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Marketing kit. Recently, there is a tendency that marketing is no longer a tribute to fashion. This is quite a conscious choice in terms of their existence for the future.


Fashionable guys and girls leave this profession because of boredom and usually go to PR (PR). Since there is a more vague assessment of the effectiveness, and the work is more creative.

SMM specialists and other narrow specialists realize that you will not be a master in everything and begin to work only in your direction, in your niche.

Pseudo-marketers (part-time administrators, Directors, cleaners) do not give the desired effect, so the time itself squeezes them.

So our ranks are empty, but this is good news. After all on free place comes a new blood, more conscious, more attentive. And they all start somewhere, and we all start somewhere.

And in this case, there is a reasonable question: “Marketing, the beginning of a long way… where to rush, where to go?”.

That’s just what we are going to do now, decide where to start marketing at the start of knowledge of our interesting areas.


As you understand, there are two types of people who come into marketing:

1. Those who do not understand anything, but at least heard about it;
2. And those who understand, but more on chips, on tops.

In any case, there is no fundamental knowledge neither of those nor of others, because most likely it was simply laziness. Probably, I partially guessed this about you

The most important thing is to understand what marketing is and where it ends and where the sale begins.

On this subject all argue, everyone advances the truth. And if we consider the theory, the marketing will be one, if we consider the reality of the market, the other.

Waiting / reality in action!

But we are marketers, not just marketers, so in terms of reality, I will tell you everything.

Marketing-a set of measures aimed at the sale of goods or services.

That is, in fact, the marketer is the person who does everything possible to sell the product.

The only thing that can be said here, the boundaries of marketing end at the stage when you brought the client with the help of different tricks and ways to the seller. Next, sales techniques are already working.

BUT! In any case, you develop all the additional incentives for decision-making. Do so that the seller has a sufficient number of elements to manipulate the client. In a good way, of course.

And here I say that you think over the terms of installments, additional bonuses when buying for a particular amount, promotions, special offers. And another very important point.

Many people think that marketing is a synonym for the word creative, so, if you think so. It’s not.

Let’s go from reverse

The marketing theme is volumetric, therefore it will be easier to distinguish what exactly is NOT part of it:

1. Development of motivational schemes;
2. Full control of sales and operating personnel (only execution of shares);
3. Implementation and configuration of CRM system;
4. Writing sales scripts (except phrases for marketing tools implementation);
5. Creation of advertising materials design, including video editing;
6. Setting up and introduction of specialized advertising methods (targeted advertising in the social. networks, contextual advertising).

If you just talk, you will do everything that affects sales. In addition to working with staff and highly specialized work that requires separate training.

Come to understand

Now that we know what is not the responsibility of the marketer, let’s determine what factors will be directed all efforts:

1. Attract customers;
2. Monetization of customers (to buy more and more often);
3. Customer retention (to buy longer);
4. Customer returns.

Quite a simple list on which you should focus all your attention when you decide to work in the field of marketing.


How to Get and Keep Customers
Think of a marketing kit as a portfolio

Next, I will describe what topics I would recommend you to study and in what sequence. The sources from which to draw information, I specify not too. Since they are not so much in fact and find them yourself will not be difficult.

And when I say the word source, I mean books. Since paid trainings, videos on YouTube, blog articles will give you more tools than understanding and basics.

No. 1. Charge

First of all, I recommend you to start not with the basics of marketing, but to read different stories of brand creation and promotion.

First, it will inspire you to read interesting (entertaining) literature and at the same time conceptually show what marketing is capable of. Examples of such books:

1. Business style Virgin. What you will not learn in business school (Richard Branson);
2. How Cup after Cup was built by Starbucks (Howard Schultz);
3. The Phenomenon Of Zara (Covadonga O’shea).

No. 2. Foundation

At this step, I recommend you to learn the basic ideas of marketing. According to the classics of the genre, I recommend Philip Kotler-the Basics of marketing.

1. First, this book you can download for free on the Internet,
2. And secondly, there is a direct Foundation.

The only request is to read the book not as an instruction for use, because in the realities of business it is not applicable, but as a conceptual guide.

No. 3. Psychology of people

A marketer is not a salesman, but he must be able to sell. More precisely, he must understand how to sell, how people think, their psychology, their motives.

Therefore, I recommend here to explore the database of sales, and help you with this:

1. You can agree on everything (Kennedy Gavin);
2. Psychology of influence (Robert Cialdini).

No. 4. Key metrics.

As much as you’d like to, marketing is numbers. It can be measured, it is even more correct to say that it needs to be measured.

Therefore, at this stage, learn everything about formulas, coefficients, indicators. In aid you our article.

No. 5. Analysis of the product and the company

Then, when you are fully charged, you can approach the marketing analysis. Why so boring occupation at the very beginning?

And because when you start analyzing companies, you will understand how it all works in practice, not in theory. The book of books, and the life she’s different.

And, I draw your attention, in this case, do not evaluate communication channels, chips.

Analyze the approach of the company, how they position themselves, in which segment of their product, what distinguishes them from others.

To help you all popular SWOT analysis.

Effective Marketing Kit
How to Create an Effective Marketing Kit

No. 6. Positioning in practice

After understanding how other companies provide themselves on the market, it’s time to take care of yourself or your fictitious company (or you can take any company on the market).

We are working on such topics as:

No. 7. Main instrument

This is where the fun begins. At this step, we begin to study different ways of communication, different types of interaction with the client.

Most likely at this step you already know so much, if not, then our blog will help you, there is quite a lot of information about the main marketing tools.

No. 8. Specific

Now you’re almost a guru who knows everything but details. At this step, you need to delve into different areas of marketing, in its details.

Start exploring, for example, how colors affect the subconscious, how icons increase conversion, how product shape can boost sales and more.

No. 9. Related professions

To control contractors and improve your marketing, you need to start learning related topics like copywriting, design, targeting.

After all, at this stage you already understand that one without the other does not exist.


You know, when I sat down to write this article, I wanted to give a step by step plan of study with the saying name ” Marketing. Beginning.”

But now I understand that I got it for a C grade. And all because marketing is not possible to study on certain books or a list of topics. It is developing too dynamically.

This sequence that was given above, I consider the optimal, from the point of view of the concentration on marketing. But you will not be able to analyze only one topic in one moment of life.

You still have to study everything in parallel-and books, and groups in social networks, and video, and our blog. Just try not to shoot down the focus and not to jump like rabbits from place to place

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