grandmother”. And their potential or existing customers.

Thereby you will have another look. And do not forget to use the cherished phrase “What else?”. It will help you get dozens of times more information.

4. Analytics

My most favorite. Since one thing is to listen to people. And another thing to watch what they actually do.

Therefore, if you have previously stood on the site such a service as Google Analytics. Go to the service and analyze. Pay attention to such figures as:

  • bounce rate;
  • click map;
  • scrolling card;
  • web viewer

All this data will create a lot of hypotheses. For example, we previously tested the demand for our services on our website in this way.

Namely, on our main page we laid out various services in the a / b test. And looked at what more clicked. This helped us a lot to create the services that are most expected from us.

Of course, it is even better if you are not looking at the data according to Analytics, but using a special end-to-end analytics service like E2E Analytics. Then you will be able to see thoroughly and in detail the whole picture.


When you have collected a huge number of different hypotheses, among which there are also extremely stupid and simple. It is necessary to prioritize these hypotheses.

We do this in order to understand what needs to be changed first. And what can now be neglected.

This separation is called the point of contact. The point is to find the most important points. According to which the client determines he will buy from you or not.

By the way, they are both separately within the site, and throughout the company, even if you just have a retail store.


In the market, we have been making websites since 2011. And during this time have seen a large number of different implementations.

Frankly, I can tell you that in each of them something can be improved. And the most interesting thing is that our sites are no exception. We recognize this, and even with this thought we sleep peacefully at night.

And this is not because we are working poorly, but because it is impossible to foresee everything at once.

Cannot be foreseen:

  • How the market will change.
  • What will be the result of traffic.
  • What will a competitor do in a month?
  • And so on.

And according to the previously compiled list of more than 100 hypotheses, we have seen that this process is endless.

Later in this article, based on our experience, I will list the key principles for increasing conversion. But before that, I want to put the biggest emphasis on three of them. Because it is almost the main thing on any site.

1. Capture Form

This is probably the most important tool on any site.

But man still doubts. He seems to have mentally said goodbye to $ 15,000, buying your goods. But formally your money is still with him.

So, for this, the site should have a capture form that will attract leaving your data in return for a nice bonus.

Nuance. The fewer fields to fill, the better. That is, if you ask in the form to write only the name and e-mail, it is more likely to fill it. Than the form with the name, phone and e-mail address.

Increase Your Website's Conversion Rate
18 Quick Ways to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

If the form works poorly, and it is from it that there are few applications, then your offer is not relevant.

It is necessary to draw the right conclusions and change it. And such a selection of proposals may take more than one month.

We have a huge number of examples when we changed calls to action and the results soared upwards. Real site builders have a belief. That power is not in design or in text. The strength of the call to action.

2. Clinging Headline

If the visitor does not see the visitor for 3 seconds when entering your site, then what he was looking for, he will simply close the tab. Remember yourself?

When searching for the necessary information you quickly open a lot of tabs. And then also close them quickly. Because at first glance, there is not what is needed now.

So here. It is important that in the very first block of your site there is a catchy title. It is better if it is in the form of a unique trading offer

USP which will most get into the client’s need, fear or pain. It is also a good option to use the structure – 4u headers.

Design a catchy headline in terms of addition. What your potential buyer wants to see when looking for your product.

Place it on the first screen so that it cannot be skipped. And do not forget about testing. Because not immediately you can get to the perfect title.

3. Contacts for communication

It would seem a banal point. But just a couple of days ago we advised one of the companies in the innovation niche. The company sells a sufficient number of franchises monthly.

And imagine, such a large company has no feedback with them in the header of the site. To find this data, you need to go to the tab, then another tab, and only there. By clicking on the button, you will see the contacts.

In the case of landing, the difficulty may arise if the contacts are only in the footer of the site (very bottom). After all, not all customers inspect the landing page to the end.

The client may already make a decision about the purchase, or at least a consultation. In addition, a waste of time searching for contacts, most often causes irritation. Because of what the client leaves irrevocably.

Every year in the world there are more and more new ways to communicate. WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Skype, Carrotquest and online consultants.

Install yourself an application or service to increase the conversion of the site, and thereby simplify the connection between you and the client.

