What is marketing in a company?


The marketing Department is a “fist of rage”, which is able to spread your competitors into a million small competitors and start the flywheel of development.

Well, you already dream of your own Department? Then welcome to the article, we will analyze this Department on bones


Most likely, you already know the answer to this question, but if you can not decide, then I will help you. I have my own options that determine who needs marketing and who doesn’t. But more on that below.

Importantly. There is no truism. In any situation and business, you can find ways to build a Department of at least one person.

Don’t need a marketing Department

One of my friends, a businessman, a concert hall designer, said:”My marketing Department is me and a couple of hours in the sauna with the right people.”

In part, I agree with him, and he was an influential person in narrow circles (I’m talking about a personal brand). And he certainly has no problems with customers. In this situation, and without the marketing Department is relatively good.

Now let me give you another example. One day, the owner of a building materials retail business asked me “ ” How to build a marketing Department?”.

And when I told him all the nuances of construction, he refused. And all because it does not pull at the moment such an idea, and his business did not have the proper scale.

Bottom line: if you have a small or not established business, you are not ready to allocate money for the marketing budget. Or you yourself know better than any marketer how to attract the right customers. You don’t need a marketing Department.

What is the role of a marketing department?
A marketing department promotes your business

The marketing Department needs

And immediately with examples, to better understand. The plant for the production of connecting contacts for cars stopped in development and experienced problems with orders.

Because for 20 years he used the usual sales schemes. And it continued until the owner introduced the marketing Department.

With the advent of the Department in the company has changed a lot, have been implemented:

1. new promotion systems,
2. motivational scheme for employees,
3. loyalty program
4. special conditions for partners.

Naturally, things went uphill.

Bottom line: if you want to develop your business, keep your finger on the pulse and improve. And also ready to allocate a budget for marketing communications, and on the Department itself, feel free to create it.

The Role of a Marketing Department
What is the role of sales and marketing?


Without a doubt, the marketing Department can bring both benefits and harm. It’s not as scary as it sounds, but … …

For the Department to be effective for you, you will have to Tinker with it and provide a comfortable environment. Therefore, it is important to understand its pros and cons and since there are hundreds of them.

Now I will list the main advantages:

  • The possibility of development of the company;
  • Deviation from the competition;
  • Identifying hidden problems;
  • Determining the direction of development;
  • Improve quality of service;


  • The increase in the salary Fund;
  • No 100% guarantee of result;
  • Unqualified personnel.

By the way, with the right approach cons can be avoided or reduced to a minimum. In addition, if you are already hardened by the reality of business and are not used to look at the processes through rose-colored glasses. The cons You are not afraid.


What are the functions, goals and objectives of this Department? This issue will always exist among staff and managers who are not aware of the full scope of the division’s tasks.


The purpose of the Department can be quite different. And everything, as usual, depends on specific situations.

Could be a short-term target.

For example, to hold an event to promote sales. And maybe long-term-access to a new market.

But there are the most basic goals of the Department:

  • Increasing market share;
  • The development of the company’s image;
  • Increased revenue;
  • Suspension from the competition;
  • The launch of a new product;
  • Sales growth.

Although, if we speak globally, all the goals of the marketing Department, as well as the company in General, are reduced to one — an increase in profits. It does not say, and do anything for money.

Functions of the division in simple words:

  • Preparation of marketing plan;
  • Market research;
  • The brand positioning of the company;
  • Company promotion;
  • Pricing;
  • Assortment policy of the company;
  • Generation of new ideas and ways of development;
  • Analysis of marketing activities.

Of course the functions I have not listed everything. And this is because the marketing Department is involved in almost all processes of the company, so the functions can be diverse.


Here everything is very simple. If the functions are strategic decisions, the tasks are local, that is, the duties of the marketing Department.

And tasks can be influenced by many different factors:

1. market situation,
2. in the law,
3. in the head of the head,
4. weather and so on.

Therefore, there are 12 main tasks of the Department:

  1. Data collection and analysis;
  2. Study and analysis of the target audience;
  3. Making plans and reports;
  4. Development of promotion and development strategies;
  5. Audit of sales and sales channels;
  6. Development of marketing and PR communications;
  7. Monitoring of pricing policy of the sphere of activity;
  8. Product analysis and product matrix compilation;
  9. Search for new markets;
  10. Compliance and maintenance of the marketing plan;
  11. Plan and sales adjustments;
  12. Interaction with all divisions of the company.
    And on and on and on..

The most basic aspects of the marketing Department, we have analyzed. Now it remains to make adjustments according to your business area.


What do you think the position of the marketing Department in the organizational structure of the enterprise depends on? That’s right, from the Manager.

As it is, or adopt the rules of the structure. That is, who submits to whom, who agrees with whom.

