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Preparation of advertising | The Best Ways to Create an Advertisement

Preparation of advertising. What does Your advertising lack to be truly effective? You will be surprised when you find out how much the preparation of advertising is a simple process


Once again, thinking about what to share, I found my recent article Effectiveness of Advertisement and Its Evaluation. And I realized that wherever I talk about the preparation of advertising, I mention about such a thing as ODC in advertising. But details anywhere about it do not tell.

It’s time to share ODC technology!


First, do not worry, then I will give a transcript of this strange abbreviation. And secondly, if you want to give effective advertising, once again, EFFECTIVE, that is, which will bring customers, not image advertising. Which is possible and will bring customers, but more will promote your image.

That you should use ODC technology.


Thanks to the three elements of the name of Your advertising will not just work at times better, but also give a great return. Which many companies only dream of.


  • Offer
  • Deadline-time limit
  • Call to action-call to action

To be honest, the first time I read it, I didn’t understand it myself. I think adequate is not just to tell but to show.


Corny, but that’s what you’re suggesting. Or, in the words of don Vito Corleone, ”It’s an offer you can’t refuse”

Advertising on ODC offer technology
ALWAYS use the ODC formula (offer – deadline – call to action)

It is an offer you can not refuse, not just “we opened! Or we have discounts!”


When buying two things, the third as a gift;
21 tall roses for $10;
We will sell your apartment for 2 weeks or buy it ourselves.
How to check?

Show ads to any potential customer (not your friends!), if he has a desire to learn more — your offer is successful!

If there is no desire to learn more, it’s time to take a step back and start your journey again.


If Your offer will be valid forever, the buyers will have a thought: “so tomorrow then buy!”.

Such “Breakfast” can last a very long time and eventually customers will be lost. That is, even if you have a really interesting offer, but there is no time limit, the advertising will fail.

Why is it necessary to use the restriction in advertising messages?

It’s simple! All that is restricted (by date/number) causes an increased demand both exclusivity or advantage. A simple impact on psychology.

Important point! The more time limit you have (week/two/month), the lower the probability that the buyer will buy Your product (Yes, he just forget about it!).

Therefore, the ideal limit for, for example, sales in stores — 2-3 days.

And more! The more expensive your product, the more should be the restriction. If you pay attention, when advertising cars always used a limit of 1-3 months.
That’s understandable. A person does not make a quick decision about an expensive purchase, he must Mature! But here’s the limit, can help him do it!

Preparation of advertising formula for ODC deadline


For a buyer to buy something from you, he must know what to do. To do this, I even remembered a good story.

From the stories of a well-known info biznesmena:

“I collected my base for a long time, courted it for a long time, prepared a special training for it and wrote a selling letter even longer (Salles letter ;)).

And the day came when everything was ready and I sent it! And only after sending I realized that I forgot to make a call to action in the letter.

I’m sure everyone liked the letter, read it and cried, prepared to send me their money. But I forgot to write how and where! And that was my failure!”

This is what You should not allow! You should not reduce the effectiveness of your advertising (and after using the first two chips in it, believe me, it has become much more effective) to nothing.

You should remember that the client is always lazy/inert / busy with their own Affairs, but just may not know what to do.

And it is quite normal and even necessary to use in your advertising message specific instructions:

  • “Call by phone”,
  • “Visit our website”,
  • “Come to the store and exchange the coupon for a discount.”

Personally, I like the word “close.” In your promotional message, you should always close your customers.

By the way, I forgot to mention. This formula (ODC) is applicable not only to outdoor advertising (billboards, pillars, radio or TV), it is in principle universal and suitable for any advertising, whether it is a landing page or even a short SMS to your customers about the sale


Here is an example of how such advertising can look like, by the way we have developed for our customers.

Offer: For any purchase, a gift worth $100.
Time limit: the Promotion is valid until __.__.
Call to action: Call now, place your order and receive your gift.

Offer: Exchange your car for a NEW JAGUAR for $5,000.
Time limit: the Promotion is valid until __.__.
Call to action: just call ______ and find out how tomorrow you will get your new car.


Read it? Agree, everything is quite easy. And I think now you will agree with me that the preparation of advertising — the process is quite simple.
There are only 3 points — offer, deadline, call to action (offer, time limit, call to action)

And the effect of advertising changes radically. Of course, there are other principles, such as no less well-known technology AIDA (s). But still I recommend the ODC principle.

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