What is the best marketing tool?


Instrumenty Internet marketing, how much attention they pay? In this article we will analyze what they are and whether to translate the business on the Internet.


For different areas of business need different tools of Internet marketing. For example, for a hairdresser in a small area enough pages in Instagram and Facebook.

And for a company engaged in the delivery of flowers, in addition to accounts in social networks need a website and contextual advertising.

Internet marketing. This is not even a trend. This is some kind of insanity. “Business should be translated into the Internet! All the customers and money are there now!”.

Partly, Yes. But this is said by people who have 100% offline businesses and who believe that Internet marketing will be their salvation.

Remember Jesus had 12 apostles? And if Internet marketing can be associated with it (well, still see it as the Messiah), the 12 apostles are the tools of Internet marketing.


The fact that the Internet has irrevocably joined our lives is useless to deny. We endlessly sit in social networks, communicating with other people, watching movies and TV series. We are looking for the necessary information on websites, forums and blogs.

And no matter what site we went to, no matter what picture or link we clicked, everywhere we meet advertising. This is the notorious Internet marketing, which we will talk about today.

But traditionally, let’s see what it is. Versions of” smart ” from Wikipedia will not write, just simply and briefly:

Internet marketing is the promotion of a product or service through the Internet and via the Internet.


Everyone compares online and offline space. And come to the opinion that the Internet has become stronger in every sense.

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And certainly this is true, but let’s look for starters, what does “stronger”.

1. Measurability

Remember that saying about half the money going down the drain? So, Internet marketing, unlike offline marketing, will be able to say exactly where your money is going.

Because here everything is very clearly visible. When you set up and use Analytics correctly, you can see a lot.

For example you can find out:

  • When I bought the client who came to your site,
  • where it is,
  • what computer does he use
  • what kind of ad he was interested in (you can believe me, it’s still very rough settings, they are usually deeper).

In offline marketing you will never get this. All you can do is find out that the man came with the radio on a flyer. And the, obtaining such a knowledge will more luck, than a near certainty.

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2. Focus 1.0

Let’s face it, offline advertising is getting worse and worse. And mostly for the massive and famous products.

Remember most known, after “Costly”, objection -” I need to think!”. And people go to think just on the Internet. Especially if it is a little-known product.

That is the mechanics that is:

People saw offline advertising and went to the Internet to look for information about the seen product or service. There they also make a targeted decision about the purchase.

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In other words, offline creates demand, online satisfies it.

3. Focus 2.0

Not so long ago, one of our clients we wanted to run advertising on the radio. And all I was able to provide — is the study of the audience of this radio a year ago.

“Basically, we listen to men from 30 to 40 years of average income.” There is no such ugly non-targeted approach to the Internet.

Do you need customers who are in the center of New York and access the Internet from Apple computers? It’s easy to arrange.

I just wrote above about the settings, measurability and rough settings

So, not rough settings-this is when you see that the person accessing your website is in the center of New York and doing it from an Apple computer. In this case, the price of goods or services automatically rises by 10-15%.

Do you need travelers who fly to resorts 2-3 times a year and at the same time hold senior positions in companies? This is also easy to arrange.

For example, in Facebook, when setting up targeted advertising, this is done by putting 2 ticks. That’s it! Agree, offline this can not even dream of.

Internet marketing tools or still offline

4. Desire

Do you want customers who will buy tomorrow and at the same time do not know your company? It’s possible. This is how contextual advertising works together with a one-page site.

By the way, you can create your own landing turnkey on the best landing page designer. So don’t thank

To do this offline, you must have either a large established base of loyal customers. Or the prices are several times lower than the market average.


Remember I mentioned the 12 apostles in online marketing? It’s time to study them. Since with their help, you can build an Empire on the Internet and capture all customers. Okay, not all, but many.

So, here are these Internet marketing fighters:

  1. Content marketing;
  2. SEO marketing;
  3. Contextual advertising;
  4. Social media advertising;
  5. Media advertising;
  6. Teaser ads;
  7. Viral marketing;
  8. E-mail marketing;
  9. Video marketing;
  10. CPA marketing.
  11. Targeted advertising
  12. Messenger

Next, I will briefly talk about each of the tools. In short, because the part already written detailed and complete articles. And the rest are already in the plan, so do not miss

1. Content marketing

In short, it is the creation and placement of information, which, first of all, is useful for the client, and only then sells.