The remaining sections and site elements

The title as if conveys the idea in the style of “everything that comes next, does not matter and will not affect the increase in the conversion of the site.”

But it is not. Above, I voiced three points that should be paid attention first of all.

And now I will sign the points to which you also need to have a hand in the process. And do not forget about the law of priority.

4. Answers to all questions

It is important that your site answers all the questions that a client has when searching. Therefore, be sure to work out the structure of the landing page from the point of view of the client. Consider which blocks are missing, and which blocks provide extra information.

5. Suitable images

For example.

If you want to convey the idea that your product is made of reliable metal. It would be logical to show the product under load. Make a kind of photo test drive.

And not just a piece of metal with a description. And a little nuance, at the subconscious level. Better perceived product in the process. Or already the result after using it.

6. Key persons

Most owners are not ready for publicity and this is their big minus. Since companies that show their faces, including the manager, are more credible. This means that the conversion of the website increases.

7. Free admission

Doubtful way to increase performance, but still has a place to be. If you have the opportunity to give something free, give it. The main thing do not forget to calculate the profitability. And think about how you will transfer the client from this free to paid.

8. Property-advantage-benefit

The point is to speak in three languages ​​within one text. For example, the property (white) – advantage (spectacular) – benefit (Girlfriend Megan, will die from envy).

9. Choice without choice

You may lose visitors to the site because they do not like your price or terms. To this was not. Make several variations of different work packages.

In this way, you will meet different needs. In addition, a cheap version of the product can be used as a magnet in your company.

10. Technical factors

A lot of technical issues can spoil the result of your site.

You need a website:

  • Quickly opened.
  • Correctly displayed in all browsers.
  • Worked well on all devices.
  • It is desirable that the code was error free.

To do this, you can use any service on the Internet, read more in “Site Evaluation Criteria

11. Mobile version

All sites have different traffic, but if you take Google search results. That 60% -70% of users access websites via mobile devices.

Therefore, if your site has a mobile version, it will also have a positive effect on applications. At the same time help in SEO marketing

12. Retargeting

Are you looking for “Beauty Salon“ Crown ”? Then get ready that you will now be haunted by images and texts all over the internet. With a call to come to the beauty salon “Crown”.

Of course, if they use such functionality. Or retargeting service. That is, the prosecution of those people who were on your site.

Retargeting does not fit into the most direct ways to increase site conversion. Rather, it is an indirect way. But he works.

13. Video

Somehow we could not run the site for a month. And all because they could not persuade a single employee from the company to record it in the video.

And without a video, they could not start either, since the product is complex. And only through video, it was possible to effectively convey the whole idea. 30 days and the plot is filmed. The result on the face.

14. Simplify

After analyzing the method of “grandmother” you will understand where the areas where people are starting to get confused.

That’s just to increase the performance is a good option to take and simplify everything. Including texts. Make them short and simple.

15. Design

Based on our tests, we have identified a general pattern. That design has virtually no effect on increasing site conversion.

Only under the condition that he had not been simply “terribly beautiful” before. If this is your case, then it is worth thinking about rebranding.

16. Multilending

Show each visitor exactly what he wants to see. The point is that if a person was looking in the search system “Spare parts for Honda”. Then we show him the title, text, image, and so on with the words “Honda Parts”.

This can be implemented using a special service, on the designer of Landing pages Profit Canvas, and using a script.

17. Traffic

Sometimes it’s not about the site, but about the traffic. And this may well be you. People just do not come to those, or just the site does not answer the questions of those who come.

In general, you need to link into a single site and traffic. And if you are sure of the site. Then look at the advertising companies, as far as they correspond to you.

18. Social networks

Another psychological trust trigger. It shows that you are a solid company, and you not only can, but also need to be trusted.

The main thing is that social networks are alive, otherwise the opposite effect may occur and you will lose a buyer.


Make it yourself on a simple and efficient constructor. It will be 100 times cheaper



Improving site conversion is a process that can be done indefinitely.

The perfect sequence looks like this:

  • we build a hypothesis;
  • set priorities;
  • we introduce.

Moreover, it is desirable to do it all gradually using a / b test. Because if you change everything at once. You will not understand what worked and what was the opposite worse.

And I will reveal a terrible secret to you, saying “site conversion” is incorrect. Because there is no site conversion, there is traffic conversion.

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