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Most people crossing the frame in 25-30 years. Cease to be satisfied with the skills and abilities that they have and begin to think about self-development.

If you look at childhood and youth, then development occurs under the influence of external factors (social foundations). You need to go to kindergarten, then to school, College, Institute and everywhere you are taught.

You make a person who could work for his uncle tirelessly 5 days a week, 365 days a year. But when we become adults, then comes the realization (again, slightly) that we obrasci of many unnecessary habits, complexes and worries of everyday life.

You start to think that the life of the next years will consist of two stages: work and pension. Somehow gray, sullen or something, and I would like to see a rainbow, it was more fun, joy, love.

more fun, joy, love
happiness paths to personal growth

And that’s just the 23 years I have realized that I have a choice: sail the stream as float or try to get out of the cycle and routine of grey days. Sadly, the first option is preferred by the majority, and I went to the second and opened a wonderful way of self-development.

self-development is more effective
spiritual or physical development

There is a huge number of theories and ways of personal development, that without training immediately raises many questions: “what to read for self-development?”, “Which way of self-development is more effective?”, “Better spiritual or physical development?”.

And those people who want to start practicing should understand one thing, that self – development of a person is an individual way. Yes, you can take knowledge, apply it, analyze, but the system that will give you the results you have to build yourself.

All people are different, with different starting positions and therefore infinite number of ways. Therefore, there is no right way of self-development of a person, which was suitable for everyone, but everyone should understand himself, understand who he is and what he wants, and then start his own way of self-development.

What is the meaning of self-development?

the right way of self-development
your way of self-development

I’ve prepared a very good parable for you here.

The journalist asked the master:
– What did you usually do before you became Enlightened?
– I used to cut wood and carry water from the well.
– And now that you’ve become Enlightened, what are you doing?
– What am I supposed to do? I cut wood and carry water from the well.
The journalist, of course, surprised:
– Then what’s the difference?
The master smiled:

– Big difference. Now everything happens naturally. Previously, it was the duty I had to perform. To do reluctantly, forcing himself. I did it. Because I was ordered to do it.

My teacher told me to cut wood, and I cut wood, though I didn’t want to do it deep down. Now I cut firewood, knowing coupled with this joy. This is no longer a duty, but an understanding. It is getting cold, winter is coming, we will need firewood.

The teacher is getting old, he needs more warmth. This love I carry for him water from the well. The difference is huge. No reluctance, no resistance. I respond to the current need, and I find it a joy.

The moral: Find yourself the way you want, it is impossible — itself can only create. The meaning of self – development and internal search is not to radically change the external indicators of life (although they will certainly change).

The main value is in the internal sense. And even if the conditions of your life from the outside remain unchanged for some time, for you personally – these are two different lives. And over time, the difference between these two lives will become an abyss. The choice is yours.

It is in the inner understanding of who I am, why I live here and my place on the planet that the meaning of personality development lies.

When through self-knowledge and self-development a person reaches the inner understanding, then by himself will come inner peace, a sense of harmony, a sense of happiness and why there are so many more to chase.

And the self-development of the personality gives us an advantage over the unconscious development, because the way that the universe, God, the Supreme mind has prepared for us, we are able to pass more quickly, that is, more consciously.

The choice is yours
sense of personality development

If you want to take this path, then find out where to start self-development?

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  1. Very well written story. It will be beneficial to anybody who usess it, including yours truly :). Keep doing what you are doing – i will definitely read more posts.

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