  • The content that users are looking for and which is useful for them, is not perceived as advertising, respectively, practically does not cause irritation;
  • Great effect on the issuance of your blog/site in search results. Especially if the content is rare and unique;
  • Increases your awareness and expertise. Especially if you create content in a highly specialized direction.


  • If you approach professionally, you need the work of the whole team (copywriters, editors, seo-specialists, etc);
  • It takes a lot of time from the idea to at least the first result.

2. SEO (search engine) website promotion

This is when the owners say: “and I’m driving” buy phone New York”and my site in the first place.” Is usually referred to as this. Read more about what it is and how it works in this article “SEO marketing: your contribution to the future”.


  • Greatly increases traffic to the site;
  • One just need to bring in the TOP, and then periodically to maintain;
  • The site already comes to potential customers who are looking for a product or a solution to their problem, in this regard, the conversion from potential buyers to real ones is very high.


  • Long term results;
  • You need to have specific knowledge or hire professionals (which, by the way, you will not be able to control too carefully).

There may be a question. What is the difference between content marketing and SEO marketing? They look alike. Yes and no.

Both tools work with information, but content marketing is an approach to delivering information, and SEO marketing is a tool for delivering that information.

3. Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising of the site is when you type in a Google search some question and you are offered a solution marked “Advertising”. Or just show the company, which can provide you with all possible assistance in this.

Tools of Internet marketing
Tools of Internet marketing, contextual advertising


  • You can find exactly your target customers;
  • Fast customers and, as a result, fast sales;
  • No need to optimize your website for SEO. It is enough to make it just work;
  • Statistics. Easily track the budget, requisition, purchase.


  • Difficulty settings (I’m on the normal setting instead of “anyhow”). Therefore, you will either have to take special courses or contact special agencies;
  • In a highly competitive niche very expensive clicks and applications, so partially have to look for workarounds;
  • There is no specific cost of clicks or requests, so “I have to say how much we need a budget and how many clients will receive a” fail;
  • Fewer people click on the ads marked “Ads”.

4. Social media advertising

Promotion in social networks. Articles in this case a huge variety, both General, which will give you an understanding about the

Promotion of business in social networks.” And more focused and interesting, for example, “instagram account Promotion“.


  • Very lively and interactive audience, which with attention and care can become very loyal;
  • If it’s just group management and not targeted advertising, the management can be on their own. Accordingly, it is free, but little effective.


  • Social media costs pay off globally, it’s hard to pay back immediately;
  • Social networks are not suitable for all businesses. Of course, there are examples when the factories lead a page on Facebook. And successfully get out of them customers, but to come to this, they have invested a lot of effort and a large amount of money;
  • Require a lot of attention, as users in the social. networks are used to a lot of attention and they are not so easy to catch.

5. Media advertising

These are the most standard banners that are placed on a less decent site with good attendance.

Probably one of the oldest, most annoying and less working advertising tools on the Internet.


  • Good influence on memorability and recognition;
  • Large audience coverage, thus it is possible to get random buyers.


  • Dearly;
  • A low CTR.

6. Teaser ads

For example:

Britney Spears was obliged to pay the ex-husband more than 100 thousand dollars of alimony! At the dacha of the Minister of economy found $10 billion.

In short, I’ve just described to you what teaser advertising is, that is, a provocative and catchy picture with a shocking title that makes a potential client click and go to the site.


  • Large-scale coverage;
  • Minimal settings.


  • It is perceived as advertising, and very aggressive;
  • As a rule, traffic to the site is chased through the gasket (blog, simulating useful information about the product), thus the conversion is significantly reduced.

7. Viral marketing

The guy under the pseudonym Enjoyker, which yesterday no one knew, just took the famous video with Shia LaBeouf (Just do it), made a Remix… and got 5 million views on the network.

Now it does so with other videos and gets millions of views. If not seen, here is one of his works:


  • Very high loyalty of the audience. People love to spread content that makes them laugh or shock;
  • Loyalty to the product or service is increased, so purchases will be made with increased confidence;
  • Viral content is easy to disperse (sometimes it is even placed completely free of charge).


  • It’s not easy to create a video that goes viral. We need knowledge and skill (especially if we are talking about a viral video for business);
  • In order to make the video viral, it needs to be “pushed”, that is, financially invest in its placement;
  • Short-term effect.

