What is an online consultant?

Online consultant for the site: Messaging app

Online consultant for the site. Since we are engaged in sales … But no! We are just fans of sales! Then we constantly use different types of tools that help at least 0.00001 percent increase sales. As they say, with the world on a thread.

And during his time we have already managed to take advantage of a sufficient number of online consultants on the site. In this article we made a review and comparison of online consultants for the site.


Online consultant is a special widget that is installed on the website for quick communication of Your client with a specialist through text.

To put it simply, it is a tab/button in one of the corners of the screen (usually in the bottom right), calling visitors to start a conversation. For example, free messaging from tawk is perfect for this.to.

Many advertising materials shout that installing their online consultant widget is able to raise sales to 70%, that’s just how true it is.

Yes … Personally, we did not have such experience, but I think that it is likely to be possible, just in very rare cases.

And in General, even if you take this tool, it works differently in different niches. So do not be surprised if the result that you get, You will not be amazed.


Let’s start with the fact that now the Internet has a huge number of both paid and free services.

So try exactly worth it, because it will not be worse for sure. But still, let’s raise the question when you need this chat:

  1. It is difficult for the client to find a suitable product;
  2. The client cannot find the answer to his question;
  3. Customer needs technical support;
  4. The client does not like/does not want to call (for example, in a niche sex shop).
  5. In other words, the online consultant program is necessary for almost everyone who somehow interacts with customers.

If you list the main advantages, it will be:


You can add this tool yourself, with your own hands. This can be done very simply.

In order to install the online consultant on the site, you need to go to the online service, take the code there, and install it on all pages of Your portal, where you want it to be, before the word </body>. In landing pages usually such page is index.html (index.php).


Let’s move on to the most interesting, to the review of online consultants for the site. More precisely, to his absence. Calm down! Now let’s tell you why it is not here, and why the idea to make it was originally a failure.

We tested 18 different services on the maximum functionality, during which we made a sign according to the selected criteria. And you know what we saw when we came to the end?

That all services are almost the same, the only difference is the price, the availability of the free version, the design and small minor points, which in a global sense can be neglected.

You can now swear and to shout, “Where is the rating? Where reviews with functionality? Where’s the personal opinions?”.

But if you want to see the sign in all the pluses, it’s not for us. For this many companies already carried out the analysis of such chat rooms.

But again I want to tell you that on the plate you will not be able to make normal, logical benefits, elementary without trying the product. Even if we show you that these are the best in our ranking.

Interesting information for you may be the data from the analytical company RuWard:Track, which analyzed 4 892 000 sites and among them only 4% was installed online-chat and made its rating.


Let’s summarize and still decide which widget to choose, whose system is the best. And our advice is:

“You won’t understand until you try!”

You can kill a lot of time reading reviews and ratings of online consultants for the site, and as a result choose the one that does not suit you.

Therefore, determine the budget that you are ready to give monthly for the 1st operator and just go to the websites of companies, see how the form of their consultant looks and try.

And that you do not wander for a long time on the pages of Google (on the first two You do not go).

So, as you know I promote products very often.

And the main goal behind me promoting those products isn’t to earn as an affiliate, it’s to help you build an online presence. And in return if that fills my pockets, I am all for it 🙂

It’s a win-win for both of us.

But anyway, today’s email isn’t promoting a paid product that I earn as an affiliate from, it’s a product that I think can help your business grow.

It’s free, and according to the vendors, they plan to keep it free forever. And, it’s a pretty cool piece of app.

It allows you to chat with your website visitors by embeding a widget.

They also have mobile apps you can use to reply to the customers. Like I said, this is too good to be free.

So head out here and get your hands on it:


This is how my review of online consultants for the site turned out. In conclusion, I want to say:

Try Lord, try it! Otherwise you won’t understand. Of course, it will take quite a bit of Your time, but no more than to study all the ratings on the Internet.

But you will be 100% sure that this is your choice, not a choice based on subjective or even purchased reviews. The more free application on the service just has to do with it.

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