Marketing Department is on a par with such components of the organizational structure of the company as production, Finance and personnel.

Although, someone puts the production of the main element in the management system of the company, someone Finance. Sometimes even such that marketing becomes the main element, but it is in rare cases.

Even with “equal rights” in the structure, the marketing Department always gets the least attention to itself.

At the same time, marketing staff should interact with all other departments. And often the structure looks like this:

  • marketing department
  • place in the structure

And if you are going to add a marketing Department to your structure, then get ready for serious work.

Because it would be like a situation with a three-seater bench, which should seat four people.


What are the roles in marketing?
What is a marketing department responsible for?

This is the case when the staff really decide. And at the moment, the most common personnel structure in enterprises now looks like this:

  • marketing department
  • staffing structure

And to understand and identify the very professionals who will develop your business.

First, let’s analyze how many people and what positions should be in the marketing Department.


Consider the most popular positions that can make your business “rocket”.

1. Head of department

As with any team, the marketing Department must have a responsible person.

This is a specialist of the marketing Department, which is engaged in strategic planning of the company’s development and is responsible for all activities.

  • plan compliance
  • management of the Department.

This position is suitable for a marketer who has at least 3 years of experience. And the presence of a diploma in marketing is not necessary.

2. Marketing and advertising Manager

In professional language, they can be called marketers-those who implement the company’s marketing strategy.

They conduct diplomacy with suppliers of advertising materials, services, make technical specifications for designers, supervise the release of materials in the MEDIA.

Sign a contract with them, make reports, etc. Specialist with experience of one year in the office is an indispensable Department.

3. Analyst / Web analyst

Marketing analyst, another position without which the marketing Department will “experience” a sense of inferiority.

Without scrupulous Analytics, it will simply not be clear how the company will proceed, what to focus on.

This position is suitable for a specialist with a mathematical mindset and experience in this field.

4. Specialist in contextual advertising

Now it is an integral position in the Department. Even if the entrepreneur is not able to build a marketing Department.

And plans to hire only one employee in the marketing Department, the specialist in contextual advertising first in his list.

Naturally, if you have a website and you want to develop it. A person with experience of continuous work from one year perfectly join the team.

5. SEO specialist

Without SEO specialist marketing Department You will not be able to reduce the cost of advertising budget and promote the site in search engines. So he pairs up with a contextual.

6. Programmer

If you know that you will actively develop your website, it will be difficult without a programmer, to put it mildly.

And I want to say that it is not necessary to keep the programmer in the state, unless you, of course, do not make every minute changes to the work of the site. One-time events can be easily done by a specialist on the remote.

7. Marketolog

Social networks are a huge driving force of many businesses. And you know very well what these specialists are doing.

It can be one employee if his experience in this field is more than one year.

8. Copywriter

In fact, this specialist is needed where you want to encourage people to make any action and sell by means of text.

For example, speeches for politicians, video scripts, commercial offers, sales scripts, e-mail newsletters, advertising slogans, and so on. Write copywriters. The experience of such a specialist should be at least two years.

9. Decorator

Designer is a mandatory link of the marketing Department. And unlike marketers, who just to sell, designers are responsible for visual perception.

For example, the design of images in social networks, business cards, commercial offers, price lists, website and a lot of everything. Therefore, if the portfolio of the designer will suit you, then take it to yourself.

Number of specialists

The number of people depends on your goals, resources and size of the business. Somewhere enough one, with a narrow specialization, and somewhere and 15 specialists will not be enough.

Consider the main situations and criteria for determining the number of people:

1. Department of one specialist

The usual scheme for companies with a small turnover, when the marketing Department consists of one specialist.

Most often, the owner does not realize what exactly he needs and who is a marketer. In such a specialist trying to” stamp ” a dozen positions.

Not realizing that even if this “super-man” is competent in 20 positions, it is not enough just physically at all. And no payment in this will not help.

2. Department and two specialists

This option is the most popular among entrepreneurs. One deals with promotion, and the other with Analytics and research.

They can replace each other or complement, so this tandem is many times more effective than the first option. However, their resources are also limited and it will be difficult for them to provide comprehensive marketing.

3. Full-fledged Department (3 — 8 professionals)

These guys can seriously “make noise” in the market of your sphere. In this case, the marketing Department consists of a promotion specialist, a marketing analyst and a PR specialist.

As well as other professionals, depending on the goals and objectives that can run the flywheel of the company.

Part of the work they can perform by themselves or through contractors (remote experts). It makes sense to build such a Department if the turnover of your company is tens or hundreds of millions.


“Dilemma” – a word that arises in the head when the question: to take in the state or better to find outsourcing? But …

One cannot be better or worse than the other. The main thing is to understand that for everyone there is an option and its capabilities.