8. E-mail marketing

Briefly, you leave on some page your name and email to get some useful material (in professional language this is called ” magnet”)

After that, you begin to receive emails with articles or various help (at best). Or simply frankly selling (in the worst case).

Traditionally, to understand this, it is better to read this article “Email marketing: how to create an effective newsletter”.


  • You can create different chains for different target audiences (for this I highly recommend the service AIOP);
  • Possibility to make a tool that will automatically attract and convert your readers/visitors.


  • The need to understand the various services for collecting and sending letters;
  • Without an incoming stream (for example, a blog), you need a decent budget for advertising.

9. Video marketing

Creation, production and distribution of video content. In a nutshell, shoot a video that is looking for your target audience, spread it on video hosting Youtube.

Output video to the TOP, and get customers. Read more about how to bring your video TO the top of Youtube here. Also do not forget about the very advertising on Youtube.


  • It is quite easy to produce and pour the video on the channel and does not require specific knowledge;
  • In a narrow niche may not be competitors;
  • People like to watch small videos (no more than 10 minutes), which are not difficult to shoot;
  • On the first couple it is not necessary to buy expensive equipment.


  • The quality of the rollers should be good, especially if the niche is competitive;
  • One video is nothing, you have to release them constantly and accustom your audience to it;
  • Without a base or budget to promote the movie is quite difficult.

10. CPA marketing

CPA or”cost per action”. That is, when you pay for the Commission of some actions.

Here remember all the boring advertising in the Internet all sorts of creams from hemorrhoids or teas for weight loss. Which lead to a website that convinces you to buy this ” vital to you here”?

As soon as the person who came to the site leaves his contacts, managers call him and squeeze on the phone. And the person who brought the client to this site receives money for his application.

That is, in this case, the fee will be for the next action — that person left a request on the site with the desire to buy the goods.

The professionals who attract customers so called “arbitrazhnyi”, and the this approach of “traffic arbitrage”. Now briefly reveal the underside of arbitration.

The average cost of remuneration for the left application for such goods is 7-11 dollars. Basically it is suitable for goods with a margin of 500%.
For example.

Corsets for weight loss, which are sold at retail at a price of 50-70 dollars, in the purchase cost 5-10$. And the average turnover of applications, which can provide more or less experienced arbitrator is 100-150 applications per day.


  • An experienced arbitrator can arrange from 100 potential applications per day;
  • If you have a budget, you can”grab a niche.”


  • Suitable only for goods, and with a high margin;
  • Need specific connections and acquaintances;
  • Money should be paid almost immediately after receiving the application, and sales may not be soon;
  • Difficult entry;
  • To do business with the help of CPA-marketing you need a considerable budget.

For example.

To go and normally sell a lot of goods you need to start with 30-45 thousand dollars, which will last for 20-30 days.

11. Targeted advertising

Targeted advertising-ads aimed at a certain group of consumers. It is often used in social networks. The user, who is “sparsely”, sees the advertisement and goes through it to the site.

Targeted advertising is used mainly by those who are promoted in social networks.


  • The result in the form of the first visitors or leads is noticeable on the first day of placement.


  • To advertising worked, you need to spend money on it;
  • Constantly analyze and Refine ads;
  • To come up with new creatives;

12. Messenger

Messengers are communication services that can be used in different ways.

For example, use them to communicate with customers: the user will be more convenient to communicate through the messenger on the smartphone than every time to turn on the laptop.

Sometimes you can send newsletters-the user who received interesting information is likely to follow the link.


The use of messengers is a strong unique trade offer, because so far they are used by few. In addition, communication in them is absolutely free.


Most customers react negatively to spam, so it is better to use messengers only to communicate with established customers.


While I was writing the article I realized that if there is no detailed explanation of each approach with clear examples and explanations. As, for example, about CPA-marketing, it is very difficult to understand it.

Especially if you have not encountered this before. The most nasty and the worst news for you is that these Internet marketing tools work alone very, very badly.

If you want to create a normal business and a system of attracting customers, at least remotely resembling an Autonomous one, you will have to use everything in the complex.

For example.

  • In social networks, the audience is warmed up with the help of content marketing or video marketing;
  • Then it goes to your blog, where it is converted into potential customers;
  • It is pressed with the help of email marketing.

The scheme is the most simple and conditional, for example, there is no retargeting, offline pointers and other delights of squeezing your client, but the meaning, I think you caught.

Want more customers? Use more tools. But always look for a middle ground, and then burst.

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