How to bulk follow people on Instagram


Mass Following on Instagram. A little late we write about Instagram mass-trapping. But better late than never. Although in the opinion of many, this method has stopped working.


Although he still remains one of the most efficient of the budget. Therefore, it is necessary to take and use, with only one small remark, use wisely and with adjustments.


About 2-3 years ago, when we were promoting various companies with the help of automation, we received simply tremendous results. But now this is not possible.

Therefore, if you see successful stories as the page took off in a month from 500 subscribers to 10,000, then most likely this is old information or just a page-virus (the page is very interesting for people at a given time).

And to speak in one language, I will give you a short description of the term.

Mass Following – a mass subscription to people according to certain criteria. In simple language, you subscribe to a person, he sees in the tape that someone has subscribed to him, goes to your page. On this goal, this tool for business is completed.

Side by side with Mass Following is also such a feature of instagram as masslayking. I think from the very name its meaning becomes clear.

If Mass Following is a subscription to people, then mass laying to instagram is a mass affixing of likes to photos of users, according to specified parameters.

You need to clearly understand that the goal of Mass Following on instagram is not to get regular subscribers, but to attract people to the page.

But he will subscribe to you or immediately buy, this is already a matter of your content and description. Therefore, there is a recent opinion that Mass Following does not work.

However, if you manage your page correctly, the activity of subscribers will be high. Like their desire to buy.

If we had the statistics of viewing our page, then we could track how after the launch of the program by subscription, we increase the page visit.

But since there is no such service, we keep in mind that people navigate and view the page with a greater degree of probability.

Mass Following
Mass Following is a trick as old as Adam


Previously, the grass was greener, before and get to the ban probability was zero. I, like the old-old grandfather, use the theme “but before it was …”.

But in fact, no matter what it was before, it is important that there is now. And now the framework has tightened. Now those limits and actions that were allowed before may result in the account being blocked forever. Since Mass Following itself is not an official way.

If at this stage you change your mind to use this tool, then you have our article with other ways, read about them in the article “Promoting Your Instagram Account

And if you are not out of fearfulness and understand that with a practically free method there are always risks, then we go further.

We will act gradually, we will consider each step in detail and with examples. In fact, then you will see the instructions for advancing in the ingram through mass actions. Go.

How to Get and Keep Customers
Think of a marketing kit as a portfolio

Mass Following Program

If you have a fairly large market, then it is extremely difficult and labor-intensive to act manually. Therefore, you need to use programs and services for Mass Following.

We tried about 5, that is, we worked on each one more than 3 months. And we can make a verdict:

1. They are all the same.
2. Only the price, interface and support differ (well, small details, which almost do not matter).

And so that you do not wander across the expanses of the Internet in search, we will issue a list of services that we can advise.

And we do it without a description, due to the fact that every mass-trapping program on instagram has a free trial period.

  1. SocialSteeze
  2. Socialdrive
  3. Ampfluence
  4. Social buddy
  5. Social Growth

By the way, you don’t need to look separately for the mass-liking service, they all combine these functions as 2 in 1. Try everything.

The only thing I want to draw attention to is the cost of services. Since it is built for everyone not from the cost and analysis of competitors. But from the desire to earn more.

Therefore, you will see how for the same cost in different programs. You will be able to promote somewhere 1 account, and somewhere 5.

User parsing

Parsing is done using the same program that you take to work. The only thing, somewhere it is more difficult, somewhere easier. But again, the case is individual.

Base collection is done in one of 4 ways:

1. Geolocation

Take a particular city, district of the city or the institution and all. Those who indicated their geolocation when uploading a photo within this area will get on your list. This is done quite simply, the most difficult of this is to make a list of those places where your client avatar is located.


1. #marketing
2. #marketingtips
3. # b2cmarketing
4. # b2bmarketing
5. #strategy
6. #mktg
7. #digitalmarketing
8. #marketingstrategy
9. #mobilemarketing
10. #socialmediamarketing
11. #promotion

These are all hashtags for which we can find marketing partners. In fact, they are just hundreds of thousands. The main task is to take and make a list of such hashtags.

Important! After compiling, be sure to check them out, otherwise there may be one spam from other companies and no living people.


Find well-known and not-known people (competing companies), which your target audience is subscribed to. And collect all these subscribers.

Important! If they are interested in a page similar to you, it means that you will be more likely to be interested in them.

Facebook users

The necessary parsing option, when there is a lot of “garbage” in instagram and filtering it out is either very difficult or unreal. To do this, we collect groups and Facebook pages.

And then through any parser for Facebook we collect users from these pages with the specified instagram in the description. There are usually 15-20% of the total.

User filter

It would be nice if all those gathered were real people. But this is not the case in our time. Other company pages will always be collected in any way, since besides a subscription they also use geolocation, hashtags and so on.

Therefore, using the same service that you chose in the first step, you filter the list. Most often this is done simultaneously with the collection. We have two filters:

Stop words

On the Internet it is easy to find a list of stop words for which we give the task to the service not to take accounts in the description of which these very words are used.

You don’t need to create it yourself, at the request of the “stop words instagram” it will be easy to find it on the Internet. For example, there will be such words as: store, telephone, call, address, and so on.


With this matter, everything is more interesting, since in different cases the criteria will be different. Criteria are the profile profile details that we collect to further subscribe to them.

