Myths of marketing: the top 7 most common

Marketing myths. Have you watched the MythBusters program where two leading refute or prove urban myths? Most likely, Yes.

If not, I strongly recommend you to see it, a very interesting and informative program.

So today I want to be the same destroyer and refute the myths of marketing: the TOP 7, which we almost daily hear from the owners of companies in individual consultations.

And because I’m a collector. So I collected 7 myths, which now I will destroy. Naturally, based on figures, research and their knowledge. And on simple logic.

the effectiveness of advertising
Creating Better Advertising

And start, perhaps, with my beloved &

MYTH # 1 it’s Easier to do business the old-fashioned way.

I do not understand the novelties of marketing, so I will lead it the old-fashioned way.
It is very good that you are planning to continue working on it. This can not but rejoice. The only sad thing is that you do not want to change your approach.

I dare even assume that you are most likely engaged in traditional marketing (advertising on radio, TV, billboards, etc.).

The only problem is that it is already 3-4 years is considered less effective for small and medium-sized businesses due to high advertising budgets and small ROI.

Now in the trend of “inbound marketing”, when your advertising is seen only by those consumers who really need your product/service.

Do you have time to understand all these subtleties?

way to think about marketing
These myths can add to your cost of sales–without offering any benefits

Therefore, it is not necessary to be a genius to understand that it is better to hire a marketer or a whole Agency specializing in marketing.

And if you also have a company in the field of B2C with sales Department (for example, construction, transport, etc.) then you 100% need to hire an Agency specializing in marketing

MYTH № 2 my company is quite enough offline advertising.

Offline advertising has long ceased to be effective and cost-effective (here’s the discount, remember how much is the placement on TV or a good magazine?).

But to what words? The numbers will say much better for me!

According to the study of a large American portal 81% percent of buyers first look for information on the Internet, and only then make decisions about the purchase.

After much personal observation, I am no longer convinced that if you do not use advertising on the Internet, you are missing 4 out of 5 customers. With such losses competitors will overtake you very quickly.

Conclusion – you need to aggressively go online. And the best solution is to start with the site and email newsletters.

MYTH # 3 Simply site well enough.

That is, it is simply enough to do. Customers will come to it themselves. I have only one question — How will they do it?

Business Marketing Myths
7 Small Business Marketing Myths

You should understand that other companies compete with you (from tens to thousands). If you create a website, but do not attract customers to it. And I think that -“Who should he find!”then you throw money for it in the trash!

Ways to attract can be any-contextual advertising, SEO (Say you type “buy a Mercedes in Chicago” and Your site on the first line) or social networks.

No matter what method of promotion you use (better of course all at once), the main thing that the site worked, led traffic and sold.

MYTH # 4 website Design is everything that affects sales.

Even here we can include: “Why my website mobile adaptation? I’m with the computer sitting on it!”.

Design is important, I agree. But more important-the speed of loading the site, a unique interesting trade offer on it. And the form of capture of contacts of the potential client. And, of course, adaptation for mobile devices.


Just give the rules of ranking Google-if your site is not optimized for mobile applications (IPads, smartphones, tablets, etc.), the search from mobile devices, your site will not be reflected.

And God be with him, if at the end of 2015, 60% of active Internet users sat in it from mobile phones (study of the English portal Therefore, you should use the Internet in your business. Indeed do even owe! And especially social networks

MYTH # 5 Social media is not for my sphere

Oh! In 2019, thinking and reasoning like this is one of the most powerful mistakes. If your company is not in social networks, you are deprived of one of the most effective marketing tools to attract customers

For example, it is very good for the growth of the position of your site, which, in turn, has a good effect on attracting new customers.

According to a study by one of the largest marketing agencies in America, Bia/Kelsey 97% of consumers use the Internet when searching for goods or services close to them.

And, of course, it has a good effect on the loyalty of your potential customers and their purchasing power.

According to the latest Forbes research, 1 in 4 buyers makes a purchase decision thanks to the company’s presence on social networks.

Example: the auto dealers of America. 84% of their customers are on Facebook, and 24% of them bought a car only thanks to the presence of the company in this social network.

It’s no secret that even the creators of social networks admit that the power of their projects has surpassed the original idea and “if your business is not on the Internet – then you have no business.” Meaning “if your business is not in social networks-you have no business”.

Get on with it? Go on.

MYTH # 6 a Couple of posts in social networks a week is enough

The marketing myths
The marketing myths business

Do not know what, and how often to publish?

Look at the popular groups in Facebook, estimate their scale of subscribers. Their likes and sharing. If your social network page will be actively filled with useful and interesting content. I am sure that you will receive customers from Facebook.

MYTH # 7 I don’t need Analytics, I know what my clients want

Come on! Any training in marketing/copywriting/business training that I have passed always begins with the words – you Are not your target audience!

To know what your customers want, it’s not enough to just talk to a couple of them. It is necessary to collect data, analyze, conduct research.

And if you still think that the main task of marketing is simply to attract customers, Then you are wrong. Marketing includes attracting, warming and retaining customers.

But let’s say you’re good at marketing.

But! You still do not forget to ask your customers what they want. You can have the most advanced and automated marketing system.

But if you do not take into account what your customers need, you will not predict what they want, there is a fear that you will not keep them for a long time.

When was the last time you asked them what they wanted?


Do you agree that marketing is not the same? And that’s not all the marketing myths that are killing business. If a couple of years ago you spent on attracting customers 100 -300 dollars, now these figures can easily reach up to three thousand per month.

And now the most important thing in this article.

In 2018, more than 100 new methods of attracting and retaining customers appeared in marketing. This is to those 5000 tools, which are at the moment. How much have you implemented in the last year?

Maybe you should stop working the old way, accelerate and make a breakthrough from the swamp of competitors?

P.S. Yes, I know that “shy sellers have thin children” and in theory I would have to aggressively sell you services. But … first, read the articles on the blog, watch free video tutorials, implement them, get good results.

And … when you want more… I’m waiting for you

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