And also I remind you that there is a related option, for example, when the state has the main specialists, and narrow profile work on outsourcing.


The fundamental point of the choice of third — party organizations for business processes-financial. In fact, outsourcing was invented with the purpose of cost reduction, it cost reduction, not a complete exception.

If you are a startup or a small business, then most likely you will come to the decision to get an outsourcing marketing Department.


The staff is suitable If you are building a company in the long term. You also have a development plan for several years.

And you are aware of the costs and risks of maintaining a marketing Department. And they are ready to invest in employees and provide them with a workplace.

Or, you want a team of professional people to deal only with Your project. And I knew all the nuances of the business that outsourcers do not know.

And You realize that with all the costs the division will bring more results than losses, and then feel free to recruit employees in the state.


Marketing Department KPIs (performance indicators) are pre — defined indicators that must be achieved within a certain period of time and aimed at achieving the company’s goals.

The definition turned out to be difficult, at first glance, and maybe even incomprehensible, but everything is simple. In short, the following indicators will be important for You:

  1. The increase in new cases;
  2. Impact on sales;
  3. Return on marketing investment;
  4. Brand awareness;
  5. Increase the number of repeat purchases;
  6. Increase brand loyalty;
  7. Implementation of the marketing plan.

This is a standard set of KPIs for the Department, that is, the motivation of the Department, based on which the salaries of employees will be calculated.

By the way, I want to note that you can set the rate of indicators both on the Department as a whole and on a certain person.

And here is an example of KPI for an individual employee:

  • The effectiveness of the actions.;
  • Cost per click and CTR in contextual advertising;
  • Increase of the website in organic results;
  • Website conversion increase;
  • The price of the subscriber in the group;
  • Ready sales script;
  • Approved content plan;
  • LTV;
  • NPS.


Easy task. To be honest, the search for candidates through ads on various resources is not a magic pill.

Because the person who comes on the ad is not always competent. A priori, these are people without proper experience or excessive requirements. Because tough guys aren’t looking for work. Work finds them.

In addition, the search for candidates is not the primary task, as many entrepreneurs believe. So now let’s look at the basic steps of building a marketing Department.

Step 1. Goals and objectives

“We need a marketing Department. Start looking” is a standard phrase of business owners. And why is it needed or is it necessary at all? Incomprehensibly.

Marketing Department goals and objectives

That is, first you need to have a plan for the development of your company. Not super detailed, but preliminary.

It should spell out the long-term goals of the business and the processes by which these goals will be achieved.

The plan should also contain a clear understanding of the financial situation, dynamics and forecasts of business development. You need this in order to determine the personnel of the future Department.

Step 2. The structure and composition of

You need full-time specialists (although some employees can be found on outsourcing) and you have goals and objectives for the development of the company.

Often the chiefs divide the Department into divisions. For example, a marketing Manager, analyst, and Department head in the strategic planning division.

Specialist in contextual advertising, SEO and programmer in the division “site Production”.

In my opinion, this should not be done, as the integrity of the team is lost.

You have no idea how powerful the Department is when everyone in it is responsible for everyone, so to speak. No units. Only a collective effort.

Step 3 cost Calculations

The most vital stage is the creation of the Department and its further maintenance. You must determine the salary Fund. Find a room and provide jobs with everything you need.

And also to determine the budget of the marketing Department. You know, advertising, POS materials, special services and so on.

The salary calculation should be based on the experience of the candidates and Your region.

You may also have noticed that almost half of the budget is allocated for staff training. Since to get the most out of your own marketing Department, you need to invest in it.

Step 4 Requirements

Now let’s run through the most basic parameters that need to be considered in the candidates of your marketing Department. With which you will be side by side to make plans to capture the market.


Experience will be a great advantage. However, you can consider the candidate and without experience, but then you have to teach it yourself.


The same cases — the presence of practical examples in previous jobs. And the presence of bad experience is not a minus, but a plus.


To engage in any activity without motives is a strange position. Just ask the question, ” Why Are you doing this?”

Company value.

The candidate must know and accept your values. However, a good specialist is ready to offer his opinion without fanatical obsession.

Interview. Assessment of the candidate at the turn of fire. His clothes, behavior, ability to answer questions, improvise and act in unusual situations.

I will not describe in detail all the requirements, as there are many of them.


Building a marketing Department is not an easy task, but it does not mean that it is impossible.

The main thing is to weigh your own strength and understand that it will really contribute to the development of your company. It will affect the increase in turnover and profits, as well as fully pay for the investments made in it.

In addition, it is necessary to realize that the reverse side of the medal has not been canceled. And let me remind you that no one will give you a 100% guarantee of the result of the work of this Department.

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