If you summarize these criteria so that you don’t rack your brains, then they will look like this:

  • There are up to 1000 subscriptions at the source (usually, if there are more subscriptions, then it also makes a massive subscription);
  • Subscribers up to 1000 (the more subscribers, the greater the likelihood that he will lose the notice of your action);
  • The number of publications is from 10 (as a rule, the pages-bots of publications 3-6, but not more than 9);
  • The last photo is not more than 30 days (the more days ago there was a photo, the more likely the account is abandoned);
  • There is an avatar (if there are no avatars, then most likely the account is abandoned or created for spam).

Everything else is optional. Although these values ​​can be played to get the desired result. The main thing is not to forget to filter otherwise you will be idling.

Account preparation

Regardless of whether the new page is old or old, you definitely need to attach it to the Facebook page. It is necessary! And fill with your photos.

By our own means it is not copied from somewhere, but hand-made. If there are no such, then at least cut and process those that you take from someone.

And also if the account is new, then before you start bombing in full, you need to give the profile to rest for at least 3 weeks, laying out the photo every other day at this time.

How To Mass Follower Users on Instagram!
How To Mass Follow on Instagram

Otherwise, without all these actions you will be blocked immediately during the start phase. In addition, you can “twist a little” likes on your publications. For this I recommend using any service.

Happy launch

Here we come to the main and crucial moment – to launch. At this stage, you should have a program selected and configured, a database compiled and filtered, and an account prepared.

There are no problems with the launch. The only thing that can confuse you is limits and actions. We will talk about actions in the next step, and now we will discuss the limits of instagram.

And at once I want to pay attention that they directly depend on the period of the page creation. So look below for a suitable gap for you and study only it:

Account term: 21 – 90 days

  • The first seven days we do no more than 50 subscriptions daily and 50 likes (+50 additions likes every day)
  • From the eighth day to three months we increase every day +50 subscriptions and +50 likes to the value of the previous period. But no more than 500 subscriptions and 1,000 likes per day.
  • We try to withstand this up to 90 days of existence.

Account Term: 3 – 6 months

  • First and second days 50 subscriptions daily and 150 likes
  • Third and fourth days 100 subscriptions daily and 250 likes
  • Fifth day 150 subscriptions and 350 likes
  • Sixth day 200 subscriptions and 400 likes
  • Seventh day 250 subscriptions and 500 likes
  • From the eighth day to the life of 6 months, we increase every day +50 subscriptions and +50 likes to the value of the previous period. But not more than 800 subscriptions and 1,000 likes per day.
  • We try to withstand this up to 6 months of life profile.

Term of account: more than 6 months

  • First day 100 subscriptions and 200 likes
  • Second day 200 subscriptions and 300 likes
  • The third day 300 subscriptions and 400 likes
  • Fourth day 300 subscriptions and 500 likes
  • Fifth day 400 subscriptions and 600 likes
  • Sixth day 450 subscriptions and 700 likes
  • Seventh day 500 subscriptions and 800 likes
  • From the eighth day we are increasing to +100 subscriptions and +100 likes to the value of the past period. But not more than 1000 subscriptions and 1500 likes per day.
  • Important! The maximum limit you should aspire to is no more than 1000 subscriptions and 1500 likes per day.

Of course, it can be more, but most likely you will be blocked sooner or later (temporarily or permanently). Especially if you are promoting a commercial account with links in the description.

Delays between actions (for all)

Work non-stop will not work, you will need to rest. Allegedly showing the system that you are a person (although I think they already understand everything). Pauses are recommended, sometimes we made them much less, but again everything is at your own peril and risk.

  • The delay between the same actions for at least 24 hours;
  • The delay between subscription and unsubscribe is at least 12 hours.

There are still pauses between subscriptions / likes / unsubscribes. In all services there is a tick “Recommended”. That is what we recommend to use.

Important! Limits are constantly updated. So be sure to check with those that are in the knowledge base of your service.

Action strategy

When you get to the interface, you will see that there are different options for action. Some of them I have already voiced during the article. There are both original, by type: marking people in the photo.

So are the classic: subscriptions, likes. Therefore, I will tell you several options for strategies that you can use depending on your goals.


Full capture of the world, only in our case one particular social network. With this strategy, you make a daily subscription for one, and likes for others. In this version, there will be about 2,500 touches daily with a potential audience.


Perhaps you are already doing well and have many subscribers. Or soon they will be a lot in the plans. In this case, the activity (likes and comments) does not decrease with time.

You need to contact with the audience that you already have. Like and comment on only those who follow you.

Coverage + loyalty

In order for another person to notice and pay attention to you, you can use this strategy.

You subscribe to a person and do another one or two additional actions in the form of a like or comment to fix the result.

Full contact

We occasionally jump among the company’s customers in the VIP segment. And since the audience is not large (relative mass market), we choose full contact.

This means we subscribe to people and within one or two weeks we like them, comment, enter into a dialogue with their friends under the goal page.

Life hacking! If you have several accounts and you want to manage them easily from a computer, I highly recommend the Viraleze program

With it, you can automate Instagram. Publish stories on a schedule or instantly on Instagram directly through the desktop. Plus a lot of useful chips.


It is not so difficult to produce mass following on Instagram. A marketer in the state can handle this if he examines this article and pokes the buttons in the program.

But you should always understand that this kind of mass action is only an opportunity to show your profile to others, and not to make them subscribe.

As for other social networks and promotion in them, I advise you to read more about the article “Promotion in social networks: from dialogues with a client

And the last farewell, or rather a warning. Because of which most accounts are blocked/

Use a proxy (single computer address) for the program of mass following, the service of publishing posts and the instagram itself.

For a social network to see that you always log in from the same computer and not from different parts of the world for 10 minutes.

Important! The main thing do not forget to track analytics of your Instagram account.

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